Eurochells on the corner sofa: how to choose and wear?

Eurochells on the corner sofa: how to choose and wear?

Comfortable upholstered furniture is certainly an important component of the home interior. It is difficult to imagine housing without a soft sofa and cozy chairs. In order for the upholstery of furniture with time, it was not spoiled, various blankets, capes and covers. In recent years, eurochells on upholstered furniture began to use much popular. It is important to know how to choose eurochells on the corner sofa, and also be able to wear it right.


If earlier, to update the upholstery of upholstered furniture, it was necessary to drag the sofa, sew a case on his own or order his tailoring in the studio, and recently the purchase of Eurochell has helped solve this problem in a day later. The peculiarity of this coating is that It can be put on any sofa, even non-standard form. Such a product to wear on upholstered furniture even one person.

Eurochellites have high elasticity, because in the production of this textile, thin rubber threads are used. The product is manufactured taking into account the latest patented technologies. The fabric is able to stretch in any direction, so suitable for coating structures of any forms. NSThe donation of such an eurochal with the sofa will not remain deformed, and will take its original appearance.

The material that is used for the manufacture of the product is considered hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for even people having allergies on synthetic fabric.

Such a cover has a certain structure, due to which the product is not polluted for a long time. To care for such a case is very simple, it is enough to start it in a washing machine and dry. Even if it is washed very often, the properties of the coating will persist. With permanent operation, the upholstery will not be deformed or replete, as well as stretch or faded, as the fabric has high wear resistance.

Eurochells will serve at least 5 years. The coating is not afraid of feline curls, as it has an invoice on which it is not easy to make tightening. The main advantage of such products is their versatility. They can be used both for modern designs and for already outdated sofas with armrests or without them. Evrochell is suitable as a cape not only for the house, but also in the form of an office version. To buy such textiles is possible on the Internet, even without visiting the store, because it is quite difficult to make mistakes with the size of the model. To acquire it, it is enough to measure the parameters of the sofa backrest in length, taking into account the degree of extensibility of the coating.


For sofas of different models, double, triple and angular covers produce. The modification of covers is determined in accordance with the measurements of the design on the back of the back, namely:

  • With the length of the backrest of the sofa 1200-1600 mm chosen the double eurochet+
  • If the length of the back is 1600-2450 mm, then the triple model is acquired+
  • For angular furniture, choose a product with a size of 3800-5500 mm.

In addition to these options, covers are made on sofas and armchairs without armrests or for furniture made by individual order. Corner models are affordable and left. This feature must be taken into account when choosing a product.

With protrusion

Cardekres company deals with furniture textiles. For models with a protrusion, the Anthracite model from Turkish manufacturers will fit. It possesses the following features:

  • The kit includes a cover with retainers+
  • The product is packaged in pvc bag on zipper+
  • The extensibility of the product on the back, given the armrests, is up to 450 cm+
  • Composition: Polyester – 60% and cotton – 40%+
  • Armrests have a height of 35-45 cm+
  • The width of the landing room with the long side is 200-280 cm, and with a short – 80-170 cm.

To determine which case to choose on the corner sofa with a protrusion on the right, you need to measure the length of the protrusion and furniture. Manufacturers produced Universal covers on corner models with a protrusion on the right, so they will suit options with the right shelf in the corner.

With armrests

You can find products that are suitable for sofas with armrests and without them. When choosing, take into account that Evrochell on the corner sofa without armrests is distinguished by a little from the models with armrests. According to the manufacturers, the extensibility of the material is so large, which allows it to stretch it on the sofa with a smaller case. For the classic corner sofa with armrests, the case is perfect From the collection “Microfiber” and “Vista”. The tensile cannon on the back, without taking into account the armrests, is 380-530 cm.

Without armrests

Covered on the model without armrests are different in shape from the familiar covers “Standard”. The Case “Modern Champagne” from the Italian manufacturer will perfectly fit into the classic interior due to the pleasant color of the coating, without the presence of decor elements. Such wear-resistant material is perfect for long-term use. The material includes cotton and polyester. The extensibility of the product is 150-220 cm. Covers for sofas without armrests suitable for furniture of standard dimensions and forms.

On rubber band

There are options for textiles on a rubber band. These products cover furniture in full or partially. Case on a gum for corner sofas La Pastel Russian production will reliably protect furniture from dirt and scratches. 100% product consists of cotton. The stretchability of the cover is 355-375 cm, there are ruffles from below. The product has an acceptable price, but manufacturers make a model only in 2 colors.


From what material the case is made, depends on the duration of the life of the product. Covers for angular and other structures can be purchased or sewed from the following materials:

  • jacquard – Many are very popular with a jacquard case, such a tissue has a dense structure + characterized by a three-dimensional drawing on this product+
  • Microfiber – This material is chosen for sewing a warm product, it has a very high elasticity, almost weightless, pleasant to the touch+
  • Jersey – Such material will last long and will decorate the furniture + fabric has a smooth structure+
  • Plissa – This is a very interesting material on the texture with the anticature system+
  • Shenil – Such material has a beautiful coloring with the original ornament.

    For eurochlov choose fire-resistant fabric. It is more relevant for office option than in an apartment or house. Products from the series “Fantasy. Venice “is distinguished by the presence in the lower edge of the leaf-skirt. All fabric options that are used for sewing coatings are well washed and cleaning. Erase the product at a water temperature in +40 degrees. The bedspread quickly dries and after drying restores the initial shape. The product does not require ironing, does not learn and does not fade in the sun.

    Important! When washing, you should not use the bleach and softener.

    How to wear?

    Since the cloth for eurochal is very elastic and can stretch well, it can be simple and without efforting to wear on any sleeping place. To quickly pull the bedspread on the angular bed, you need to do the following:

    1. The sofa move away from the wall, thereby allowing themselves access to its wrong+
    2. The case is massaged on the floor and unfold so that exactly the capes of the capes that will be put on and armrests + usually the corner structures have different in the length of the compartments+
    3. Case can be stretched from either side+
    4. To work correctly, consider the attached instructions in detail and act as instructed.

    To fasten the bedspread, you need to carefully straighten the material with your hands. The upper and lower sides of the case are fixed by the design of the sofa with elastic. To avoid the appearance of voids that can be formed, insert special locks. They need to be inserted between the seat and the back, back and armrests, as well as the seat and back. By inserting the locks, you need to push the canvas as far as possible, which will ensure good tension of the fabric and create an aesthetically nice view. Manufacturers produce cases for sofides with a protrusion on the left or right, with a shelf in the corner and so on.

    Important! Corner models can be right-person and left-sided. The type of this model can be determined by the face to the sofa.

    Beautiful examples

    Choosing eurochet on the corner sofa, it is worth considering as much interesting models as possible and choose an acceptable option for yourself.

    A monophonic eurochell on the corner sofa with a skirt will be a bright accent and makes the room cozy.

    Very organically fit into the interior coverage “Fantasy. Venice”. The combination of contrasting shades in textiles will give a special color.

    Coating on the corner sofa with the protrusion of the right “Jacquard. Waves “looks stylish.

    Circular Furniture Corner Furniture Karven Like many buyers.

    The “Microfiber” coating is ideal for the classic angular sofa.

    On the furniture with a protrusion on the left, you can use the Jacquard case. Vine”.

    In the video below, an instruction on the use of eurochell on the corner sofa is provided.

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