Double sink for the bathroom: pros and cons, recommendations for choosing

Double sink for the bathroom: pros and cons, recommendations for choosing

Modern consumers seek to comfort, surrounding themselves in everything. It also applies to plumbing. To make it possible to save time with the maximum convenience of daily water treatments and in parallel, many consumers choose double shells, equipping their bathrooms.


This plumbing device is Two washbasins connected into a single design. It is located in a bathroom for greater comfort when performing hygienic daily procedures. Especially readable to have two bowls with separate mixers in a numerous family. But for a young couple, the presence of additional shell will be only a plus.

Double bathroom colors classified by a number of signs.

  • Form of product. It can be round, in the form of oval, rectangular or square.
  • Material. In addition to the usual faience, you can buy metal or acrylic, or marble or glass.
  • Tip Montaja. The sink with two bowls can be mounted on the wall, hoisting to the pedestal, embed.

The washbasin may consist of two cups located apart from each other. Also relevant option in which the long pallet is equipped with two mixers. Both models are convenient and interesting as a designer solution.


Double shell dimensions depend on its design, material and design. If the entire plane of the total surface occupy two bowls, the dimensions will be similar to the twin parameters of the single washbasin. At the same time, the bowls may be the same or one much more different.

The two cups of “eight” look original.

Capacities of mooles can be shifted to the edges, and there is a free plane between them. This variant is characterized by the largest width parameter – from 100 cm to 120 cm. Whole meter of a comfortable zone for washing! From each sidewall cup there is a free space. The only difference is that the “wings” will be located on the sides of the Chas, combined in the center.

With one common bowl, but with double parameters, two separate mixers still assume.

There is a difference in their installation.

  • Curvage shells. Posted on the tabletop. Can rise above its plane or edges of the bowl to be placed with her. The remaining processes are similar to the previous option.

  • Overhead. In this embodiment, the dual washbasin looks like a monolithic web connected to a table. It replaces its entire horizon at the top. The edges of the cups are bent down, which goes for the good of installation and increases the strength of the structure. The most simple sinks in the installation.

  • Hinged. The second level of difficulty in the installation, but also the cheapest. Sink is fixed on supporting supports.

Materials manufacturing

If you take into account the cost, then in the middle price link there are sinks from ceramics. Faianssa is not afraid of messenger blows and water temperature drops. But those who want to get a shell of more durable materials, it is better to study other options.


This material is endowed with the highest strength, aesthetic attractiveness. Resistant to mechanical damage, not afraid of severe items.

Strained glass

The cost is equal to the design of porcelain stoneware. Does not absorb dirt, moisture, smells, but the water of high rigidity can leave on the glass surface of the fall. Among glass miles are popular both transparent and color models. I wonder the matte and corrugated bowls look. But what seems practical one is not too impressive than another. Therefore, you need to choose material in your preferences.

Impact resistant glass in the interior of the bathroom – trendy solution. Gives an atmosphere in the bathroom airiness and sensation of space. Many are still confident that glass products are vulnerable to shocks.

However, innovative technologies are currently at such a high level that it is not necessary to worry about the strength of glass shells.

Pluses of the glass washbasin are obvious:

  • Permissible cleaning with conventional cleaners+
  • Stability of the sink material to the effects of chemistry+
  • low weight in comparison with the faience analogue.

Synthetic “Glass”

It has a more affordable price tag with a significant weight reduction. For all other characteristics even exceeds natural glass. But at the same time an artificial analogue is easily scratched.

A natural stone

Bowls from natural stone can not be purchased. These are expensive, sufficiently massive and heavy goods. Such sinks are under the order for specific respectable interiors. In any configuration, marble, granite or travertine bowls are able to bring the difference in interior design.


Decent competition with a noble stone of natural origin makes up his artificial analog. This composition of materials, 80% consisting of stone crumbs, and 20% remains on dyes and binder polymer. Under the operational characteristics, it is not inferior to a natural analogue, while its use is mostly more profitable.

Bronze and copper

The sinks of these materials are very elegant, but during operation they need constant care.

Advantages and disadvantages

Installation of the paired washbasin has a number of advantages and some flaws. It is worth learn about them to understand whether to install such a plumbing device in its housing.

Sink “For Two” – a variety of traditional washbasin, but with the difference that she has two tanks on a single bed. Construction of a plumbing duet standard, but variations of her performance mass.

In addition to the ability to create in the arrangement of the bathroom, unusual accents, the “pair” of the Russian woman performs several practical functions.

  • Saves household time, helping maintaining a quiet atmosphere in the house in the morning and the measured rhythm of fees for affairs. When massive fees come to the service and study, the bill goes for a minute, and the dual plumbing becomes a real mastheva.
  • The fewer users fall on one plumbing device, the fact of the chance to pick up microbes. In families where there are kids, one cup of the sink can be allocated for children’s needs, and the second to determine the adult.
  • Contributes to the organization of personal space, and this is important for spiritual comfort. Own sink gives a person the opportunity to equip a personal zone in its preference.

The disadvantage of such a design can be considered its high cost in comparison with single counterparts and large dimensions. In a small room it is impractical to install double sink. Pushed there in two – dubious time savings. Rather, it only contributes to unnecessary Volokol and CPU. For cumbersome design, space is needed, otherwise it will take half the life of the bathroom.

They have a minor minus – cleaning two cups lasts a little longer. But for a skillful hostess having quality cleaning products at hand, maintaining the purity of Sanafayans is not troublesome.

Types of mile

Double sink just pick up in any interior. Variety of styles and constructive options makes it possible to benefit the furnishings of the bathroom. Two bowls will bring presentation and functionality.

The design can have two isolated containers, each of which has its own mixer, or long pallets for two with a common mixer. The type of siphon (single or double) depends on the type of mel.

Proponents of practicality may seem to the installation of a pair washbasin with a table. Visually from such a union design even wins, as in such a combination it looks extremely harmonious.

In the Tombe placed under the table top, with convenience the necessary cosmetic and detergents and all sorts of bath accessories will be located. In such variations, the cabinet under the “spotted” sink carries a dual function: hides behind the doors of communication and is a storage for things.

How to choose?

Trying to deal with the question, whether the purchase of “pair” plumbing device is appropriate, It is necessary to navigate first of all on the sanitary area. In addition, the schedule of the morning regime of households and family regime should be taken into account, and something that preferably its members, since it is not for everyone an invasion of personal space zone. It happens that someone from the relatives is simply not ready to share the sink with someone.

Many leading manufacturers in their collections pose a choice of compact and large-sized models, so that buyers find the product of optimal sizes.

Often standard patterns of paired shells are characterized by compact dimensions. When operating such plumbers washed to two users at the same time, not too convenient. therefore Specialists advise a more convenient design option – two capacities of an independent type. They can be built into one tabletop either. Dual models with a common mixer better choose for apartment bathrooms. In private buildings in the prevailing majority of cases, an option with a pair of mixers is suitable.

The first rule when installing a colors for two – withstand symmetry. To achieve and maintain the attraction of the plumbing “duet”, you need to stock the same sets of mixers and siphons.

It is important to pick up all plumbing details and additions in a single style, ideally – from one collection. Then the “pair” sink will wonderfully harmonize in the overall concept of laundering.

Installation technology such plumbers are similar to the installation of single shell, except that the heavy construction requires placement on the support. It can be a cabinet or a metal frame. Fasten the double sink on the wall is also possible, but this method of attachment is less reliable for this type of shell.

Mixers are selected without any recommendations, guided by their own taste. With sinks of stone or ceramics harmoniously combine brass faucets with natural and synthetic coating, imitating natural material.

The key value is a choice of siphon. For budget models, manufacturers use polypropylene, on average price link – brass, and for the most expensive – copper and bronze.

Double siphons are a “bottle” type and pipe. The most common – “bottle”. They are connected to the drain of both tanks, and slightly below the flow level they are connected in a common flask.

Purchased the sink into two bowls with one case, you will need a special siphon, which allows connecting two plots to the tee. Otherwise, you will have to remake the sewer system, and this process is real only at the stage of overhaul.

Examples in the interior

Double shells look equally well in different interiors, the main thing is to choose the correct materials and the way they are installed.

The following video presents recommendations for choosing a sink in the bathroom.

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