Double sinks for the kitchen: features, species and installation

Double sinks for the kitchen: features, species and installation

Washing is an integral part of each kitchen. For the hostesses, it is important that this detail of the interior was not only stylish and beautiful, but also practical and durable. A huge selection of mile patterns allows for each style solution to choose the best option. Recently, dual sinks have become extremely popular. This unusual item allowed to expand the functions of familiar shells.

What is it and what they need?

Double sink differs from the usual only presence of two capacities. Two combined sections are great for those kitchens, where they like to optimize processes. Most often, such a plumber can be found in the owners of those who love to cook. Of course, such a kitchen sink allows you to simultaneously engage in several procedures.

An indispensable assistant will be a double sink in the kitchen, where several people can work at the same time. In this case, two sections will allow peacefully neighboring within one kitchen, even several mistresses.

Not so long ago, such shells were available only to enterprises that were related to the food industry. Now dual sinks are available for each kitchen. In addition, in recent years, interior designers are increasingly stopping their choice on this element, as the fashionable part of the kitchen space. This is not surprising, since two containers make it possible to make culinary procedures are hygienic and more comfortable. As a result, opportunities with such a sink increase significantly as convenience.

Pros and cons

Despite its popularity, double sinks received a lot of both positive and negative reviews. Judge how comfortable such a plumbing is, it is possible only after familiarization with the full list of its plus and minuses.

Mistressians who are not first used by sequins with two sections, allocate several practical advantages.

  • Two tanks allow dishes in one wash, and in the other – food.
  • One of the sections can be used under frozen foods. At this time, the second section can be held for other purposes.
  • Saves water what is profitable. It is worth noting that this advantage has long been successfully used by a number of European countries. To do this, a sufficient one section of the shell fill with water and use it for washing, and the second – for rinsing.
  • If there is a double sink, one part of it can be occupied by frying pan or bends in need of pre-soaking before direct washing.
  • In the process of cooking, one of the sections is convenient to take dirty dishes.
  • Wet dishes can be put in a free tank so that water is gradually glass.
  • In the process of washing, you can use various cleaning agents thanks to the additional compartment.
  • Allows you to use the sink to two people at the same time.

Despite such a number of positive moments, double miles have their essential flaws.

  • The main minus of such plumbing is quite large sizes. Weightful dimensions do not allow placing such models on small kitchens. It also does not always fit on one space with a dishwasher.
  • Two sections require double drain. This is somewhat difficult to install, as it will take to install a special adapter that will connect drain pipes leading to the sewer.
  • Communications under a bed of a double washing occupy a significant amount, which can create some inconveniences.
  • Another disadvantage lies in two plums, which increases the likelihood of stamps in the pipes.

Types and sizes

Choose a suitable sink with two bowls today is absolutely easy, given the variety of proposed options.

In form distinguish the following types of double miles.

  • Rectangular. Are the most popular option. They are distinguished by high practicality, as they are easy to place in almost any kitchen.

The mistress appreciate this form for saving space and rationality.

  • Round or oval. First of all, they will like those who love everything stylish and original. The main advantage of their forms lies in safety, as they will be harder.

However, it must be borne in mind that such washers occupy a lot of kitchen space.

  • Corner. Ideal for small kitchens. They are most economical in terms of occupied space. In addition, they often have an original design.

By the method of installation distinguish two types of miles.

  • Curling, which is great for modern kitchen spaces. This kind of mooles is convenient because it is possible to order the sizes to order. These sinks are installed in the table, and, more precisely, in a special hole in it. Mortenside models are most effectively watching, which after installation smoothly merge with the working kitchen surface.

  • Patch Most often made of stainless steel. As a rule, a two-bag washing of this species is installed on top of one of the kitchen furniture items, for example, the cabinet.

The dimensions of modern 2-section miles are very standard. The length of the sink can be 78, 86 and 119 cm, and width – 52, 50 and 48 cm, respectively. Depth with these parameters will be equal to 20, 19 and 19 cm. If possible, choose a deep sink, as small inconvenient in use, because water from it will splash on the walls and surface of the table.

Materials manufacturing

Two-section washing stainless steel Meet most often. This is not surprising, since this material is the most resistant to various cleaning products that are very aggressive. In addition, traces from mechanical impacts are almost not visible. Such a wash is well tolerates temperature races and differs in ease. It is worth noting that steel shell is durable, just care for it and it is inexpensive.

However, it must be borne in mind that such a material does not differ in a rich color palette, unstable to detergents with abrasive particles, with time the scratches become visible on the surface. If the washing is made of fine stainless steel, then when a jet of water enters the bottom will be created strong noise.

Of course, a special gasket for sound insulation allows you to cope with the last problem.

Second place among the materials from which the washing in the kitchen is made, takes ceramics. Such sinks look great in the kitchens in the country style or decorated under the antique. As a rule, ceramic sink can be made of Majolika, porcelain or faience. Products of them look beautiful and expensive, besides, they differ in environmental safety.

Among the benefits should be noted Resistance to corrosion and deformations. Easily decorated. This allows simple shell to make a real work of art. Although it is necessary to take into account the impressive weight of ceramic bags, which creates difficulties when installing them.

At the same time, ceramics – the material is fragile and expensive.

Acrylic sinks first of all attract their appearance. Original colors make them very popular. At the same time they are light and inappropriate. However, when using them it is necessary to take into account their fragility and short service life. Acrylic easily absorbs dyes, and both food and chemical.

Boiling water is also not friendly. In the sink from acrylic You can not put hot dishes. Of course, it is possible to extend the service time of this material using a special mesh stacked on the bottom of washing.

It will prevent the formation of numerous cracks and scratches.

Composite as a material for washing is suitable wonderful and fully justifies its high price. Most often, the sink is made of marble, granite or quartz crumbs. All of them are characterized by excellent operational properties. Any composite is characterized by durability, reliability, durability.

Structure with small pores does not allow penetrating inside of material moisture, fat and dirt.

The most practical and at the same time are the most expensive Granite and marble sinks. Stone plumbing is known for its durability and silent, as well as high weight. It is worth noting that even a black wash will remain like this throughout the entire use time, since these materials do not lose color saturation when exposed to ultraviolet. A pleasant moment is also the presence of various shapes and shades.

The durability of the stone complements reliability and resistance to temperature drops.

Fake diamond Also excellent for making washes. Most often you can meet plumbing from porcelain stoneware or agglomerate. The characteristics include a noble appearance, heat resistance, durability, resistance to mechanical effects, a variety of shades.

The main advantage of this material in front of natural is the available cost.

Subtleties of mounting

Independent installation of washing with a wing or without – a completely uncomfortable procedure. With models that are mounted in the worktop, complete the template. It must be attached to the surface in which the installation will be carried out and mark on the contour using a simple pencil. After which the template is no longer needed.

Next, you need to make several holes using a drill. Then the jigsaw must cut the outline. After that, the tabletop is smeared the sealant and the washing is applied, which must be strongly pressing. In this case, the glue acts, and it is important to remove to frozen. Now we need to give the design to dry out for 2-3 hours, and then summarize the necessary communications.

With an overhead installation method, the washing is mounted on the frame, previously treated with a sealant. It is important that the sealant is water-repellent. It is advisable to handle the surface of the whole washing around the perimeter and joints. Finishing Stage – Connect Communications.

Another installation method – plug-in – assumes that there are grooves on the sides of the sink. Special guides are attached to the sink tumble. It is for them that the car wash will appear on his place. At the end of the installation, the sealant is applied to all joints.

Operation and care

Systematic dual sink care will avoid multiple problems. For example, after use, it should be wiped with a wet sponge, and then wipe dry with a napkin. Scratches and damage is desirable to process special means. To remove stains from food dyes, for example, from coffee, you can take advantage Special chlorine-containing gels or liquids.

Monthly it is worth cleaning the sink with means of lime.

How to connect a double washing properly in the kitchen with your own hands, you can find out, looking at the video a little below.

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