Frescoes in the kitchen: varieties, choice and examples

Frescoes in the kitchen: varieties, choice and examples

Beautiful, tastefully selected fresco, if the overall design of the room and the style in which furniture items are made, can make the interior of the room original and unique. Many are happy to get ready to get away from standard solutions, but do not even suspect that it is enough to contact the ancient type of wall painting, very popular at the moment.

Advantages of scenery

Fresco painting – a special direction in artistic art. The creation of each work takes a lot of effort and time, requires high mastery. The attractiveness of the frescoes is nezubennna. The demand of these products and their popularity in the market is determined by such advantages as:

  • High reliability, strength due to protection technology+
  • The uniqueness of each created by actually manually “web”+
  • Safety due to the use of natural pigments+
  • Application with any form of interior+
  • Wide selection of basics and textures+
  • Durability and brightness of the image+
  • Ability to use in conditions of large and small space.

And also this is a huge selection of style solutions for the house due to the variety of topics.

Types of fresco painting

The traditional option – the painting inflicted on the crude plaster, on top of which a certain texture is put on top. Then it is painted in the required tone, according to which an ornament or drawing is started. The advantages of this type:

  • Do not perform surface alignment+
  • The picture can be washed+
  • If necessary, it is possible to correction and restoration.

But the main plus – the implementation provides for an individual order, which means that the second such decoration will not have anyone. The disadvantages are a certain difficulty of the workflow, special tools are needed. And this type of painting is quite expensive.

In addition, in the kitchen, the frescoes can be performed on different bases.

  • With the use of flax or cotton as a canvas. Additionally, the sand, lime, natural pigments and glue. In the aggregate, a solid product is obtained, which is reliably protected from moisture and destructive effects of sunlight. The cost of such works is several tens of thousand rubles per square meter, since the fresco is done manually.

  • Figure can be made on a soft and elastic solution invented by Italian masters. To prevent cracks, first the reinforcing mesh fix on the plaster, and natural dyes are applied by the method similar to the manufacture of printed materials using a digital device. At the end, the image manually finishes the artist. On the wall, the decoration is fixed by glue.

  • Fliselin is a more affordable basis. The plaster in 2 mm layer is laid on the nonwoven cloth, then the painting is made using color photo printing. To protect the image from negative impacts in the kitchen conditions, the picture is impregnated with protective compositions. If desired, the fresco can give an older view. Fastening Type – Flizelin Wallpaper Glue.

  • There is also a type of fresco painting like solid wallpapers. The product is distinguished by significant weight, but in small dimensions. In this case, there is also a manual work. The base serves a tree or ceramics – a solution is applied to it, and the image is transferred from above. The special value of the fresco gives it a shape, for which fears are made in certain places. Can be fixed with glue, and you can also hang it like a picture.

In addition, self-adhesive frescoes on a nonwoven-based and self-adhesive frescoes can be searched, but the ideal wall alignment is required to accommodate such products. Paintings and on glass surfaces attached on vertical planes using special Adhesive Affresco.

The most inexpensive version – Photo wallpaper. Despite the availability, this type of frescoes, although it looks high quality, does not have the properties of the present product, therefore, susceptible to any unfavorable external conditions.

How to choose?

The most popular kitchen is a classic still life, in which there are elements such as fruits, flowers, sweets, elegant wine bottles. But actually choose from a wide range of this product. Thematic image may look like:

  • Reproduction of pictures of famous artists+
  • Lyrical and geometric abstractions from real forms and objects+
  • Flower patterns and ornaments+
  • Pictures, imitating open door veranda, balconies, opened windows, opening panoramic views+
  • Plots made in the ancient style that are most suitable for the classic variety of frescoes – stucco painting.

Forest, sea and mountain landscapes are used in definite demand, cozy images of the city with narrow streets, planted flowers, large-scale views of the city with skyscrapers from above. The peculiarity of such images is that they are visually expanding space and harmoniously look in the interior.

Interesting design ideas

The fresco in the kitchen should reflect and emphasize the selected appearance of the room, and in this sense the use of wall painting is very diverse. If a classic style is selected for the kitchen, it can delight the owners for a long time, because this trend always remains popular, almost without moving out of fashion. Adjust the interior will help images imitating:

  • Pumping ancient ruins+

  • Romantic Renaissance Style+

  • Panoramic views of the city+

  • Historic attractions+

  • Nature, creating a special feeling of comfort.

But you can also choose products transmitting luxury and greatness characteristic of the courtyard of the French kings. Baroque style frescoes are distinguished by a combination of gold and white tones, special luxury and magnifier, especially in the frame of stucco and decorative planks.

Those who prefer a more warm room for a room in which some hostesses love to spend a lot of time with their family, including breakfasts, lunches and dinners, You can advise other types of fresco paintings.

  • For lovers Style Provence, Creating a special home comfort, supplement the interior can be still life, frescoes depicting the coast of the sea, houses with brick walls, seized grapes and ivy.

  • Kitchen B Country style It is customary to decorate with rustic landscapes, floral patterns and still lifes with flowers, images of fields, gardens and cozy courtyards.

  • Can decorate the kitchen room in elegant Eastern style, Placing on the walls painting in the form of wondrous plant ornaments.

  • The distinctive image may turn out if you arrange a room in Mediterranean style. To do this, it is necessary to place on the walls of an exotic color, plants and fruits typical of this region. Also perfectly look scenery with mountains and sea coast.

In the kitchen, the frescoes can occupy both the wall and its part. If the ceiling is low, it is better to have vertical images that will visually make it above. Decorating the kitchen, it is not necessary to use frescoes only for walls. Sometimes you can originate the existing niches and protrusions. They can be given the look of open balcony doors, followed by a wonderful panoramic view of a medieval castle, surrounded by picturesque mountains and the greens of forests, or the sunshine, drowning in the rays of the rising sun.

If the kitchen is small, designers recommend placing small pictures in the form of still lifes, which are not much distracted by attention, but make the room more comfortable. Such drawings can be placed anywhere, for example, above a stove or even washing, since performed by special technologies, they will not be influenced by temperature and humidity. An ideal design for small-sized kitchens can be frescoes with images of Mediterranean landscapes. This addition can be inserted into the free wall, while the room will look elegant and stylish.

Create a voluminous painting in accordance with the common style can always be on the walls, to which the functional part of the kitchen does not adjoin, as the dining table is usually located in this zone, and therefore the fresco in this place is particularly relevant.

If you wish, you can decorate your kitchen with any thematic scenery – the main thing is that it does not look alien on the background of the interior and harmoniously fit into the overall design. Of course, it is important how much such an image will be, so it’s worth thinking not only about the beauty of mural, but also about her quality.

How to choose frescoes in the kitchen, look in the following video.

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