Folding sofas for the kitchen: What happens and how to choose them?

Folding sofas for the kitchen: What happens and how to choose them?

In the kitchen can be not only a headset, table and chairs, but also other useful furniture items. These include small sofa sofas. Such products are able to make the kitchen more cozy and hospitable. The range of folding sofas today is very large, so each consumer may choose the best solution.


Folding sofa models are practical, multifunctional and convenient furniture items. They save the useful area, and make the situation cozy, comfortable. On a folded sofa, you can sit, and if you decompose it, it will become a beautiful sleeping place.

Folding sofas are in great demand. Many consumers prefer to put such furniture in the kitchen space. Folding sofa can be used instead of conventional chairs. Tea drinking and meals sitting on such furniture turn out to be more comfortable. On the folding sofa, you can relax a little while cooking.

Such upholstered furniture will not only be a useful addition to the kitchen space, but also the decorative component of the interior. Kitchen design with a small sofa looks richer, more interesting. Today on sale you can find models of sofas absolutely any sizes and colors.

Most often in the kitchen there are options that will not be marked, and they do not have to clean.

Folding sofa can be equipped with additional boxes and other storage systems. They can accommodate a large number of useful and necessary things that have not found space in other cabinets or poenlaces in the room. There are many modifications of such sofas. Some options are ideal for small kitchens, while others – for large and spacious. Types of furniture mechanisms are also distinguished.

Advantages and disadvantages

Folding sofa – very useful and necessary thing in any room, and kitchen is no exception. Before looking for a suitable model of upholstered furniture for its kitchen space, it is worth familiar with all the advantages and minuses of this interior solution. First, let’s stay at the advantages.

  • Folding sofa, located in the kitchen, can become very popular if you have a house stay at home and they will need a separate sleeping place. Yes, and the owners themselves in the moments of fatigue can stick to the sofa to relax and relax.

  • If additional storage systems are provided in such a furniture design, they can accommodate a large number of different things and items, and even certain products.

  • The problem of lack of places will leave the sofa. It will be able to fit several guests at once during fears and friendly meetings.

  • The dining area with a sofa automatically becomes more comfortable, hospitable and cozy. You can remove extra chairs, which only clutter the existing space.

  • The dining area with a sofa automatically becomes more comfortable, hospitable and cozy. You can remove extra chairs, which only clutter the existing space.

  • Often, a competently selected and beautiful sofa decorates the kitchen interior, makes it more aesthetic, completed. The main thing is to choose a model of appropriate style and color.

Thanks to a large number of positive sides, many people decide to put a folding sofa in the kitchen. However, in this decision there are its cons. Not in every house kitchen space allows you to place a sofa, as it is too modest and limited.

Upholstered furniture in a small or medium in the area of ​​the kitchen can visually make the room even less and closer.

With certain problems, you can encounter, if you buy a sofa, upholstered with marked and capricious material, which will quickly get dirty. Impractical furniture in the kitchen will not stay beautiful.


The choice of folding sofas today is quite wide. Choose the best option for the kitchen in any style and color is not difficult. Consider in more detail what kind of units of this upholstered furniture are on sale.


Mr. small sofas models are suitable for small kitchens. With them the interior becomes more stylish and attractive.

Usually this is put furniture in the free corner of the kitchen.

Very often angular sofas are equipped with spacious storage systems. They can be blocked by bedding, various accessories or kitchen utensils. It is very convenient if there is no possibility to hang a lot of suspended cabinets.

Sofa Couch

Small couches with a sleeping place are an optimal solution for small-sized cuisine. They occupy a minimum of space, but are functional and convenient to use. Sitting on such a sofa, you can lunch or just relax. In the assembled state, the structural components of such furniture will not interfere with households. On such furniture convenient and sit, and lie at night in the day.

The couches look unobtrusively, do not clutch and do not lose space. True, storage systems are usually not provided.


Stylish and interesting kitchen solution. Semicircular sofas are practical if they have high-quality, non-commercial upholstery. They refresh the interior design, make it brighter and more interesting. In the application of semicircular sofas are good. There can be a lot of guests on such furniture.


If you want to make the kitchen as comfortable as possible, it is worth paying attention to modern modular sofas options. Such products consist of separate moving modules. They can be composed at their own discretion. As a result It is possible to get furniture of any shape and configuration.

Modern sofas suitable for the kitchen differ not only in form and design, but also on the folding or sliding mechanism provided for in them. Consider which transformation systems may be present in such furniture.


In such models of sofas, one part of the sleep bed is presented in the form of a seat, and the second is hidden under it in the assembled state. If the whole furniture design is decomposed, then the second part without any problems is advanced, forming a full-fledged sleeping place of high comfort.

French clawing

The folding mechanism here is hidden in a frame basis, and the retractable component of the furniture forms 3 soft sections. If the folding sofa is such a modification to decompose, slightly pulling the strap of the upper section up, and then on itself, the seat for the seating is straightened and reincarnated in the bed on the legs of a strong metal.


The mechanism is valid: the side panel remains in its place, and the front can be extended. But in this case, the bottom compartment is pulled out, but the back of the furniture. In the unfolded state, the sofa with a similar mechanism takes quite a lot of space, so not suitable for very small cuisine.


Easy-to-use mechanism (like an ordinary “book”), in which the seat should be put forward forward, and to put the back to open space. As a result, it turns out a spacious bed of decent width. Many free squares for sofas with this mechanism is not required.

You can find sofas with a variety of mechanisms. Choosing a sliding or dying version of upholstered furniture, It is necessary to take into account its size and in the folded, and in the unfolded state.

The sofa should not interfere with the passage in the room, clinging to the existing useful space.


Folding sofas maps make from a variety of materials.

  • Natural tree. Reliable frame bases are obtained from beech, oak, pine or birch. They need to be treated with special protective impregnations so that they do not start, did not dry and have not been subjected to parasite attacks. Furniture with such a base is expensive.
  • Chipboard. Cheap material but not the strongest and durable. In addition, the chipboard is toxic. Exception – material class E-1 or E-0.
  • Metal. Metal structures are strong and reliable, but must be made on conscience, otherwise they can begin to creak or rust. For them is characterized by an impressive weight.

Now consider what materials are selected for upholstery.


Inexpensive material with good performance. It is practical, passes air, so Sofas with such an upholstery are pleasant to use even in a hot summer time.

Care for ecocuses is very simple. True, it can be accidentally damaged by a sharp subject, since it is not different as high density.


Expensive, good upholstery material. Natural origin skin is most practical, durable, wear-resistant. But in hot weather, sit on such an upholstery is not very convenient. In winter, genuine leather has the property “Dubet”. But mechanical damage this material is obsessed.

Cotton with polyester

Not bad upholstery. Durable, and in the care of unpretentious – perfect for the kitchen.


Not afraid of contacts with moisture. Material is resistant to mechanical damage.


Very beautiful, dense, wear-resistant material.


    In care is undemanding, is high strength. But for manual washing, it does not fit. Many stains from the tapestry surface will be able to remove only professional ways.


    For small kitchers worth buying compact sofas. It can be a classic straight, small corner version or mini model – neat, double couch. If the space is small, narrow and long, the ottta is perfect for sizes.

    In small cuisines, they often put sofas without armrests. Such models look easier, visually do not overload space.

    Angular sofas having impressive dimensional parameters are on sale. Large structures are often complemented by various shelves, and even bar. They are more expensive and are suitable only for very large kitchens.

    It happens that the store fails to find furniture perfectly suitable dimensions. In such cases, the sofa on individual sizes.

    Such products are often more expensive, but unlimited fit into the available space, without overloading it.


    Designer decoration of the sofa should approach the main style of the kitchen.

    • If the interior is made in the style of classics, then you can choose an expensive and beautiful version with a carriage tie, a good upholstery, patterned lines and carved elements.
    • The minimalistic kitchen will ideally look at a nonsense, concise sofa with a monochromatic, gray, white or black. Excess decor, patterns and curly lines here should not be.
    • In the style of Provence will be cute to look “plump” bright sofa, the upholstery of which is decorated with small prints (birds, flowers). The presence of rolling is allowed.
    • For kitchen in the style of High-tech it is worth picking up one-photon sofas with high-quality upholstery. Ideally look leather options. They can be complemented by various configurations, such as a safe or music center.

    Tips for choosing

    Consider some useful seats for the selection of the sofa for the kitchen.

    • Before buying, measure the space, and then choose the furniture of the ideal sizes. She should not interfere with the passage.
    • Purchase products from not only high-quality, but also practical materials that serve for a long time and easily cleaned from dirt.
    • Check the quality of the mechanism work still in the store. The sofa must be laid out without extraneous noise and creak. Mechanism can not stick and eat.
    • Furniture design must match the style and color solutions of the general ensemble.
    • If additional features are provided in the furniture design (for example, a music center), the serviceability of their work should also be checked.
    • Buy high quality branded furniture. Contact only good furniture salons with a brilliant reputation. Request quality certificates.

    In the next video you will learn how to make a folding sofa to the kitchen with your own hands.

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