Glass shower corners: features, varieties and choice

Glass shower corners: features, varieties and choice

Currently in plumbing stores you can see a large number of different shower cabins. They can be made from a variety of materials. Today we will talk about the designs made of glass.

Pros and cons

Shower corners from glass can boast many important advantages.

  • Strength. Such articles for the shower are made of tempered glass foundation, which is characterized by special reliability, durability and durability.
  • Beautiful appearance. Glass cabins will be able to come in almost any type of bathroom interior. They have neat and modern design.
  • Wide range of. Glass shower corners can be produced with the most different textures and decorative patterns. They can also be made with various additional coatings, including with matte application.
  • Mobility and ergonomics. First of all, it applies to corners with sliding flaps. They are easy to transport and install. In addition, they occupy the minimum amount of space when opening and closing the cabin.
  • Functionality. Glass cabins are arranged so that no water drop falls for the conversion. And many samples are equipped with additional options (for example, aromatherapy).

Nevertheless, it did not go without minuses.

  • Require regular cleaning. Glass canvas Cabs need to be washed after each use using detergents. Otherwise, there will be a large amount of soap divorce on such a material.
  • Cannot be installed in a combined bathroom. Installing transparent plumbing in such bathrooms can cause some inconveniences.


Glass shower corners are different. They can be made both with a pallet and without it. The first option will be able to come in almost any space. In this case, on the floor covering, the foundation for which water will fall when used. It can be manufactured from acrylic material, stainless steel.

Corners without pallet are most often applied in the private sector. Here the cabin is installed directly on the floor covering, without using an additional basis.

Glass shower corners vary and Depending on the type of doors. For example, sash can be sliding. Such products will not require a lot of space when opening. They are arranged in such a way that when moving a special door mechanism, the design has developed in the same way as the wardrobe.

Sliding models equipped with special rubber seals. These elements are needed in order to prevent water from entering the cab. Such flaps have two guides (lower and top). They move with small rollers, which are fixed directly on the door itself.

There are also shower corners with swing doors. They are considered the most simple type of design. Such sash are inserted into a niche. They are usually from two or three parts. Swing doors for the shower cabin most often make with metal sturdy loops. Models with similar sashs are better to purchase for bathrooms with a large area, as it is required to open and closing a lot of space.

Some shower corners make and with folding structures. Such doors are suitable for bathrooms of a small area. They are opened by turning one sash. Some of them can only rotate in one direction, others turn in both sides.

There are model of shower corners with rotating doors. They are less frequently else. In this case, the details are fixed in static areas of the panel in the edge part of the cab. They are mounted on special magnetic loops. Corners with rotating doors can be both frame and frameless. In the first case, a thinner tempered glass is used. In the second it takes the material of greater thickness.

Many cabins make the “Harmoshka” sash. Such elements are easy to fold in one plane. Often this design is called “book”.


Shower corners can be made of several glass varieties. Often used for this Mollated materials. They represent a curved foundation that is obtained by heating to a temperature of 600 degrees. Mollar glass can benthened by pattern. Then the product is completely cooled. After such a procedure, the material not only acquires a beautiful and unusual form, but also becomes the most durable and reliable.

Futsenetic glass Also widely used for the manufacture of shower corners. At the edges of the glass sheets make bevelled edges (faces), which are carefully polished. Such glass looks as aesthetically and original. It can be both direct and figured. In addition, this material creates additional protection during operation.

For the manufacture of corners can be used and frosted glass. It is done by processing sandblasting method. After that, the surface is additionally covered by a special composition, which allows preventing the formation of spots on the product.

Some shower cabins do from a variety of small glass blocks. This material is considered the most sealed and durable. It is made by connecting two plates of glass.

Forms and sizes

Glass cabins are performed in different forms. Classic option is square and rectangular models. They can be placed in almost any interior.

Corner semicircular or triangular models can be perfectly suitable for small bathrooms. They will not take too much space. Interesting samples also exist In the form of a trapezium with multiple angles and several separate sash.

Glass cabinets can also be different. The most compact models are the dimensions in 60×60, 70×70, 80×80, 70×100 and 90×90 cm. Such a plumbing can be suitable for small bathrooms.

Corners size 100×100, 120×80, 120×120 cm are larger models. They should be installed in the rooms of the middle and large area.


In plumbing stores you can see glass shower corners in different design decorations. In addition to standard models from transparent or matte glass without drawings, there are also options with decorative pictures that are applied with special paints.

Some drawings make sandblasting method. In this case, the surface must be transparent, and the pattern – matte. With the help of laser technology on glass flaps make various convex textural pictures.

Many glass doors do with LED illumination of different shades. It can only be installed in the top and bottom of the product. Some models are produced and illumination around the perimeter.

How to choose?

Before purchasing the most suitable glass shower cabin, check the canvas to fully even and smooth, without roughness and scratches. In addition, it should close tight, otherwise the water will fall into the room.

Also be sure to look at the type of doors. If you have a small bathroom in your house, then it is better to give preference to models with folding, sliding flaps. If you have a large area bathroom, you can buy plumbing with swing elements.

Separately, you should pay attention to the material from which the pallet is made if it is. Sometimes such foundations are made of cast iron or stainless steel. These options are the most budget. But during operation (when dripping drops on the bottom), a sharp and loud sound will be heard, which can interfere with man.

Some pallets are made from acrylic materials. They have a higher cost. Such foundations quickly heat up and keep warm long. They have a small mass and install them can be made independently.

When choosing it is recommended to check and Towel thickness. As a rule, it varies from 4 to 8 millimeters. In this case, its meaning practically does not affect the strength of the product. Too thick walls will be significantly weighing the design. It will also lead to a large load on component elements.

Examples in the interior

Originally and beautiful will look angular Glass cabins in the form of a trapezium. The cloth can be completely transparent. Such plumbing is perfect for the interior made in white or beige colors, with darker furniture.

In the bathroom, decorated in a gray-white color scheme, can be installed Transparent shower corner with thin black frame. At the same time you can choose a model with a massive dark handle on the door.

Effective will look Cabins installed on a lighter floor covering without pallet. But you can use the black foundation for mounting. Such plumbing will be able to become an unusual accent of the overall interior of the bathroom.

Overview of glass shower corners is presented in the following video.

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