Gray sofa in the living room interior: types, with what to combine and how to choose?

Gray sofa in the living room interior: types, with what to combine and how to choose?

One of the most popular colors for the living room is gray, which has a large palette of shades. This is a very noble, aristocratic gamma belonging to neutral. Designers recommend using it if you want to create a laconic, but refined picture.

Upholstered furniture in the hall – the central figure of the interior, so its choice is extremely important in the formation of the interior. Almost in any interior gray sofa will look relevant and stylish. And combine gray is pretty simple, the main thing is to know the features of combinations of this palette.

Color features

Modern design makes a bet on conciseness, simplicity and comfort. Gray color perfectly fits into this fashionable concept. Gray Gamma has undoubted advantages: dignity, nobility, restraint. In properly selected proportions, gray tones are positive and well affect the psychological state of the person. This is the color of stability, confidence. Gray palette Perfectly balances catchy color solutions, well combined with different shades.

This color is quite often used both both the main, and as an additional in the creation of a living room composition. He does not push like black, not so dumb, but very close to it on elegance and restraint. Positive in Serness Much more.

In comparison with another neutral classic color, white, gray wins in terms of practicality, it is less brand. This is especially important quality when choosing upholstered furniture.

Harmonious combinations with many color gamuts make a gray universal living room solution. It is very important to find the right combinations so that the sofa in the living room does not look a meaningless spot, but organically fit into the concept. It should be remembered that gray is the color of the connecting type. He has a magnificent ability to bind different shades to one whole. That is why designers often recommend it as an intermediate link between different bright shades.

Thus, Upholstered furniture in this color solution will be the best solution, and other color gamans can be selected for the main background and decor. The gray sofa will not only make the room with stylish and relevant, it also gives a living room of grace, sophistication, elegance, without having deprived her comfort and warmth, comfortable feeling.

Designers recommend ordering furniture with covers that can be changed. You can choose different shades of gray and experiment without prejudice to the wallet.

Will serve such a sofa for a very long time.

How to choose a shade?

This gamma is very rich in shades, which are divided into the following types.

  • Soft. The most bright out of the possible, give the living room lightness, airiness and comfort.

  • Sharp. Well combined with gold, silver and used in elegant, sophisticated compositions.

  • Luxury. This effect can be achieved with a combination of gray with spectacular textures, such as velvet or velor upholstery.

  • “With character”. Ideal for contrast with light and bright colors.

Choosing a tint, Focus on the overall style and mood of the room. If you buy a sofa in the living room, in which the repair has already been made, consider the color of all surfaces and items.

With what to combine?

Designers recommend to focus on two main rules when choosing a sofa shade:

  • Light gray Upholstered furniture is better combined with bright room trim+
  • Dark Gray Sofa Ideally fit into warm, saturated atmosphere.

    In addition, you need to take into account the following recommendations:

    • The gray sofa looks great in a tandem with shades of cold hammes, so feel free to buy it in a blue, light green, purple living room+
    • Sofa gray looks good in combination with warm tones, so you can not doubt, combining the sofa with yellow, pink, red and orange shades+
    • Like the furniture will fit well into modern style compositions with black, beige, white tones+
    • Of course, the gray sofa will be appropriate in the living room, where there is a wood finish of both dark and light tones+
    • An excellent solution will decorate such furniture with pillows, in color similar to the details of the interior.

    To emphasize the gray sofa will help the carpet in the same color range or a bit darker upholstery. Such a tandem will look good in the classic interior, and in more dynamic variations.

      Ideal combinations with a gray sofa will make interior items of the following shades:

      • Ivori+
      • beige+
      • Navy blue+
      • Blue whole gamma+
      • turquoise+
      • green+
      • Purple and Siren+
      • Snow-white+
      • Brown+
      • wine+
      • Orange+
      • Red+
      • black+
      • Pistachio.

        Very interesting and brave solution – Monochrome living room interior in gray colors. In this case, the sofa should be the darker of the main gray background. Be sure to dilute such a room with juicy and saturated decor elements. Whatever the color combination for the living room you choose, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the style direction.

        Consider style

        Since gray refers to a universal, neutral range, it can be entered into any composition. However, there are directions in which the gray sofa will be the most organic and effect.

        • Minimalism. This is a concise, simple style, the composition in it is built on neutral shades, clear lines and the complete absence of decor.

        • High tech. The style is aimed at functionality, decorative elements are present in the minimum quantity, glossy surfaces, metal flare and restrained gamma are welcome.

        • Scandinavian. Here gray is often present both as the main background and additional, it is often combined with a snow-white gamut and bright items.

        • Classical. In this style, strict lines are combined with a concise status gamut and spectacular, but unscrew decor.

        • Loft. In the spacious industrial style room, a dark gray sofa will become a magnificent element on a rough finish and bright decor.

          In any style, such a sofa makes the interior brighter and more, despite its concise essence. Pay attention to the living room decor. Ideal if it is similar to the upholstery color, but the contrast combinations look no less effectively and throw. Gray sofa will fit well into the functional, practical living room.

          Beautiful examples in the interior

          If the living room is light, with large windows, then gray in the interior can not be afraid.

          Bright details perfectly enliven living room with soft gray furniture.

          Ivori and Beige – perfect shades to create an elegant restrained interior with furniture of this gamma.

          A few bright details are able to transform any boring design.

          A dark gray sofa is a very practical solution, the interior with it can be very fresh and elegant.

          About how best to combine colors in the interior so that they harmonize with gray furniture, you will learn from video.

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