Depth of the upper cabinets in the kitchen

Depth of the upper cabinets in the kitchen

The kitchen is the main place in the house, and the comfort and good mood of people in it depends on it. It often happens that in the kitchen not only prepare, but also gather on friendly sites with guests. And if you have been engaged in the development of the design of your own kitchen, it is very important when calculating the settlement of Square. Each kitchen cabinet has its own characteristics and purpose, and it is important to figure out which depth should be at the upper sections.

Beginning of work

The rational arrangement of furniture items without unnecessary decrease in space is the ideal to which you need to strive, since most often the kitchens do not differ in huge sizes. It is very important to put all the furniture with. Many acquire headsets with mounted cabinets to save precious meters. And indeed, such furniture helps to use kitchen space very profitably, allowing owners to store dishes and other utensils without unnecessary litigation.

Initially, when designing, it is necessary to determine the compliance of the depth between the upper and lower cabinets.

If knowledge is not at all (or desire), you can always contact the designer specialists engaged in the kitchen projects for many years. But even with a minimum set of knowledge in design, you can easily, and most importantly, to unmistakably determine the position of lockers on the kitchen wall. It should always be observed unquestioning rule: the high length of the upper cabinets in relation to the depth of the table top. It is important to comply with the necessary space for cooking.


There are two methods that will help unmistakably make calculations.

  • Typically, the countertop is 50-60 cm. The size of the top cabinet will correspond to this indicator shared by two to ensure at least half the distance for operation: 60/2 = 30 cm. The depths of such a cabinet will be enough for dishes absolutely any size. But if you ignore the calculation and make a depth less, it will be problematic to use the working area without inconvenience.
  • The designer may think completely incredible lockers in their own parameters. Still try to abandon the breakdown options less than a 30 cm standard, otherwise you risk getting absolutely uncomfortable cooking, where you have to bend, then wrap to work on the tabletop. Outdoor ratio should be observed. If the upper and lower boxes have the same width, the entire working area will be used irrationally, and it will be preparing in such a kitchen.

Useful advice

To correctly calculate the perfect depths worth paying attention to some points.

  • Lighting completely depends on the correct depth of the selected. Additional light sources will necessarily need if the cabinets will discard the shadows where it is not necessary. That is, if the depth is more – purchase additional lamps, built-in or wall mounted.

  • Be sure to measure the dimensions of your ovens if you have decided to embed it in the mounted cabinet. Furniture should be selected perfectly, otherwise you risk a construct.

  • Fastenings and once again fasteners. Hinged cabinets – structures of increased danger, and there may be difficult consequences, if suddenly some of them collapses during the way there are people in the kitchen.

  • In the cabinets for drying dishes, it is also important to choose the right size: the upper cabinet should be equal to the width of the dryer.

    Standard kitchen set with attached structures has a height from 70 to 93 cm with a half of these measurements.

    Top cabinets in width most often come from 20 to 125 cm.

    Remember that The correct calculation of the dimensions will allow you to use the kitchen space as much as possible. Hinged boxes must be securely fixed and tested for strength by all possible methods. Watch out for ergonomic models that will be available to you financially and qualitatively in terms of assembly, and then your kitchen will become the center of coziness and hospitality.

    About how to make the kitchen comfortable, look next.

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