Figurines made of plaster

Figurines made of plaster

Gypsum statues will become an excellent decoration of almost any interior. They can be made in a variety of forms and colors. Many make such products on their own. Today we will talk about what kinds they can be, and how to make them do it yourself.

general description

Gypsum figurines can be made of various gypsum masses. This material can be found in pharmacy points, household and construction stores, in stores with decorative arts for art.

Such decorations in production are usually cast in suitable solid volumetric forms with various images.

In them, ready forces will be able to acquire the necessary outlines. Then all this is manually painted by various pigments.

Review statuette

This souvenir products can be of various types. Consider some separate vintage models made of plaster.

  • “Ivan-Tsarevich on a gray wolf”. Similar figurines are considered quite popular. They depict the main character riding a wolf. All the product, as a rule, make on a small stand and paint in bright colors.

  • “Vasily Terkin”. This statuette was quite common in the USSR. The product depicts the main character of the famous poem sitting along with the harmonica in his hands and in military uniform.

  • “Little Red Riding Hood”. Such a figurine was also quite popular in Soviet times. It is made in the form of a small illustration, on which the red hat itself is depicted along with a gray wolf.

  • “Girl peasant”. This figurine symbolizes a collective farmer girl with a handkerchief. Most often it has been made of porcelain basis. Often, such figures were painted with various bright paints manually.

Making master class

If you wish, you can make a beautiful and original statuette of gypsum mass and at home. To do this, first will need to prepare some strong and hermetic container sufficient volume. It will be designed to prepare a gypsum mixture.

The required amount of dry powder is neatly poured into the tank. In the middle of the combed mass begin to add a small amount of clean water. Liquid should be pouring portion, while alternating all this with mixing solution.

As a result, a semi-liquid homogeneous solution should be formed, which will act as the basis for future statuetters.

The finished composition can also be used in cases where it is required to restore or glue the old damaged figures from such a material again. And also it will strengthen and clean the old products that need to be processed.

Remember that working with plaster is worth only in compliance with the safety regulations. In the process of breeding the initial solution, you should immediately wear safety glasses and a mask. During the formation of the figures themselves it will be necessary to wear protective gloves.

At the same time, it is also necessary to prepare and all other necessary fixtures for creating figures. Pre-select Silicone Molds with Liked Images. And also need to take the homemade frames made of wood or metal.

And also it is worth preparing natural materials. As they can be various stones, sinks. Sometimes even take the dried leaves of an interesting form. In the manufacturing process, different decorating elements may also be needed, including paint, acrylic transparent varnish, brushes, rhinestones, small beads and beads.

Ready gypsum mass is poured into a silicone form. When the workpiece is completely dry and hardens enough, it is neatly taken out of the base. After that, the product is sent to the warm place to dry.

At the final stage, the finished statuette needs to be reappeted. First of all, acrylic paints and transparent acrylic varnish are used for this purpose.

On the finished, carefully dried gypsum product are applied several layers of paint and varnish. At the same time, each of them should be applied only after the previous layer is dry. This is especially necessary to comply with the creation of garden structures that will continue to be located in the open air. The acrylic paint and varnish layers will create additional reliable protection against the negative impact of moisture, dirt, as well as mechanical damage.

Sometimes ready-made gypsum crafts insert into beautiful metal or wooden frames, and then decorated with natural material and other decorative elements.

????? Sometimes large garden figurines do not even paint paint, they remain in a monophonic white colors. But at the same time, their surface is still covered in several layers of protective colorless composition.

Panot products or paintings will be an excellent option for decorating the interior. To do this, you must first perform a flat flat base of plaster. When it gets dry a little, but finally does not harden, it is beginning to gently insert a variety of decorative details. An excellent option will be marine sinks of different sizes, bright major buttons.

Such gypsum pictures can be made in the form of a heart or simply in the form of any geometric shape. The resulting image can be inserted into the frame.

Figures in the interior and in the garden

In the interiors, small one-photon white figures with golden or silver elements can be an excellent option. Beautiful and carefully will look for figurines in the form of angels with wings. And also for decorating you can use monophonic statuettes in the form of pets.

For the garden, bright multicolored gypsum gnomes of small sizes will be able to fit perfectly. Several such models can immediately be placed on the site. They will be able to become a beautiful and original decoration of the whole landscape.

How to make a statuette of gypsum with your own hands, look in the video.

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