Dimensions of kitchen sofas

Dimensions of kitchen sofas

Purpose of the kitchen sofa – the creation of a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for owners and guests. In the kitchen not only eating, but also communicate. Sofa – Full Replacement Stools and Chairs. Its dimensions should be such that the convenience and design of the kitchens are understed, and not spoiled.


Form distinguish straight and corner sofas. If the kitchen (or kitchen-living room) is quite spacious, the direct sofa is suitable for organizing a recreation area. With rather modest kitchen sizes, the corner option is not better emphasizes the convenience of the room. Often the kitchen, not combined with the living room, has a small quadrature – especially in apartment buildings.

No matter how much rooms in the apartment – at least one, at least five, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the kitchen itself is hardly exceeded one and a half dozen “squares”. In this case, an excellent solution will be precisely a small angular design of the sofa, possibly unintended model.

Folding sofa – not only convenient seats for seating 3-4 people, but also a peculiar mini-storey, in which you can store rarely used dishes. The bench-sofa has small sizes, easy and also compact as a full folding sofa.

All sofas are set near the dining table.


The size of the kitchen sofa is selected to accommodate it to several sitting people. If guests are more – the rest will take advantage of stools or chairs with upholstery. Typical sofa size – from 110 to 180 cm, if the kitchen is small. For the release of additional space, the backs are attached not to the seats, but are close to the wall. If the sizes in the furniture salons did not suit you, then order an individual sofa.

The design of the kitchen corner-sofa is such that its angular part on average takes no more than one square meter. His angular back contains something like a shelf without sideboards, where the person sitting in this place in this place can be placed, for example, a vase with flowers or a stack of magazines.

The main parts in most small angular sofas, located in different directions from the angular part, connecting these fragments into a single whole, in length takes from 120 to 160 cm. The height of the sofa corner is no more than 90 cm, the total length of the sofa (on the back) is not more than 3 m. The width of the seats is 45-60 cm, the height of the landing of a person on such a sofa is 45-55 cm.

Opportunity to use as a bed

Sleep on such a sofa if his longest part is less than 1.9 m, difficult without lining under the legs of a bedding man sleeping a pair of stool or chairs. An ideal solution will be a kitchen sofa corner, made in the form of a transformer.

Its modular design with lifts will turn it into a universal sun bed, which can be used in any of the rooms. This design is the perfect minimalistic for kitchen-living rooms Option: Here you do not need a conventional sofa bed used in the bedroom.

Typical dimensions of a transformer car with a double bed form 2×1.5 m, which allows two guests to spend the night with comfort in the case when the apartment is small and one-room. Such a corner combines three useful functions at once, including storage. There are corners coming with additional coat seats that resemble something average between stool and pouf. These elements lengthen the sleeping place (or both beds, if the sofa corner is folding) by 50-60 cm.

Eurobook, or folding sofa, turning if necessary in a double bed on the likeness of the usual bedroom sofas – reduced version of the latter. One of the sleeping places in the afternoon serves as a back for sitting.

The width of the seat and backs can coincide – 60 cm, which makes it possible to spend the night with comfort with two not well-fat people.

Examples of ready-made solutions

Among the length of the sofas are the most common sizes 90, 100, 110, 120,130, 140, 150, 160 and 180 cm. The characteristics of the product indicates the length, width, depth and height of the structure.

  • Corner “Bonn” – 160x120x85 cm, planting height – 46.5 cm, unsolving steel base, soft upholstery. The rest in this list of designs are assembled under the height of the landing mainly by 45-50 cm.
  • Modular “Tom” – 183x121x97 cm, wooden design with upholstery, steel legs.
  • “Business Design 2” – open corner, adapted for office buffet, but it will be useful to those who appreciate the “worker” design and minimalist: 225x63x78 cm.
  • “KIT-S” – Corner leather, good for spacious kitchens, suitable for office. Sizes – 209x179x75 cm, one man is suitable for overnight, 4 seats. Wooden design, genuine leather upholstery.
  • “Cube-3” – Triple, massive “closed” design, 234x156x72, depending on the growth on it can spend the night of two guests. Leather upholstery, wooden massive base.
  • “Modern Corner” – two-three-bed corner, 135x135x80, under the seats there are storage without lifting (seats easy to remove from their places), leather upholstery. Close to record indicators by weight – up to 140 kg of load on each sedentary place.
  • “Zhanna-Art 222” – straight, on two people, without armrests, 120x80x85 cm, excellent solution for small kitchen or veranda, wood, leather upholstery, seat storage. Two other sizes – a single with a length of 80 cm and three-bed – 180 cm. Two or three different or identical types of sofas form a fragmented sofa corner, easy to transport and transfer to another room that does not need installation and disassembling.
  • “Banquette flagship” – sofa without the back of a “shank” type, open design, 127x52x45 cm, leather upholstery.

The overwhelming majority of budget (in some cases and the average price range) of options as the main filler use polyurethane foam (foam rubber), not the best way affecting health.


Meter – and somewhat large in size – Products are suitable for houses and apartments, where the kitchen is not combined with the living room. If you are the owner of a spacious cuisine, at the same time serving as a dining room and a living room, it may be possible to buy a sofa for the bedroom, including a corner of large dimensions.

How to make an angular sofa for the kitchen with your own hands, look in the following video.

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