Doors in shower: types, sizes and secrets of choice

Doors in shower: types, sizes and secrets of choice

Doors in the shower cabin are divided into several species. They also differ in size, geometry. Knowing serets of choice, the consumer will be able to count on comfort and ease of use.

Review of species

So let’s get acquainted with the varieties of doors.


The name of this type of shower doors itself comes from what they swing. This solution will be suitable almost always for the bathroom and has both positive and negative sides. Doors are equipped with loops binding the box and canvas. They will help keep the canvas inside the goat.

It is a swing door – a kind of classic interior design.

In addition to the canvas and jamb, in the opening will be placed:

  • Set of co-beds+
  • box+
  • loop+
  • Sometimes special volu products.

The box in terms of reminds the letter. It takes the load generated by the door web. Motionless fixed box equipped with loops. On these loops attach the canvas. Lastly Introduce Put.

They are attached from the walls of the wall. Almost all platbands have telescopic performance, which means literally mounting to the box on the grooves. There is no need to use nails and selflessness. Old-fashioned platbands can stick to the wall or box with small nails. However, the quality of such structures is not too high.

The advantages of hanging doors are:

  • Effective cutting off an extraneous noise+
  • Delay warm+
  • Cutting odors+
  • Pleasant appearance+
  • Wide variety of external performance and dimensions+
  • The possibility of using various materials and internal fillings.

But it must be borne in mind that the rechargeable design can be quickly slammed from strong drafts. We will have to install limiters on the floors. Otherwise, the handle will hit the wall and spoil it. Typical height of cloths of swing doors – 2 m. Part of the manufacturers can offer models with a height of 1.9 m, but it’s not too easy to find them.


There is a strange opinion that the sliding doors appeared recently. But such an assumption is mistaken. Invented similar designs still in ancient times, and they still retain relevance. Sliding doors can be parallel or folding+ The difference between them is related to the design performance and installation method.

The parallel-sliding model is divided into sash moving on the rollers by special rails. Such execution is extremely reliable. The sliding door serves for many years without any problems. Profile length varies from 1.5 to 2 m. The number of wheels is determined by the door length. Stoppers necessarily limit the movement of the wheels when moving sash.

In the overwhelming majority of cases of sash make on the basis of aluminum frame profiles. But the canvas doors are made from another material on the choice. Most often used glass, plastics.

Especially popular doors coupe. Such execution is characterized by rigor and stylistic deserved.

The door-coupe occupies a relatively few. Therefore, they are recommended to use in small bathrooms. Door coupe perfectly quenching foreign noises. Mount their own hands will not work. Some designs are made so that the door canvas go inside the wall after opening the door to the end.


The name of the folding door is a book-book. It has 1 or 2 sash that are divided into the sections. Segments are moving on a special sample rollers. Each roller is complemented by stoppers and locks. For fastening the main part of the door to the box use:

  • loop+
  • Pieces attached to the floor+
  • Supports connected to the upper bruus.

Folding doors can be made based on:

  • Wood massif+
  • MDF+
  • Plastics+
  • Glasses+
  • Black stainless metal+
  • Aluminum+
  • several heterogeneous materials.


Bright example of such products are rotary doors. They are practical and stylish. Open the discovery can be moved one hand. After that, the door smoothly unfold and release the passage. When the work is closed, the door looks just like a typical cloth with one sash.

The rotary model is universal and perfectly fits in the latest design styles, even in Hai-tech. Inside, it is located at right angles, and in a similar position it takes both internal and external space. On protection against noise and heat leakage rotor performance does not differ from ordinary models. But much depends on the material used and from insulation linings. The rotary door is considered very safe and will not close unpredictably from drafts.

Mounting such a design can be mounted on a web with a mass of no more than 70 kg. Otherwise, the locking system may not withstand the workshop.

The rotary door mechanism is expensive. Yes, and install it by no means cheap. Part of the experts believes that such products in the near future will be noticeably cheaper.


To distinguish such doors from jigness easily – They do not go along the wall, but turn out like fur inside the musical instrument. Folding takes towards the jamb. “Harmonica” can have 1 or 2 sash. In each canvase, 3-4 uninfect vertical sections. Bind them among themselves hinges. Sections through one top are equipped with carriages with rollers.

Movement of the rollers occurs on guide rails put in the upper part of the day. In the direction of the jacket, the canvas goes when the door will open, and during closing it shifts to the center. The design of “harmonica” is beneficial to its compactness. Due to the insignificant thickness of the canvas, a little space is lost.

Separate mention deserve Corner doors. They are valuable unique appearance. Such designs allow you to guarantee excellent aesthetic properties of the shower and bathroom in general. You can organize the movements even where it is prohibited by architectural reasons.

Corner sliding doors can “squeeze” a maximum of a limited area without loss of functionality.

Designs such:

  • allow combining adjacent spaces+
  • Allow them to divide+
  • Visually increase space+
  • Add comfort.


Selecting the material for the door to the shower, you need to consider such requirements:

  • Resistance to moisturias+
  • Mechanical strength+
  • Antiseptic protectedness+
  • Resistance to temperature+
  • Ease of use+
  • Sanitary and Environmental Safety.

Natural materials for shower doors are practically not suitable. They can refuse and crack. However, this does not mean that artificial substances are definitely better.

Situations are known when the grouse plastic at high temperatures highlights toxic substances. Be sure to check whether the canvas is convenient, it looks good.

Considerable part of modern doors is made of composite materials. The bottom line is that the door leaf glued out of synthetics, and the appearance helps to improve either a variety of decorative films. The problem is that even a decent composite for quality is not too durable. The whole array would be good to everyone if he had not tolerated under the action of moisture and temperature jerks.

Wear strongly depends on how the breed of wood is used, and how it was treated. And yet the popularity of the doors from the wooden array is very large. Such structures immediately increase the status of the owner.

Do not give preference to the veneer. Often he hides not too high-quality base materials.

Laminated wooden doors are distinguished by very high moisture resistance. They are made on the basis of MDF. Top with a special coating that increases decorative qualities. Then it is laminated. Usually the laminating film is quite strong. However, it can be broken even with a minor mechanical exposure + as soon as the integrity of the film is lost, the moisture will quickly destroy the main construction.

Quite often doors in shower do from plastic. They excellently satisfy all the requirements that are presented to the input structures in wet rooms. High quality plastic is almost deformed from moisturizing or change temperatures. Reviews noted that the doors made from her perfectly hold warm and protect against outsided noise.

The only serious disadvantage of plastic doors is their bad appearance (or rather, it creates the impression of the office space) + the output is to use laminating films that reproduce the color and the texture of valuable wood.

Many people prefer glass doors. High-quality glass is much better than plastic. This material is not damaged by water and calmly transfers temperature jerk. Glass never rot. It immediately creates a sense of a unique, expensive product.

Glass structures have a strong drawback – transparency. However, modern technology successfully solves this problem. On the glass it is easy to apply various drawings by treating sand stream. Sometimes the doors are covered with a film that adds aestheticness and completely solves the problem of transparency. And even the brittleness of the glass learned to eliminate, coping at the same time with the danger of injuries.

Constructions from polycarbonate are quite rare. This material is stronger than glass. Polycarbonate is also very easy, almost weightless. Mounted everything easily: the web is framed by the profile. Care for polycarbonate is easy.


It is often believed that in typical apartments you can use doors with standard dimensions. But not everything is so simple. Be sure to make accurate measurements immediately. Practically all specialized companies can make a web for accurate dimensions. However, they take a large fee for such orders.

Typical width of the day can be:

  • 60 cm+
  • 70 cm+
  • 80 cm+
  • 90 cm.

An example of a shower door with a size of 130 cm for 195 cm is Cezares Verona B13. This is a single swing design. The glass is painted in the color of chromium and have a matte. Profile can be adjusted. Branded guarantee is given for 3 years.

The RGW PASSAGE PA-12 model has a size of 110 cm for 195 cm. This is a matte door with an adjustable width. Characteristic feature – sliding performance. Chrome profile very reliable. Provide free access when cleaning helps temporary removal of the lower rollers.

Good Door Latte WTW-120-C-We – Modern transparent door. Its size is 120 cm by 185 cm. Glass door is equipped with a reliable electromagnetic lock. It provides effective prevention of leaks due to seals. All alloys in this model are distinguished by increased corrosion resistance.

Wasserkraft Lippe 45S09 – Not bad alternative. Two-section design of the value of 170 cm for 190 cm. Profile made of first-class aluminum. Stekol thickness is 0.6 cm. Chrome profile color likes almost all people.

If you choose a door of 180 cm for 185 cm, it is worth paying preference Uno-BF-2-180-C-CR models. Sliding product with matte glass looks very thumb. Profile painted in the tone of glossy chromium. You can equip the door corrugated or transparent web. Width is adjustable from 1.784 to 1.81 m.


Semicircular doors are quite popular. In the Russian market, they appeared a few years ago. Semicircular door can be equipped with a mounted or hidden mechanism. Sliding canvases are characterized by a smoothed form and therefore look no standard. Semicircular door is recommended to carefully pick up the room.

The traditional solution is a rectangular door. It creates a feeling of classic filling space. Make it on a furniture factory cheaper and easier. Because such designs allow saving. On quality this form does not affect.

More original solution:

  • square+
  • arch+
  • polygon.

Design options

The use of transparent doors often causes bewilderment. But in fact they are very attractive and create a favorable impression. Making a transparent design you can both from glass and from special types of plastic or polycarbonate. But in the bathroom everything except glass looks frankly cheap and halno.

If transparent materials are used, it will have to buy more special curtains for greater privacy.

Often believe that matte doors in the shower cabin always have white. But in fact it is not so – designers worked a lot of original solutions. Matting is produced:

  • processing on the sandblast+
  • applying paints and varnishes+
  • spraying special compositions+
  • Escape special reagents.

Selecting patterns, you can prefer Plant patterns. They are practically neutral and look at almost any surroundings. Golden and silver spraying perceived no worse.

When choosing sandblasting, a holistic picture is usually created. Outside the door can be covered with moisture-resistant wallpaper, but this is the solution for extremals from design.

Best manufacturers

Among the shower doors made in Germany deserve attention AM. PM SENSATION W30G-E3D5-200-CT. This model refers to the selection of Sensation. Door height is 2 m, and width – 0.8 m. The design is equipped with a chrome profile and has a right-hand version.

Niche is fine Door BRAVAT DROP BD120.4100A. The product belongs to the Drop collection. Design dimensions are 1.2 m, and height – 2 m. Stylistics – High Tech. Chrome profile works very reliably, like a sliding mechanism.

Italy’s brands have a very good reputation. Including model SAMO FDT. It is intended for installation in a niche of 0.765×0.8x size 1.9 m. Attractive looks all, even the bronze handle. Transparent glass is perfectly combined with partial matte decor.

From the products of the production of Russia should look at the shower doors of the brand River. Model Dreike 150 can be equipped with matte or tinted glass. Consumers Available Selection Between White and Chrome Performance. The four-section door of the type of type works very reliably. Its width is 1.5, and the height – 1.85 m + rollers themselves are regulated as necessary.

It is useful to think about buying shower doors Vegas Glass. This manufacturer can offer folding, sliding and opening designs. Profile color for noble bronze or chromium color or gold. VEGAS GLASS design is designed in the spirit of impeccable high-tech. Installation is possible both in niche and podium, and on the shower tray.

Product Gemy Also not worth discounting. Very favorable impression leaves New Rockcoco 80. Good estimates also give Modern Gent, Victoria, Sunny Bay 120. GEMY applies a particularly strong transparent glass, which is inserted into the chrome profile of aluminum. Assortment includes sliding, swing and folding structures.

ROLTECHNIK – Budget Czech alternative. The company is present on the market for 25 years. Roltechnik products are distinguished by good quality, but the company does not deceive consumers with false exclusivity and uniqueness of characteristics. Can be purchased through the brand store door width 0.7-1.6 m. Folding “Harmoshaks” in the range is not + All the supplied doors are drawn up in a modern interior style.

Part of the experts advises to think about buying doors Appollo. Model TS-025 has traditional direct execution. Used the only swollen sash. Profile covered with a layer of protective chromium. Designers have provided the use of hardened braids that do not represent any danger to people.

Good reviews also come on fencing with models:

  • TS-0515 (IV) L+
  • TS-0515 (LLL) L+
  • TS-685.

Last model in today’s review – Beloya from Cook and Lewis. This is a swivel design with transparent glass. It can be put in a niche formed by three walls. Installation in the angle is made with the side panel.

It is worth noting the coating against limescale and reliable magnetic castle.

How to choose?

Swing doors should not choose if they meet with some obstacles. Therefore, in small bathrooms choose other solutions. Increasing the number of flaps in the sliding door makes it tight. However, at the same time the internal space in the cabin is reduced. Problems can create and instability of sliding structures.

Plastics rollers have too small resource. Because of their wear, the flaps do not go bad either even completely fly out of profiles, so metal parts are better. It is necessary to pull the sliding door on top and bottom. Some gaps can be, but shaking as an aspen leaf design should not. The plastic profile is chosen if it is necessary to achieve increased moisture resistance, aluminum – if the first place is mechanical strength.

In the presence of funds, it is possible to select doors instead of a relatively cheap tempered glass From Triplex. This material has 2-3 layers separated by a special polymer. A similar door is practically not destroyed, and if it is damaged, the fragments will not appear. If the tempered glass is unnecessarily expensive, you can choose a plexiglass or polystyrene.

And a few more subtleties:

  • Models of shower doors to order are always more expensive than finished products+
  • You need to go for the purchase where there is more assortment, and not lower prices+
  • preferably before buying read reviews+
  • In the bathroom non-standard layout, the cabin and the door for it should be chosen using a designer.

How to install the door to the shower, look in the following video.

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