Depth of kitchen cabinets: what should be and how to choose?

Depth of kitchen cabinets: what should be and how to choose?

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the apartment. When it is arranged, it is very important to take into account absolutely all the details and components of the room. When choosing furniture, it is important that it is comfortable, competently and practically occupied the appropriate place, and at the same time did not take the excess space.

Cabinet – an integral part of each kitchen. It stores all inventory, kitchenware and products.

In this article we will talk about the varieties of cabinets for the kitchen, as well as how it should be the depth of the design and how to choose the right furniture to make it perfect for the room.


The modern furniture market has a wide selection of kitchen cabinets from various manufacturers. Before proceeding with the dimensions, consider the species of such furniture. As a rule, these are three main types.

  • Floor. Such furniture is used for storing kitchen furniture, utensils and various household appliances. Bottom cabinets are suitable for installation of large-sized equipment in them: refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine.

  • Hinged. Hinged lockers are also in each kitchen. They are located on the wall, about 40-50 cm above the floor. Attach the mounted furniture in such a way as it is convenient to get what is stored in it: various household appliances, food and used utensils. Also behind the design of the attached headset, you can mask the gas pipe and other communications – all that you want to hide from the eyes.

  • Angular. This type of furniture is very convenient to use when you need to move from one wall to another. When it is helpful, you can use perfectly and make an angle of the room.


Buying kitchen furniture in the store, you can observe one pattern – almost all items are made in certain sizes. This is not surprising, because for many years, manufacturers are engaged in producing products that are suitable for the size of a typical domestic apartment. Undoubtedly, The dimensions of the furniture are not provided in the norms and rules, there is just the so-called standard. Let’s look at what sizes are peculiar to each of the types of furniture.

Nizhny (outdoor) row

First of all, I would like to note that the depth of the lower row cabinets is completely dependent on the tabletop and the material from which it is made. The usual tabletop width is a defining criterion and factor in the formation of the depth of the lower (floor) cabinet.

  • With a width of 60 cm, the depth is 46. In this case, such a depth is the most practical and profitable, withstand all the necessary distances.
  • The depth of the cabinet with a tabletop width of 90 cm is 76. Such a wardrobe is well suited for large and spacious cuisine, it is convenient to store large dishes and household appliances.
  • Countertop whose width is 120 cm, very rarely found in the usual kitchen. In most cases, they are installed in professional places: restaurants, cafes.

Standard depth for boxes of the floor row begins from 20 cm.

Top (hinged) row

The depth of wall furniture directly depends on the parameters of the upper modules. Most often on sale you can find hinged cabinets whose height ranges from 79 to 90 cm. For such a height, the most optimal and practical depth is 28, 28.5 and 30 centimeters.

Corner cabinets

The depth of the angular cabinet depends on the height of the lower and top row, and it can be 180-250 cm. In this case, the depth of the lower angular cabinet is 30-40 cm, and the depth of the upper corner cabinet is 45-50.

But be that as it may, and whatever standards exist, We live in the modern world, where everyone seeks to be individual and special. This also applies to the size of kitchen furniture.

Now the idea is very popular Kitchen furniture under the order. Here the master who performs work, everything does in accordance with the wishes of the client.

To date, such a service is very relevant, and it is due to the fact that many apartment owners in the repair process perform redevelopment of premises, and the standard design sizes may not be approached. Furnitureers at the request of the customer can make the depth of lockers both standard and more or less.

What needs to be taken into account?

The right choice of the depth of kitchen furniture is of great importance, because it depends on how much the furniture will fit into the overall interior and the permissible area of ​​the kitchen, and also, whether it will be convenient to store everything you need in such a design.

In order to determine the faithful and suitable kitchen furniture parameters, you must follow the following advice.

  • Make a competent plan-project of self-contained with detail and applying all sizes to understand what size and depth of the cabinet will be optimal.
  • Decide with the functional application of the cabinet. If, for example, you plan to dry and store dishes, the depth of construction should be equal to the width of drying and approach the size of the dishes.
  • If you want to keep the kitchen with light and beautiful, make sure that the depth of the mounted cabinet was not very big.
  • Take all parameters and size ratios.
  • The main rule when choosing a kitchen headset – Comfortable and practical use.

How to effectively distribute space?

So that the space inside the furniture was used as expedient, It is recommended to take note of several rules.

  • The kitchen inventory, which is used in the cooking process, position in the box near the working surface. In the outdoor cabinet you can store heavy items, and in the mounted – light.
  • Classify items and keep them all separately.
  • Use special kitchen containers for storing small items.
  • Place into the floor headset Retractable drawers, and in the mounted – shelves.
  • You can use the depth of the structure, which is located under the sink. In most cases, there are a garbage bin, but you can still use free space for various detergents and abrasive tools.

All of the above recommending are quite simple, and they are easy to implement them. These recommendations will be able to save space in the kitchen and do not force work surfaces and space subjects that can be perfectly located inside.

Next, see the tips on how to choose the kitchen.

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