Folding corner sofas: features, types and selection

Folding corner sofas: features, types and selection

Folding angular sofas are elements of the interior of daily use, so most people with their choice pay attention only to proven well-known models. The modern furniture market offers a wide range of diverse design products performed in original styles with universal transformation mechanisms. Before buying such furniture, it is important to consider all the features and differences of modifications.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Before purchasing an angular sofa, it is important to accurately foresee how and where it will be used whether it is planned to move it. For each room – living room, kitchen, corridor or recreation room – need your corner sofa. Models differ not only by appearance or design, but also have different constructions of transformation mechanisms.

When placing many types of products require additional space.

In general, the corner sofa has many advantages:

  • Universal angle allows you to install furniture both on the left and on the right side+
  • In the unfolded state, it is a full-fledged bed for 2-3 people, and some structures contain up to 5 people+
  • It has reliable transformation mechanisms designed for frequent use, daily operation+
  • In the production mainly uses strong wear-resistant frameworks, trim, filling+
  • It is possible to purchase a product with different types of upholstery, frame and filler.

The main disadvantage of corner sofas is considered bulkiness, limited in accommodation options. But in these cases, if it is necessary to periodically rearrange, change the location of the furniture, it is recommended to purchase prefabricated models – where the angular and the main part are disconnected from each other.

Among the minuses there is a high cost of such upholstered furniture, especially products from natural materials or handmade. But with careful circulation, the sofa will last for a long time – more than 15 years – subject to periodic prophylactic work: small repair, hauling, filler replacement.

Transformation mechanisms

The choice of a modern corner sofa is not just a solution to the design problem in the interior, but also the acquisition of a multifunctional product to which high demands in wear resistance will be presented, durability. Therefore, it follows as external qualities of upholstered furniture, manufacturing materials and constructive capabilities. There are three main types of transformation mechanisms of angular sofas.


Sofas with roll-out transformation systems are distinguished by high reliability and compactness assembled. In decomposed state, furniture is Comfortable sleeping place with a capacity of up to 5 people depending on the model and design.

Transformation is performed using a tissue handle located on the transverse beam of the seat. It is necessary to pull for it – and all other parts are put forward in turn. The sofas can be attributed to this type With the mechanism of transformation “Scissors”, Only here the sleeping part does not leave on the wheels, and the sideline rolls back and attributes to the corner side, forming a double place.


The most popular sofas with folding mechanism include upholstered furniture type “accordion” – During the transformation, the part of the sofa is put forward, like the mechanical instrument furs. For layout You should raise the seat up until it clicks, and then pull out all the other parts and install them on supports.

Completed among this type and model “Colding” – In the folded state, the elements of the sofa are also inside the design, and when they are laid out, installed on special racks. Only in the “clamshells” the belt for the transformation is placed in the excavation between the seat and the back – pulling it for it, the seat can be pulled out, after which the sofa opens like a sink.


Among the folding angular sofas with the lifting mechanism, the greatest distribution was obtained Modular products where the angular and the main parts are disconnected from each other. The transformation process is made as in classical sofas “books” or “Click-klyak”. The seat rises to the click, thereby dropping the back of the sofa, and then the whole design is pulled out on itself – the seat end is installed on the folding legs, and the rear wall fitted on the frame.

In some models, the design is not extended, then for the arrangement of the bed and create a single surface, the angular part is disconnected from the main and shifts to the back to the side – in one level with the unfolded half.

Materials framework, upholstery and filler

The frame of angular folding sofas is mainly assembled from different materials – the main racks and jumpers are made of wood, side walls of plywood or chipboard, in the seats often install additional supporting pressed lamellas.

In budget models, almost the whole design can be made of chipboard, only sliding elements will have wooden beams or bars, but this option is not recommended for installation in bedrooms and children’s rooms due to the high level of toxicity of the material.

As a filler, modern manufacturers use many different materials: most of them are synthetic and unfavorable to human health, so the choice should be treated carefully. The most popular types of sofa “Stuffers” recommended by experts for residential buildings and apartments:

  • Porolon+
  • Polyurethane foam or PPU+
  • Spring blocks+
  • Syntheton+
  • Natural Latex.

From the upholstery only for office furniture, synthetic products are suitable, in residential houses and apartments it is better to use natural materials:

  • Flock+
  • Rogemaker or burlap+
  • Shenille+
  • jacquard.

If the budget option is selected, then on “environmental friendliness” of the upholstery material should not pay a lot of attention – to buy an inexpensive sofa with natural upholstery will not work. In this case, it is better to pay the time to choose a practical and wear-resistant product, make sure that the color will suit the overall interior of the room.


Almost all folding angular sofas suggest transformation into a full-fledged bed, therefore, as a rule, they have large sizes. For example, a triple sleeping sofa 180 cm long in the unfolded state may have a width to 230 cm. Such models are often found among modular options. Double Compact angle version will have a width of about 130 cm both in the assembled and in the unfolded position. The dimensions of the living room models are from 2.3 to 2.8 m in length and from 1.4 to 1.7 m in width.

Tips for choosing

According to statistics, the highest sales in the furniture market has a classic wall. But in these cases, specialists in the arrangement of interior are advised to acquire only sliding models that provide not partial, and complete transformation into a bed, for example, with a roll-out mechanism.

It should be borne in mind that, besides the classic version, the angular sofas are classified in three types, each of which will suit its setting.

  • Monolithic sofa. Products consist of several fixed parts bonded at the factory. Such models are the least functional – folding mechanism only lifting. Only a long major or short angular part can also be used as sleeping places.

  • Modular type Consists of several individual elements, the size and number of parts will depend on the specific model. Products provide for almost complete transformation – you can create many different combinations.

Due to the ability to change places, armrests and angular parts (ottoman) Modular models won among the interior designers a great popularity.

  • Island Folding Corner Sofas form in the room a kind of selected recreation areas, which are equipped, as a rule, in the center of the premises. The models look good both with facial and outside the outside – for this, the rear backs are decorated as the main sides (upholstery material, ornament).

Often designers create drawings of island models without rear walls to save room space.

Due to its optimal configuration Corner models of sofas are well suited for almost any environment, used absolutely in all well-known world interior styles. Monolithic products are mainly installed in kitchens, living rooms, children’s rooms. Folding products are suitable for small apartments.

Island and modular designers models advise to put in large rooms and spacious studio apartments.

How to locate in the room?

Despite the unequivocal, at first glance, the design, an angular folding sofa is not at all be installed in the corner of the room. Geometrically correctly selected dimensions allow you to create various original design compositions in rooms – to equip square islands for recreation, divide the room on thematic zones.

Place a wired corner sofa better under the window, So that the main longitudinal side is directed towards the door. In the kitchen, such furniture should be put away from the gas stove. In children’s rooms, angular sofas have so that the short side, the armrest and the back do not interfere with the movement of the child.

How to choose a folding corner sofa, look in the following video.

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