Eurochells on the sofa: description, types, rules of choice

Eurochells on the sofa: description, types, rules of choice

Evrochell on the sofa saves furniture from rapid wear. Due to the large number of colors and designs presented in the market, such protection does not spoil the appearance of the room and pleases the eye over long years. Consider Read more Description, Types and rules for the choice of eurochells on the sofa.


Eurochene on the sofa is a tissue product that protects the upholstery of upholstered furniture both from specific external factors and from wear. Many people also use this furniture “clothing” to upgrade or budgetically modify the appearance of the product. The cover is made of durable, highly elastic canvas, nicely “tight” and a dimensional sofa, and a small chair, and even a chair. The necessary properties of the bedspread ensures its composition containing numerous rubber threads. Evrochol is performed in various colors and designs.

Furniture “clothes” is very easy to use, and the technique of pulling is remembered from the first time. The material is not only hypoallergenic, but also quite pleasant to the touch. A large number of designs allows you to choose eurochene for any interior, and the presence of special impregnation against pollution greatly simplifies the cleaning process.

In addition, this bedspread is a fast and easier opportunity to transform space or put accents in it.

Pretty universal coating is usually combined with any other textile present in the room. It successfully copes with the protection of furniture from the claws of animals, punctures, or mechanical impacts. Order The case will be able to any sofa design, from a straight and four-seater to a miniature corner, suitable only for two people. During operation The bedspread does not slip from the sofa, but if necessary, the washing is easily removed. The relative disadvantages of the subject belongs to its increased value.


Eurochells intended for sofas are produced in numerous variations, different in price, and in appearance. Each of them has unique parameters. It should be immediately mentioned that eurochene cannot have a pronounced plug-in elastic band, so such a purchase is a fake. But quite likely variations with ruffles or tassels.


Most of the covers are universal, since They are suitable for any European sofas models. This means that by purchasing one bedspread, it will turn out to be pulled on a straight sofa, and then also successfully move to the angular design.


How can I guess by name, 2-seater case Ideal for a sofa on which two people can accommodate. In addition to size and shape, from other varieties, it is no different.


Triple sofas covers have larger dimensions.


A quadruple case is tensioned on a large sofa suitable for use with 4 people. It does not have special specificity.


Corner models make it possible to “wear” a non-standard sofa. Some of them are suitable for right-sided models, and some – for left-sided, so this question should take care and watch, in which direction angle is directed. The length of the cover is determined depending on how many people can fit on the seat. Before buying, measuring should be not only the length and width of the furniture, but also the dimensions of the protrusion.

Without armrests

Eurochals for small-sized models without armrests, as a rule, are the most budget. Despite this, they are not inferior to no longer as more expensive models and perfectly fit the sofa coating. The dimensions of such covers are both double and triple.

It is also necessary to add that for direct sofas it is appropriate to acquire both universal and symmetric products. For sofas with armrests it is better to book eurochell in the studio, and not to purchase ready-made, since the form and dimensions are often non-standard. Models with lower rolling are quite wide and additionally fixed either with rubber bands or risks.

If we talk about possible colors covered, they can be any, But universal are still considered pastel shades of light brown or dairy palette. Such colors will fit into any interior and add the atmosphere of calm and comfort. On the overall designs, covers with large patterns, for example, geometric shapes or vegetable motifs look good. For a miniature sofa, “Clothing” with a small abstract pattern.

Such bright colors like blue, cherry and lilac give the space of the speakers, but they will not fit far away every interior.

Materials manufacturing

Protective covers can be made from different materials.

  • Especially popular use jacquard, which not only looks noble, but also differs in high resistance. Clean the cover itself is very simple.
  • No less often applied polyester, which has a smaller cost, but also low quality. If you buy such a cover, then it will last for a short time, especially if domestic pets live in the apartment.
  • Well manifests itself Plisse – Material and looks beautiful and has the necessary rigidity, preventing damage to the surface of animal claws.
  • Shenille It is impossible to call a particularly reliable choice, but it looks like such a soft coating is also very nice to the touch. Shining eurochene is better to acquire for apartments in which there are no pets and young children.
  • Elastic but tight Microfiber Most often used to protect the angular furniture.

Important! The surface of the coating can be smooth and embossed, as well as contain both natural and artificial fibers. Nevertheless, we are always talking about hypoallergenic materials, which also have the opportunity not to absorb odors.

How to choose and use?

To choose the right way to choose eurochetics, first it is necessary to determine the size. Despite the versatility of many cases, it is better to easily measure the width and the length of the furniture. Undoubtedly, It is important to take into account the design of the design of the overall interior stylist. Big price is justified, but only in the case when quality is at the height. Little price, by the way, should be avoided, because the cheap coating quickly lines and loses its aesthetics. The most suitable material is distinguished by the practicality and the presence of additional impregnation from dirt.

For the correct removal of the measurement will necessarily need a roulette. The first thing is measured by the gap from one edge of the back to another. Next, this indicator is assessed with respect to the generally accepted. In the case when the length does not go beyond the boundaries of 1.6 meters, it can be concluded that a double case is suitable for the sofa. Length from 1.6 meters to 2.4 meters corresponds to a three-bed sofa. The indicator of more than 2.4 meters corresponds to a quadruple sofa.

Important! In angular structures, this gap can be 3.8 meters or even more, almost 5.5 meters. If the roulette is missing, then this indicator can be defined on the eye, attaching how many people are calmly placed on the sofa seat.

Eurochell care is no difficulty. Wash the fabric product in the typewriter, picking up the temperature and mode in accordance with the material used. The best solution is delicate mode. Before starting washing, the thing necessarily turns inside out and is laid in the drum of the washing machine separately from other items. It is strictly forbidden to use whitening agents, and then stroke the seatped bedspread.

Dry eurochells under normal conditions at room temperature.

It is also necessary to clarify and how to put on “clothes” on the sofa. As a rule, all this information is contained on the attached instructions, namely:

  1. To begin with, the new product together with the seal is extracted from the packaging + immediately determined, where the construction of the top, and where – the bottom+
  2. Following the case to be laid on the surface of the sofa, and after fixing the corners of the capes on the corners of the furniture back+
  3. Next, the cape must be pulled on the bottom of the sofa, after which the lower corners will fix+
  4. Evrochol is spreading over the entire surface so that there are no folds and chances left, and the seams were on the ribs of the frame+
  5. If the sofa model is a corner, then the bottom ribbon is tied behind the leg+
  6. The existing sealer is laid under the cover in such a way as to accommodate parallel to the junction of the back and seats+
  7. Finally, everything is again smoothed.

Customer Reviews

In general, customer reviews about Eurochells are positive. In numerous comments, it is noted that bedspreads are performed high quality and look very stylish. Cape is not only a comfortable and perfectly repeating form of furniture, but also practical, and her wash does not represent any complexity. Some, however, does not suit the increased price, but they still note that tissue products are worth such costs. Among the minuses there is a shortened life of some models.

One of the first places in the rating is the production of brand Karna. Fabric product created in Turkey and costs about 2.5 thousand rubles. The buyer was chosen a three-seater model without armrests, which demanded additional purchase of clamps, which was most likely a single mistake in production. As a manufacturing material, synthetic knitwear is declared, consisting of 40% cotton and 60% polyester. As for the dimensions, this bedspread was suitable for the width of the seating from 210 to 160 centimeters, depth from 70 to 80 centimeters, height from seating to the back, not overlooking the border 70-80 centimeters.

    Evrochol was made of elastic and pretty heavy rigid fabric, which first seemed hard, but after several styrics softened. The lack of a pile made it possible to solve the problem of collecting the dust and the appearance of dust ticks, and a pleasant purple hue fits perfectly into the interior. Empty “clothes” was able even at a temperature of +60 degrees. And, of course, the coating did not slip from the furniture during the day and did not require constant correction. Another plus was the possibility of disappearance of the sofa, without removing the case.

    About how to choose eurochells on the sofa, look in the following video.

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