Depth of cabinets for hallway

Depth of cabinets for hallway

When buying a wardrobe in the hallway, many are wondering what should be its maximum depth. Manufacturers have certain standards that define only limits for this parameter. The final decision, which exactly the depth of the cabinet should take the buyer. In this article, we will consider the subtleties of choosing this important characterization.

Standard depth

When calculating the standard depth of the discharge cabinet for the corridor, the width of the hanger with clothing is taken into account. As a rule, it equals 55 cm for outerwear. If you want to put a wardrobe only for light things, then the width of hangers with such a thing does not exceed 50 cm. Next to this magnitude, the thickness of the facade is added. For a wardrobe with a swollen mechanism, this is the entire pair of centimeters, and for the design of the compartment all 10 cm. Thus, we obtain the amount of about 60-65 cm.

However, this indicator is average. In some cases, in the hallway they put cabinets of other sizes.

If there is too little place in this room, then you have to choose furniture of smaller dimensions. But it is important to remember that if the cabinet is too narrow, then your things on the hangers are simply not included. The functional department should no longer be 50 cm if you want to hang clothes at an angle of 90 degrees to the door. Consider what permissible limits of the depth of cabinets exist.

Minimum option

To find out which depth for the cabinet is minimal, need to take into account a number of moments.

  • Accessories. First of all it is a bar, which involves hanging clothes perpendicular to the doors. It allows you to place inside a lot of things that is very ergonomically, but imposes a limit on the dimensions. As we have already spoken, the depth must be 60-65 cm. There are other devices that are used in modern furniture. These are tie, trousers, shoes, and they are usually designed for a depth of at least 60 cm.

  • Location. Not everyone can boast to spacious hallways, which means that the width in the cherished 65 cm is not suitable for each apartment. Even in closer conditions, you can find a way out. For example, put a narrower wardrobe, but to provide it with a retractable end rod. So hangers with shoulders will be located along the back wall.

Many owners of small-sized hallways are asked if it is possible to make a wardrobe with a value of 20-35 cm? If we are talking about the cardboard case, then the product with a depth of less than 40 cm will be useless. Minus 10 cm on the shoulders will remain only 30 cm, and the hangers of this size are suitable for a small child.

    Shelves with such dimensions will also be not particularly useful.

    If your cabinet allows you to store clothes not on the standard bar, but on the retractable, or it does not have it at all, then the minimum depth should be from 35 cm. Then the depth of the shelf will be only 25 cm, which is a minimum. In the case of a hollow cabinet, its depth can be in the range of 30-45 cm. There are often swing cabinets with a depth of 36-40 cm, but today such models are not popular for a long time. They are more suitable for offices where minimum of clothing is stored.

    Maximum depth

    The upper limit of the depth of the cabinet for the corridor also has limitations – 80 cm. It would seem where to take them from: After all, the more the cabinet, the better. But if you think, the hand of the average person has a length of only 60 cm. With too much depth of the shelves reach up to the folded things will be simply inconvenient. According to the reviews, ordering a huge coupe in the corridor, people often remain unhappy with the results, Since things laid too far things are difficult to get, and if they make the shelves themselves, it will remain a lot of excess place.

    In addition, with such huge shelves, things will hardly lie with a flat stack.

    Most likely, they will fall apart in different directions, which will inevitably lead to a mess. Convenient such a wardrobe can only be in case you are planning to store clothes in it not within the season, that is, you do not scare the prospect that it will be picked deep inside.

    Features of calculation

    Ordering a wardrobe, think about what kind of sizes should be. Meet the roulette comfortable for itself, the depth of the shelves, thereby determining the useful space. Measure the width of the corridor and count whether the wardrobe with the intended dimensions in this space will. Think how it will fit into account other interior items: a sofa or benches, shoes and t. D.

    It is impossible that the furniture is too narrowing the passage, besides, there should be a space for dressing.

    The wardrobe with the swollen system takes only 2 cm under the door as opposed to the compartment cabinet, which requires all 10 cm under the sliding mechanism. Think what option will be more preferable for you. Choosing a cabinet cabinet, best adhere to the golden middle and choose a depth of 65 cm. Then you can easily place in it even warm clothes and at the same time get the optimal amount of the shelves. Then all things will be in their places, and you can easily find the right wardrobe subject.

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