Folding tables for small cuisine: advantages and disadvantages, varieties and tips for choosing

Folding tables for small cuisine: advantages and disadvantages, varieties and tips for choosing

It’s quite difficult to furnish a small kitchen, since it certainly needs to be placed everything you need and at the same time make an alignment as convenient as possible. The most difficult with large-sized objects, in particular, with the table. In this case, it is better to pay attention to the folding models, with which you can easily organize even a small kitchen space.


The table in the kitchen performs Multiple functions at once:

  • It is necessary for comfortable accommodation during food intake+
  • can be used as an additional surface for cooking+
  • Its surface (as well as additional boxes or niches) can serve as a place to store kitchen accessories+
  • like any other furniture it serves as a decoration of the room, creates the desired attitude.

If there is no other place in the apartment, there is often a laptop on the kitchen table, school notebooks, books, needlework and t. D. Therefore, the requirements for it are imposed on appropriate: strength, durability, wear resistance, ergonomics and convenience.

But the main thing is the ability to change the size in accordance with the situation. The ideal solution in this case will be folding table.

It usually consists of three main parts:

  • Covers. In the folded state, depending on the design, it consists of one or two canvases (countertops). Then an additional part is assigned to it.
  • Supports (legs). Not only the appearance and convenience, but also the resistance of the product depends on their quantity, thickness and forms.
  • Podstolya, With which the shape and dimensions of the table can change.

Pros and cons

Among the strengths of the folding table You can select the following characteristics.

  • Multifunctionality – if necessary, it can be dining, cutting or even workers.
  • Adaptability – In the folded state it is quite compact, but the working area of ​​the table top can be changed if necessary. Such a table should be even in small families, because guests can always come.
  • Ergonomic. Even in the unfolded state, it is convenient to sit.
  • Variability – the choice of materials, colors and shapes of such tables is quite wide.
  • Saving space of a small room. In the extreme case, in the folded state it is easy to transfer to another room and decompose there.

The disadvantages of folding tables consist in the features of their designs and the difficulties of the decomposition mechanism. After all, the dispute of some models requires not only time, but applying considerable effort. Fortunately, it is rather an exception. Most sliding systems are carefully thought out and easily function.

Types of structures

Any table capable of changing your size is a complex design. Depending on this, several main species can be distinguished.

Folding – one of the largest groups. Mechanisms that are used here can be different in their complexity. The easiest option is a two-layer table top connected by loops. More complicated – with a turning part. Better if the mechanism is synchronized when the impact on one part leads all the rest. So the decay occurs lightning and without unnecessary movements.

Sliding are divided into:

  • Models in which the changes relate only to the area of ​​the table (mainly by the help of the guides)+
  • Tables with the possibility of movement of legs (more reliable option for long models).

Retractable – The table lid can be moved from already existing furniture (for example, from under the kitchen headset countertops), windowsill or walls.

    Folded – are a kind of folding. Their device implies the presence of one or two additional tabletops on the side, which can be easily raised or lower. For a small kitchen, the best option is the table, one of the supports of which is the wall – in the folded state it will be almost impaired. The same principle is used in well-known desktop tables and their modifications.

      Transformers – Under them, it is customary to understand those models that can change not only width, but also height. It is especially convenient for kitchens combined with the living room, because a full dining table at any time can be turned into a compact magazine.


        Collection of table size Depends on two factors:

        • Kitchen space+
        • the number of people who need to be placed in ordinary life and in special situations.

        In the first case, in addition to the table and chairs with people sitting on them, you need to take place for the passages to the stove, the refrigerator and washing. The distance between the table and the kitchen head should be at least 60 cm. In the second case, it is important to observe the comfort of the sitting. For eating each person you need a space at least 40 cm in width. This is necessary not only for comfort, but also to the escape of awkward situations, since all movements of the hands will be compounded.

        Standard sizes of the table around which a small family can fit – this is 60×80 cm. There are more compact models – 50×50 and 60×60 cm.

        In the folded state for such a modest countertop, you will have to eat in turn. But this decision is ideal for narrow kitchens. In decomposed form, such tables increase by 30, 40 cm or even twice. Special place are occupied by models with a round countertop with a folding mechanism. It is difficult to meet them with a diameter of less than 85 or 90 cm, but they increase to 115 and 120 cm, respectively. At the same time, the shape of the table is changing to oval.


        Supports and table lid are usually made from different materials. For support primarily, strength is important, and only later – appearance. Therefore, the following materials are most often used here.

        • Metal. The strongest material. Legs and metal sheets can be chrome, matte or painted.

        • Wood. Massive solid rocks is pretty reliable. Good moisture resistant coating is the key to durability and facilitates furniture care. Undoubted advantage – respectable appearance and environmental friendliness.

        • MDF. The veneered coating in appearance is practically not inferior to the array of wood, but is its more affordable option. MDF with film coating is more practical – in its favor, the affordable price and resistance to moisture. This table can be both multicolored and in wood colors with imitation of the corresponding texture. Such a coating is easy to damage, so when it is inactive, it quickly loses the gloss.

        • Ledp. Similar in its properties with MDF, but its view is usually estimated as less presentable. Despite the average wear resistance, is one of the most popular and economical varieties.

        For the table cover (countertops), other than the above materials, can use tempered glass, insertion from stone or ceramics.

        Color solution

        First of all, the table should not seem to be an alien object in the kitchen interior. In the design of the room, it is better not to use more than three flower combined. In this case, the color of the table should be one of them. Generally, Furniture must be seamless at the stage of repair planning – in this case, the color of the models you like can be coated with walls, floor, doors, home appliances. Also a lot depends on the material of the table. For example, an array of wood or veneer has its own special palette. Of course, wooden furniture can be painted, but it is precisely natural shades that are considered the most pleasant for human perception.

        Since we are talking about a small kitchen, it is important to put accents correctly. Despite the size, the dining area can be made central. To do this, you should stop the choice on yellow, olive, blue or green – they are quite bright, contribute to the appetite appetite and look unobtrusive. Especially since the rest of the furniture is trying to make neutral to visually expand the boundaries of the room. The same technique can be transferred to the dining area. In order not to attract attention to the bulk part of the table – the lid, it is often ordered in white or beige color.

        Align even the most cumbersome design can be used with a glass surface. In addition, cutlery accessories (appliances, napkins and dishes) on a background will look more winning.

        How to choose?

        Typically, the process of selecting the table occupies a lot of time. Sure, You can imperceptibly view directories or exhibition samples, but it is better to determine the necessary characteristics at the initial stage.

        • First you need to deal with the size. To do this, measure the room and remove the table place in it. It is important to calculate the highest possible dimensions (both in the folded and disclosed state) and choose within it. Not all manufacturers make non-standard furniture. Even in the unfolded state, the transformer must maintain its stability.
        • In the house with active households (including children), the table should be most practical – it is important not to make a mistake with the material. The surface of the lid should be a good and easy to care.
        • From how often the need for folding is arisen, the complexity of the mechanism depends. He must be simple and well-established. Here you also need to pay attention to the weight of those parts to which efforts will have to.
        • Great value plays the shape of the table and its legs. The rectangular and square table is easier to place in the corner or near the wall, and more guests will fit in the corner or oval. Supports should not interfere with a comfortable location at the table.

        Do not forget about chairs – they also need to take place. In a small kitchen, it is better to abandon bulky chairs or sofas. Optimal solution – small-sized stools, folding or stacked models.

        Interesting examples

        Despite the fact that for a small kitchen, the possibility of increasing the dimensions must be combined with compactness, the choice in this category is quite varied. You can choose the model “under ancient” with smooth lines, carved legs, lots of decorative parts. Close to this version The wooden table is suitable for the kitchen, incarnating the charm of the rustic style.

        The special atmosphere brings the furniture to which time imposed external prints – rubbing, cracks.

        SHESHBBY-SHIC furnishings Allow creative abilities, because traces of artificial aging can be created independently.

        Similar soft and comfort can be found in more modern destinations. Especially important is for modern. It’s not so many decorations in it, the first plan is elegance and grace. In contrast, he acts as trendy high-tech – here in everything is felt by swiftness and clarity. Mechanisms for spreading and folding will emphasize the technical component. The decor of this table will be discreet, it is best to emphasize the gloss of metal and glass. No less relevant for our time minimalism – everything is concisely and practical here. This is manifested both in color and in the texture of the material.

        Below you can watch videos with lunchtop options for small cuisine.

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