Design interior bathroom in the style of high-tech

Design interior bathroom in the style of high-tech

One of the most popular modern styles of the interior is the direction like High-tech. It applies to the design of rooms of various purposes, including the bathroom. Such a concept in most cases is attracted and affects its original items. However, not everyone knows what exactly the essence of the style of High-tech is to choose the right to choose a bathroom finish in such a design, as well as the role of decor and furniture in a similar room. All these and other nuances will be discussed in detail in our article.

Features of the style

As for any direction of the interior, the design of the residential premises in the style of High-tech is characterized by special characteristics. All of them can be taken into account when making a bathroom.

  • The name of the style is translated as “high technology”, which characterizes the main landmark of the concept. Similar direction began to develop after the 1980s during active technical progress.
  • One of the rules of this style is the absence of disorder. All things should be located in their places, without overloading space.
  • Geometry is also an integral component. Moreover, in this style there may be accessories with outlines of simple and complex shapes.
  • Since High-tech is inseparable from the concept of modernity, the last generation technique should be present in the room.
  • Lighting should cover the entire area of ​​the room, and the spectra of light at the same time are not always limited to traditional warm or cold shades.
  • High-tech is difficult to imagine without unusual color and textured combinations in furniture and finishing.
  • It is important that the room looks spacious. This direction is more appropriate for overall rooms.
  • The color palette of the style allows a fairly large number of solutions and combinations.
  • Many things present in a similar room perform not one, but at once several functions.

Color spectrum

Despite the fact that you can use in the style of a fairly large number of colors, the main share of the bathroom interior is usually made up using such shades as black, gray, brown, beige, as well as white. They are often used as basic shades.

Among the most popular accent colors is worth highlighting the following tones: green, red, blue, purple. At the same time, they must be saturated to stand out on the background of the main.

Finishing options

As we have already written, bathroom in the style of high-tech should be quite spacious. Additional visual increase in space is often created by finishing. For its implementation, as a rule, such types of coatings are used as Tile of mosaic, porcelain and ceramic type, artificial or natural stone, glass and plastic panels, resistant to moisture paint, as well as plaster.

Preferred texture is gloss. As for the prints in the finish, they are undesirable. A permissible option will be geometric patterns. Also finishing coating can mimic concrete, brick or other building materials.

Walls in the bathroom, decorated in the High-tech concept, are covered with ceramic tiles, monochrome mosaic, plastic or glass panels. Permissible to paint the surface with a special waterproof paint.

Paul can be made in the same monophonic and glossy, as well as walls using a porcelain tile. It is important that it possesses the anti-slip surface. You can make the floor monolithic by using the liquid floor technology. Tiled surface can be finished under natural stone, for example, marble.

The main criteria for finishing the ceiling in the style of Hi-Tech is creation of a smooth and smooth monophonic surface. For this, materials such as lime, paint, rails, plastic panels. A very suitable option for a similar bath will be Stretch ceiling. You can decorate the ceiling inserts that will have a glass or metal texture.

If you still decide to make a small bathroom in a similar style, for example, in a one-room apartment, then you should take care of, So that in the decoration there are more light colors, as well as reflective elements. They help visually increase the space. Other visual effects also possess Vertical and horizontal finish elements. The first is able to visually increase the height of the ceilings, and the second is the width of your bathroom.

Organization of lighting

It is important that the bathroom in the High-tech concept was well lit. For this, lighting devices can be placed in two schemes. The first implies the presence in the central part of the ceiling of a massive lamp with a flapon in a futuristic style. In the second case, preference is given to point luminaires placed on the edges of the ceiling zone.

So that the lighting looked fully, do not forget about its additional attributes. In their quality, the illumination from the LED tapes, which mirrors are framed, sections of the ceiling or any bathroom zones.

Selection of furniture and plumbing

High-tech style fans that prefer a shower bath bath, fit perfectly New Modern Shower Designs with Glass Fence of Transparent or Frosted Type. Such zones for washing do not have pallets, but at the same time can be endowed with a variety of functions, including such as hydromassage, backlight and other modern devices.

If you want to install a bath, then it is worth considering acrylic models without legs. The product must have the shape of a cube or sphere. Also permissible to install Angular model bath. Color can be traditional white, but you can choose more Unusual models, for example, with chrome finish.

For the sink in the concept of High-tech, valid materials are also acrylic, marble, glass and metal. Washbasin design can be both built into the surface of the couch and the overhead. As a rule, such modern bathrooms are equipped with digital cranes, sometimes backlit. If the plumbing contains parts from metal, then it is necessary that they are chrome.

The toilet may have in the main form of a circle or square. At the same time, preference is given to the models attached to the wall. Toilet color predominantly white.

As for furniture, it is also preferable in glossy texture. Options such as rectangular and square mold cabinets, cabinets with mirror elements, as well as the dressers are very popular in the direction of High-tech. Due to the designs of the suspended type, the space of the bathroom does not look overloaded. So that the room was even more spacious, it is recommended to establish transparent glass shelves.

Accessories and decor elements

As indispensable to high-tech accessories, it is often advocated Technological novelties. It can be digital clock, resistant to moisture, TV, various instruments with intelligent control systems.

As for paintings, then Better so that it was canvas in modernism or abstraction. If they are present in them, then this is a double plus. As for various hooks, bottles and bubbles, the design requires that they all were decorated under the metal.

One of the most sought-after accessories for the style of high-tech is mirror. At the same time you need to select such a model, which has a smooth shape. You can stop the choice on the frame mirrors, but the pattern in this part must be harmonized with the room atmosphere.

Successful examples

To make it easier to decide on the design of the bathroom, Pay attention to the finished examples of the design of such rooms in the style of Hi-Tech.

  • Thanks to an ensemble of three harmonious colors and clear forms, the bathroom interior will look strictly, but at the same time unusual.

  • Bath with transparent sidewalls and wall-mounted flat TV will give the bathroom design to the most necessary for high-tech futuristic style.

  • If you do not want color frills, it is quite enough to use gray and white colors, embodying them not only in a monophonic format, but also in mosaic.

  • Illumination around the perimeter of the frameless mirrors will create a special intimate atmosphere in the bathroom, without using the main sources of lighting.

  • Similar style can be successfully implemented using horizontal wooden panels to finish one of the walls.

Thus, Futuristic concept of high-tech will help you create a stunning atmosphere in the bathroom.

Geometry present in new accessories and accessories, in combination with the achievements of progress, will perform the operation of the bathroom truly comfortable.

How to arrange a bathroom in the style of High-tech, look in the video below.

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