Deep shower pallets: features, varieties and choice

Deep shower pallets: features, varieties and choice

Today, shower cabins enjoy special demand as plumbing for residential premises, saunas, spa salons, hotels or sanatoriums. Among the available varieties of pallets are becoming increasingly popular for deep designs, which are inherent in a number of individual characteristics.

Pros and cons

Similar plumbing is notable for its positive and negative features. The advantages of pallets with high sides should include the following factors.

  • This product can be rightfully considered multifunctional. Due to this opportunity to use a shower cabin with such a design as a small bathroom. This nuance at the arrangement of a small bathroom will provide an opportunity to rationally use the available square meters of the room.
  • As practice shows, in such a cabin, air is rapidly heated in the process of water procedures, which makes them conducting more comfortable.
  • There are varieties of high pallets, additionally equipped with a removable seat. This option will be the optimal solution for the use of elderly people, with limited physical abilities.
  • Deep pallets are an excellent choice for families where there are small children. Such designs in terms of operation will be more convenient.
  • Shower cabins such a configuration are characterized by ease of installation.
  • The ability to additionally complete the design of the hydromassage or another beneficial device makes it even more popular.
  • Variants with high sides will be a real find for families where pets have pets. In such a mini-bath, it will be more convenient to carry out hygienic procedures relating to even large dogs.
  • Most of the presented products of this kind has a classic design. It makes it possible to concisely enter a cabin with high sides in any bathroom interior.

Among the minuses of deep pallets it is worth identifying the fact that such models are made not all plumbing manufacturers, so the search for a suitable option can be associated with some difficulties.


Today, products of this line are presented in various variations related to the raw materials used for production. Most often pallets make materials with the following characteristics:

  • Mechanical Damage Resistance+
  • High noise insulation+
  • Good insulation indicators+
  • Easy to care and operate.

Among the materials that are able to meet such requirements, it is necessary to highlight the main.


The most popular type of sanitary raw materials, which can be used for the production of high-sided mini baths. Acrylic shower pallets Related to your external attractiveness, a variety of forms and sizes.

The material stands out for its own wear resistance, Such designs can easily be equipped with additional useful detects for receiving a soul.

As practice shows, acrylic plumbing is capable of listening to at least 10 years, moreover, the material, if necessary, is repaired, which can be performed independently with the minimum set of means.

Cast iron

Another popular material used for the manufacture of various plumbing. The material is characterized by good quality characteristics, has a large operational resource that exceeds 2 times the same indicators of acrylic pallets. However, for heating, the cast iron will need more time, but after the pallet acquires the desired temperature, it will keep the heat of its walls for a long time.

Among the individual characteristics of such structures it is worth noting the high weight of products.


Such deep products for the shower are popular at the expense of their attractive appearance, in the light of which the design of this kind in the bathroom will be able to become a real decoration of any room. Ceramics, as well as cast iron, will need a little longer to warm up, but the ability to maintain heat in the material is at the proper level.

Ceramics designs are highlighted by good sound insulation, so that the noise of water outside the cabin practically does not apply to what will be relevant for bathrooms with thin walls.


Innovative imported material from which high-sided pallets are also produced.Material has high performance Resistance to mechanical damage, designs are notable for its maintainability. As a rule, the walls of such products will have a greater thickness, which is positively reflected in the maintenance of heat inside, as well as sound insulation.

A natural stone

Category of expensive plumbing, which is in demand due to its unique attractiveness, as well as durability and wear resistance of raw materials. The stone provides good sound insulation, perfectly retains heat inside the design. As a rule, the production of mini-baths is used porcelain stoneware or marble.

Forms and sizes

Modern plumbing manufacturers offer customers pallets of the following forms:

  • rectangular+
  • semicircular+
  • Square+
  • asymmetric+
  • multifaceted.

The first two types are the most sought-after, as well as convenient in the placement in the bathroom. For each form there are certain allowable parameters. Rectangular options have two sides that exceed the dimensions of the remaining length. Most often, the manufacturer makes products with parameters 70×90 cm, 70×100 cm, 100×80 cm, 110×70 cm, 120×80 cm, 150×70 cm. The last type of pallets is used for baths having a large area.

Corner plumbing is measured by taking into account the length of two straight sides. As a rule, the manufacturer makes pallets with dimensions of 90×90 cm, 80×80 cm, 70×70 cm, 100×100 cm.

In addition to the designs with the correct forms, there are non-standard varieties on the market, which are not inherent in any standard parameters requirements. It is these variations of shower pallets that make to order, taking into account the features of the bathrooms in each case. The dimensions and forms of asymmetric models are limited only by the fantasy of the customer and the capabilities of the manufacturer.

With regard to such an important parameter of the structures with high sides, like the depth, to the category of such plumbing include all products whose parameters will exceed the mark of 15 centimeters.

Review manufacturers

In the wound of plumbing presented with products of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Among the popular models and trademarks it is worth highlighting the following brands.

Sabina La

The design is implemented complete with a convenient seat, so that the cab functionality is significantly expanding. The model is equipped with a siphon, as well as a special system that prevents overflowing fluid for flights, which will be convenient for any bathroom.

SWAN Avaro

Pallet with high boards from acrylic, standing out by its reliability indicators. Design is further enhanced by fiberglass. Dimensions of the pallet are 83×45 centimeters.

Russian manufacturers are also engaged in the manufacture of mini-baths that fully meet European quality standards. Among the popular trademarks, it is worth highlighting Radomir and Bandhours that implement their products at an affordable cost.

How to choose?

To buy a pallet with high sides allowed in the future to operate a really high-quality and comfortable design, standing in the process of choosing to adhere to the following recommendations.

  • If in the first place when studying the proposed assortment is safety and ease of use of the cabin, then the proposed varieties are worth considering the nuances relating to the raw materials from which they are made, as well as the characteristics of the material, such as thermal conductivity and operational resource.
  • Also important meaning is the structure of the bottom and walls of the pallet. Smooth structures may be too slippery in wet state. It is more correct to consider the proposed options with rough terrain. In addition, there are pallets equipped with a special anti-slip coating.
  • Noise isolation – a parameter that is subject to consideration in most cases. The most silent will be plumbing from acrylic or kvaril, low values ​​of absorption of noise in the designs of cast iron and steel.
  • Faster than the entire design of the shower cabin heats up from warm water, if the pallet is made of acrylic, the other materials will need more time.
  • An important moment in the process of choosing plumbing for the bathroom will be the selection of an option that will require minimal labor and investments relating to further care. Such an innovative material like a conill or a well-known acrylic – two varieties, whose surface does not require any particular cleaning approaches. To remove water plaque or other contaminants with cast iron or natural stone, special means may be required.
  • In the process of operation, the pallet sometimes loses its external appeal, it forms scratches and other low-rotor defects. In terms of maintainability, the first position occupies acrylic and coniferous plumbing. Similar products will be able to return the former attractiveness with a special paste.
  • It is worth paying attention to the strength of the product. Ceramic pallets are easy to damage in mechanical shock. As for the varieties of mini-baths from cast iron, then to increase strength indicators, high-quality products are covered with special enamel, which increases their wear resistance.
  • It should also be examined by the ability of the pallet relating to the maximum load, which the bottom of the design will be able to withstand. In particular, this nuance will be important if metal structures are considered. Steel pallets have an unpleasant feature to deform under the weight of man and water.
  • Despite the external attractiveness of asymmetric varieties, it is worth testing a high tray until the purchase. This concerns the convenience and freedom of movements in it for each family member.

Also, when buying a high pallet, it will be more correct to consider the models originally equipped with a siphon. Since it may be problematic to pick up for new plumbing.

Examples in the interior

Corner structures with high sides can be a convenient solution for decoring bathrooms. Such options will decorate the interior when equipped with glass doors, ensuring comfort during operation.

Options made from combined materials with a set of modern functions will help to turn the bathroom into a relax area, equipped with an attractive and modern plumbing.

The designs of unusual forms will allow you to accommodate it in, while the bathroom will be equipped with an attractive and functional plumbing.

For soul pallets, see the following video.

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