English-style kitchen indictions

English-style kitchen indictions

English-style kitchens are an example of classics, chic, sophistication and conciseness. Nowadays, the design can be any: strict classic, colonial eclectic, openwork luxury. It is closely intertwined by Gothic, Baroque and even the eastern motives that once brought colonizers to the country.

Distinctive features

Victorian era is considered to be a classic English style – that is, the design that has become popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. This direction in the design was distributed in the first half of the XIX., And today has undergone many changes. In any case, there were characteristic features that distinguish this style from all others:

Basic principles of design design: Comfort, following family values, some championship (to some extent turning into close), as well as reference, conservatism and “lizgnost” (which some can compare with a slight form of litax).

Color palette – deep muted tones of warm gamut (white, beige, wood, light terracotta, saturated burgundy, as well as mustard and some other tones).

Materials here are extremely natural, the highest quality, good and certainly artificially aged. In the print preference is given to the strip, cage, flower and heraldry. Decor suggests an abundance of textiles (vintage furniture with upholstery, tablecloths, curtains). All decorative elements are used in significant quantities and impress antique or needlewomen.

No need to forget that at the time of the reign of Queen Victoria Kitchens have never been a dining area and a venue for the members of aristocratic families. There was a servant, and the owners almost did not look here. The premises never differed in a special luxury, nevertheless, high cost and chic became priorities of modern designers in this style.

Color spectrum

Sanding gamma in the decoration of the kitchen decorated in the Staroangalian style should be restrained and noble – there is no place for any causing shades. However, it does not mean at all that the use of dark paints is unacceptable, but still the following options are considered preferred.

  • Golden-white palette. In traditional gold color, details are decorated. In English cuisine you can always see gold-plated bas-reliefs, headsets with decorative linings, as well as Moldings. As a rule, when using a tandem of white and golden, other colors are missing, although the tabletop is allowed from dark materials. As a rule, it is a stone (natural or artificial), ceramics and wood expensive breeds.

In the dark brown version can be sewn and curtains on the windows.

  • Sandy-beige tone. A similar duo looks very effectively and stylish, usually complement it to patina and gilding.

  • Saturated brown shades. The color of expensive wood gives the room luxury, chic and at the same time real English is. Typically, the floor, furniture and partially walls are performed from one type of wood, and the apron is made up of stone or tiles, while use harmonious brown shades.

  • Light gray color. Basically use in colonial designs or in combination with gold trim.

Finishing options


Wood panels are used to finish floors in English cuisine – Laminate is best, decorated with chamfer and unusual texture. However, it is possible to make it more practical, for example, from a porcelain stoneware or ceramic tile necessarily natural colors. When finishing the floor, some attention should be paid to the plinths – they must be a little overpriced.


For decorative wall cladding the best option will be matte paints. Considering the specifics of this place, we can say that they will be the most functional. However, those who want to recreate real English traditions in their kitchen can stick both wallpapers, and if it allows the Metage will harmoniously look wall panels and lining.

The classic of the genre is considered to be wallpaper in a cell, a vertical strip either in the flower (we pay attention that it should be only a rose).

If you make up a small kitchen, then preference is worth led by light materials with an unobtrusive print. But you can make more chamber and majestic with dark green or burgundy shades. In standard apartments, the optimal solution will be a striped wallpaper – they visually raise the ceiling and make the room lighter and spacious.


By the way, when finishing the ceiling you need to pay special attention to the material. First of all, it is necessary to proceed from the size of the room, for example, for a small space, it is best to use whitewash or plaster, to save time and funds you can stay on special paints for the ceiling. If you are the happy owner of the kitchen with high ceilings, you can use stucco, multi-stage decoration or wood beams. Regardless of your choice, the surface in any case should be matte, gloss is contrary to classical English traditions.

Selection of furniture and technology

Recreation of this English decor in the kitchen is impossible without competent selection of furniture and household appliances. Designers recommend adhering to the following requirements.

  • Furniture sets should be made of the most expensive types of wood: pine, nut and oak. The best choice will be a solid array.

  • The furniture must preserve its natural texture, it is covered with varnish or light translucent enamel.

  • For larger dive in the era, it will be worth using glass or stained glass inserts.

  • English cuisine presupposes mandatory use of open shelves. As a rule, there is an expensive and stylish set.

  • Furniture handles must be performed from copper or bronze, it is advisable to use gilding. Of course, do not forget about such an important detail as a regular polishing of all decorative elements.

  • It will be impressive if the furniture is artificially creating, create the effect of scuffs and lighter cracking. In this case, the headset will look a truly vintage and will be a highlight of your kitchen. However, do not overdo it – an excessive zeal will easily turn the noble material into the usual old wood.

  • Classical English furniture should look expensive and respectable. The style involves the laconicity of the geometry and the correct lines. If you do not have the opportunity to acquire an expensive headset, you can resort to imitation, although remember that cheap substitutes cannot give proper impression and it is unlikely to create the right impression.

  • An ideal hit in the style will be a classic buffet with lots of small drawers. These details are not better transferred to the whole atmosphere of England past centuries. Tables and chairs must harmoniously fit into the stylistic concept. Usually they are also performed from valuable wood breeds and decorated with carvings.

  • If the kitchen is small, the use of a transformer table top in tandem with wicker chairs will be a good option. In a large space, preference is desirable to give massive table top.

Organization of lighting

When designing a functional zone in English style, special attention should be paid to the chandelier, since it is this lighting device that allows the room to be a room that is considered the main feature of that era. The chandelier becomes a real center of the dining area, and more rough products are commonly used in colonial interiors, and in the classic decoration – rather openwork.

Anyway The chandelier must have plant ornaments and a large number of light bulbs. Keep in mind that neither the curtains nor the aprons nor the tile should draw attention from the lamps. In the English style, the warm color spectrum is allowed, as close as possible to natural.

Nowadays, more and more owners of premises use built-in lamps, but it will be more spectacular replacement for plain lampshades and wall bras.

Decor and textiles elements

For English design, the rational use of each meter of space is characteristic, so you can see a chest with fresh flowers and indoor plants, as well as stands with a wide variety of useful trifles. This is not the entire list of what can be found in English cuisine. Keep in mind that Decor elements should reflect all traditions and cultural preferences of foggy albion, who are famous for love for dogs, as well as horses and real English tea.

Despite the fact that the kitchen assumes a dining area, books should always be present on the shelves, for example, culinary literature. They are elegantly complement jars with croups and spices and small vases. On the walls will be oddly hanging stylized clock, as well as landscape pictures with the image of hunting – for them they usually use gold-plated frames. Harmoniously complement the English style brass and copper accessories, and the special charm will bring oriental motives, for example, ceramic floor vases and figures. Embroidery lover can decorate the walls with their works.

So that the interior looked finished, the curtains should correctly pick up. For drapets use only heavy fabrics, be sure to lambrene. Typically, the curtains are performed in two versions – transparent and heavy textiles are decorated with fringe with tassels, preference is worth paying velvet, tapestry and jacquard.

Keep in mind that the style of old England does not accept contrast, so the curtains must be combined with the calorie with the rest of the kitchen design elements.

Posted by the kitchen Real English Style will help the details. So, if the kitchen has sufficient space, you can focus on a large cooking surface with an exhaust, and make the composition finished will help the oven, fixed slightly lower, to great regret, in small-sized apartments, such an ensemble is unlikely to use such an ensemble. Do not combine England style Times Queen Victoria with stainless steel washers, As this will make a tangible dissonance in the overall picture of the decor. The optimal solution will be a deep ceramic sink, laid out with tiles or stone.

Successful examples

We offer you a photofraction of the ideas of design of a kitchen and a kitchen-living room in a classic English style. Without a doubt, you can choose the option that will fully comply with both your preferences and room features.



How to create an English style in the kitchen, look in the video below.

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