Depth of kitchen bottom cabinets

Depth of kitchen bottom cabinets

When choosing furniture one of the first questions facing the buyer, the determination of the desired size becomes. One of the important parameters of the kitchen cabinet is its depth. This also applies to outdoor cabinets – after all, it is in them that many types of products that do not require refrigeration equipment will be stored, as well as various kitchenware – pan, pans, coffee maker, small household appliances and much more. I would like everything to fit.

Standard lockers

Outdoor a kitchen cabinet consists of a facade (doors), bottom, sidewall, rear wall and internal shelves. The table top is superimposed. The cabinet is placed on the legs that can close the basement. Inside the standard attached one shelf (except sections under the sink), but if desired, their number can be increased. In addition, they can put retractable mechanisms, storage systems or embedded household appliances.

Standard depth of such furniture is 56 cm. Thus, the tabletop width of 60 cm slightly acts as behind and in front. This figure is not accidental and due to a number of reasons.

Suitable for most household appliances models – embedded wind wardrobes, dishwashers, refrigerators. Moreover, almost all ordinary technique has the same parameters.

It is sufficient to make even a narrow locker pretty roomy, because at the bottom of the kitchen headset is stored rather large-scale objects.

It is under these sizes that completing furniture accessories, guides and so on. Similar standards are accepted not only among Russian, but also European manufacturers.

Exception is an angular beveled module. It is of course deeper and more careful, due to its constructive features. But its side sides, which mounted ordinary lockers, have the same standard size. The same applies to modules with bent, wave-like facades – their depth cannot be changed, but at the same time the adjacent cabinet with the built-in dishwasher or the brass cabinet will be standard.

Non-standard depth

Sometimes you have to retreat from the generally accepted numbers. Most often it depends on the following factors:

  • The size of the kitchen room and the arrangement in it of furniture+
  • Physical characteristics of a person (in particular – growth)+
  • Internal filling+
  • destination+
  • Individual customer preferences.

If for one reason or another, the usual furniture is not suitable, you will have to look for an enterprise manufacturing kitchen headsets to order, according to a specially developed project.

Typically, the retreat from the standard dimensional grid entails an increase in the cost of the finished product, because for this you will have to reconfigure the equipment.

Small companies go to the manufacture of a non-standard product more willingly and at a lower price, but the quality may not match expectations.

Increase the depth of it is impractical. This will make an order more expensive, as it takes more material, but it will be difficult to use such a locker. The space in the depth will remain inaccessible because you have to try to get the right item from there. More often, the depth is reduced to 50 cm or even 40 cm. In this case, the width of the table top remains 60 cm, simply increases the gap between the rear wall of the locker and the wall. Most often it is done in order to hide pipes or protrusions. Otherwise they will have to cut the frame.

How to choose the desired size?

To find “your” size, you need to evaluate the possibilities of the room. If the kitchen is narrow, reduce the lower part of the headset, even 10 cm will be quite noticeable and save space. After all, in addition to lockers, it is necessary to highlight the table and chairs. The same concerns redevelopment cases when the kitchen is put in the corridor, hallway or balcony. If the kitchen set is quite long or located in an angle (along two adjacent walls), half of the lockers can be made less deep. So that the transition between such parts of the headset was not sharp, use transitional modules.

In addition, you should pay attention to the overall appearance of the kitchen. If we compare with shallow cabinets, then the rest of the furniture and equipment (refrigerator, stove) will perform ahead.

Find more compact models difficult. With built-in equipment and a single countertop such projections look more organically.

It is also necessary to schedule internal content in advance. In each set of kitchen furniture, there must be at least one box, for example, for spoons and forks. The retractable element simply does not fit in the closet the depth of less than 45 cm. Swing doors can be installed on the lockers of any depth, but the drawers are still more convenient. For large-sized kitchen utensils, like a large cauldron or a box with a kitchen processor need relevant compartments. If it is not foreseen in time, then all the kitchen utensils just do not fit.

It should be noted that the use of shallow lower lockers does not always entail a decrease in tabletop width.

Indeed, in this case, it will have to pick a small sink and a cooking surface with two burners. Yes, and the working surface will have to donate. Use a narrow table top is inconvenient – it is difficult to cut products on it or place everything you need.

If you do not want to solve the above problems, spend time on the development of a special project and search for the necessary accessories, it is better to pay attention to the standard dimensions. After all, during the repair, in addition to these parameters, you will have to solve many other issues.

About ergonomics in the kitchen See below.

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