Double curtains for the bedroom: what happens and how to choose?

Double curtains for the bedroom: what happens and how to choose?

Curtains make the design of any room completed and significantly decorate space. The situation in the bedroom directly affects a healthy dream and, accordingly, on human well-being. For this reason, the choice of curtains in the bedroom is worth paying special attention.


Modern fashion trend in windows are double curtains, which perform several functions:

  • decorate the room+
  • complement the atmosphere+
  • emphasize common style+
  • Make the desired accent+
  • Add utya+
  • give the conclusion design+
  • allow you to adjust lighting.

These curtains consist of two wide crafts that are located one on top of another. As an addition, you can use lambrequins, bows, garters or brushes.

Lack of big folds greatly simplifies curtain care. In the design of the bedroom double curtains can be given by the will of fantasy.

After all, here you can not only combine different shades, but also different on density and fabric texture.

Materials and colors

But when choosing it is necessary to take into account the style of decoration of the room and decor elements, as well as the color gamut of the room. It should be eliminated by the fusion of the tones, such a room will look blurred and faded. In the presence of the main beige color, the curtains of brown tones are excellent. Very often, the bedroom is made in calm blue shades, in this case the curtains are better picking up in Indigo color.

Double curtains of soft, not too saturated tones are more suitable for the bedroom.

Tight hardin with a light, transparent tulle is great for the window in the bedroom. Now many designers for this purpose use curtains from such a fabric as Blackout. It consists of three layers, each of which performs a specific function:

  • Outdoor – beat off sun rays+
  • Central – protects from heat from the outside+
  • rear – plays a decorative role.

Often in the bedrooms use double curtains with lambrequins, where records apply chief as an attachment. The room looks harmonious if the Gardin texture is combined with other textiles: the upholstery of the chair, bedspreads or tablecloth.

No need to choose exactly the same fabric, but similar shade or print will look elegant.

You can also play contrast with the main range of interior and create spectacular combinations:

  • Golden and azure+
  • Lilac and light green+
  • Vasil and light pink+
  • Straw and purple.

For double curtains, a combination of lilac-violet or brownish-green shades is well suited. It looks as beautifully a classic black and white duet, and no less effectively look chocolate with light brown.


Double curtains can be several species that differ in both the design and texture. Such a variety allows you to choose curtains for various interior styles.

  • Japanese curtains differ from the hardine familiar to us. They consist of completely straight canvases, without folds and ruffles. Basically, they are pastel tones. But, in addition to the monophonic, the fabric can also be with bright drawings. In the role of fastening such curtains use slings.

  • Roman Consist of two panels, the lower here is translucent, and the top is quite dense. Height is regulated by special mechanisms. Such curtains are well corrected room light illumination.

  • Rolled gardins represented by rolets folded in two layers, and consist of tissues of different textures. One of them is light and translucent, and the other is a dense, not transmitting light. A special device helps adjust the distance between the fabrics, thereby establishing the degree of lighting of the bedroom in accordance with its needs. This type of curtain is very practical because it is well suited for day, and for night.

  • Curtains consist of a lower layer made of tulle and top – from dense curtains. Such double curtains make it possible to correct the entry of sun rays into the room.

  • Curtains plizes Make from pleated fabric, which is attached on an aluminum profile in the form of horizontal blinds. On the window they are placed using strings stretched between cornices. Due to the fact that the threads pass through all the folds of the curtains, it easily opens and closes, and is also simply fixed at the desired level. The main advantage of this type of curtain is the ability to fix on the windows of any configuration. Environmentally friendly material impregnate with a special solution that contributes to repulsion of dirt and dust.

  • Two-layer gardines from Tulle and Organza make a room very bright and give her tenderness and ease. Translucent fabrics are well transmitted to sunlight and create light haze on the window. From such fabrics you can create different combinations, experiment with a length or form. Pleats on curtains of this kind look very relief.

  • “Hourglass” From segments of two types of fabrics, pulled in the middle ribbon, look very impressive and well suited for decorating windows, as well as doors.

  • Combined Create from the porter and rolled curtains, they provide a very comfortable setting in the bedroom. With their help you can make a room like light and completely dark.

The appearance of Gardin directly depends on the quality and type of fabric. Dense Materials are suitable for the porter: blackwood, liner, and silk, satin or cotton canvas. For light curtains, it is better to take such fabrics like organza or tulle, also good mesh, web or veil.

More bright colors can be added to the interior with double curtains, one of which will be with drawings.

    Beautifully fit into the design of the bedroom curtains with color or geometric prints. You can use asymmetric curtains, with their help it is possible to visually adjust the individual parameters of the room.

    How to pick up?

    Mind Gardin Pick Depending on General Style Room.

    • For minimalism Simple curtains are suitable without exquisite additions. Well will look at the curtains in the Japanese manner.

    • Classical Excellent complement dense double curtains with lambrequins.

    • To direction baroque Choose curtains from satin, silk or taffeta. As a supplement you can use bows.

    • In modern Frequently used double curtains of muted tones, with ribbons and garters.

    • Provence Prefers Cotton, Linen or Sitcene Cardins with a delicate Flower Print.

      It must be remembered that the general style of the room depends on the selection of components, so it is worth considering the selection of curtains.

      How to combine fabrics for curtains, look next.

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