Glass aprons with photo printing for kitchen: Design and tips for choosing

Glass aprons with photo printing for kitchen: Design and tips for choosing

Thanks to modern technologies, options for designing kitchen space are becoming more and more diverse. Especially popular today enjoy the aprons of glass with photo printing. Special panels not only protect the wall above the working area from fat and pollution, but also decorate the room. On how to choose a glass apron, this article will tell.


Skinali (aprons for the kitchen) from tempered glass are considered very fashionable today. For the production of products used Environmentally friendly material of increased strength, which has passed special processing. The material can be transparent or matte, it depends on the design. Figure is applied to the opposite side of the glass. This method allows you to protect the image from external factors.

The thickness of the panels is usually varied from 6 to 8 mm. Maximum length – 2.5 m. If necessary, the manufacture of a high-size apron is made up of several parts. The same applies to the design of angular compositions. Seam between fragments, as a rule, is almost not visible.

For maximum harmony it is recommended to place at the same level as the junction of mounted lockers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of glass aprons are obvious.

  • the beauty. Such panels look very effectively, and design possibilities are endless. If you wish, you can choose an option for any interior design (from minimalism to Baroque). Additionally, the apron can be decorated with backlight.
  • Optical effect. Glossy surfaces reflect light, visually expanding spaces. When choosing a suitable image, you can visually make more spacious even small and close cuisine.
  • Practicality. Glass panels are easily mounted, allow for setting out rosettes. Material Standing withstands the impact of moisture, steam, high temperatures, ultraviolet, mechanical exposure.
  • Easy care. Calen glass can be washed with any non-abrasive cleaning agents. No joints (as opposed to tiled apron) eliminates the problem of dirt in the seam.
  • Durability. Quality glass panels will serve you for many years.

Shortcomings little.

  • The cost of the apron of glass with photo printing significantly exceeds the cost of finishing the wall with tiles or plastic panels.
  • Before installing, it is necessary to align the wall. Mount the glass on the uneven surface will not work.
  • If you can proceed to laying the tile on the day of shopping and shopping, the manufacture of photo printing on individual design takes for a while.

Select design

Not enough to calculate the sizes of panels. So that the apron fit harmoniously into the kitchen, It is important to think through the color gamut and the subject of the image. When choosing a design It is worth considering the size of the room, the color of the kitchen headset and walls, as well as the interior style.

In size kitchen

If the room is small, you can visually increase it with a panoramic image. A successful choice will be a landscape or photo of the city. Painless blue sea, majestic mountains, mysterious forest, Japanese garden, leaving distance trail – options set. Any similar image will add depth space and spread the boundaries. Especially spectacularly watch panels with 3D effect.

If the pictures of nature do not inspire you, you can choose another option for a small kitchen, creating an illusion of free space. It can be macro imagery (huge solitary flowers, water drops, berries or fruits, as if hung in the air, that is, shown on a white background).

In color and style

If the room is quite spacious, the number of design options increases. However, in this case, it is worth considering some nuances. If the headset is color, it is better to choose drawings with shades,which will be combined with the tone of the facades.Always relevant I black and white color. Black, white or gray headset, on the controity, gives freedom. In this case, you can maintain a restrained gamut or make bright colors using color photo printing.

Do not forget about the style of the interior. If the kitchen is decorated in the spirit of classics, the images will be appropriate in the restrained colors of the appropriate theme: vintage castles, beautiful bridges, imitation of old photos.

Romance can add a couple of swans in love or a flowering garden with columns and beautiful openwork bears. The subjects of Provence and Shebbi-Chic fitted images of the cozy streets of Italy or France, bicycles with baskets, roses in beautiful vases, vineyards, lavender fields, black and white sketches.

Minimalism conciseness can be advantageous to emphasize Panorama of the modern city, abstract pattern, macro image of flowers (for example, orchids), fruit. No less effectively on the background of strict lockers look beautiful landscapes. Unusual options in the form of imitation of window glass with droplets flowing on it, frosty patterns. Another interesting idea – Image on the space space panel.

Modern style admits almost any options. Here you can navigate on personal taste. Image of fragrant coffee will be cheerful in the morning. Green grass, juicy berries and fruits all year round remind of summer. Tender flowers will make the atmosphere in the kitchen romantic. Variations with photos of ice cubes, mint, water splashes will create a feeling of coolness even on the hottest day.

Nature lovers can choose images of animals or birds. Nature, prone to dreams of distant countries, prefer panoramas in which they would like to visit. You can even order apron by photo from personality. Then during tea drinking or pleasant meals you will remember the wonderful days spent in a beautiful place.

Possible mistakes

A couple of words should be said about the errors that can be allowed when choosing an apron. If the wallpaper in the kitchen has a catchy print, do not choose an image for apron with lots of small elements. So you can get a tasteless motley room. It is better to stay on a variant with a large print and predominance of a monochrome background.

Such a design will be the best solution and in the event that the headsets are made in red, orange, bright green or other juicy shade. “To pacify” the bright color of the lockers can also be lightweight tones or black and white image. Otherwise, the abundance of small parts and screaming colors can eventually start annoying.

Of course, you should not order apron in dark colors on a small kitchen. Exception – the presence of a snow-white headset and dark apron with not flat, but a “deep” image with the effect of space (night city, colorful sunset, foggy forest and t. D.)

How to make a glass apron with photo printing into the kitchen, see the following video.

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