Green curtains in the kitchen: varieties and tips on choosing

Green curtains in the kitchen: varieties and tips on choosing

Green dense curtains or lightweight curtains for kitchen decoration in orange or white tones – excellent designer find. What is the features of the green curtain for the kitchen, what material and the combination of shades is better to choose, read in this article.


The kitchen, where in the interior there are green details, creates a special mood. Spring freshness and purity feel here. The total space can be created in yellow, white, beige or orange range, and green accent – curtains – help to play paint quite a new way.

  • The green curtain will give a feeling of the completion of the interior composition, will create an atmosphere of pacification, comfort and heat.

  • Rest in a circle of relatives on your beloved kitchen will save from the accumulated problems and negative, and the eyes will simply relax: green – the color of nature itself, contributes to mental relaxation and tranquility.

  • All the colors of the world, even the most vivid exotic colors, have green foliage, so the feature of green curtains – Harmoniously fit into the kitchen in any colors:
    • Orange+
    • burgundy+
    • Lilovy+
    • Siren+
    • blue+
    • Blue+
    • White+
    • Green-yellow+
    • Green-brown.

Green gamma with a skillful choice will give an excellent combination. The main thing is to choose the right tint.

Possible color combinations

Choosing a crawler for curtains, think over, What shade is suitable for your interior:

  • Salad+
  • mint+
  • emerald+
  • Pistachio+
  • Lime+
  • olive+
  • herbal.

To create a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere and relax after dinner, and in the morning you can safely breakfast, choose cold colors:

  • Pastel mint in combination with milk and white+
  • Cold pistachio – with beige and cream+
  • Emerald and steel, gray+
  • Beige-salad+
  • Green-lilac gamut+
  • gray, white, beige and cream colors, gentle lightweight shades will not be visually overloading the room and make it gloomy+
  • The combination of blue, cream and purple shades will give elegance interior+
  • Noble and aristocratically look together bronze and muted greens in the kitchen in lilac tones.

Cold palette suitable for kitchen with large square. Warm color is needed where you need to add more airspace and create a feeling of bright sun and heat.

In this case, the following combinations are recommended:

  • Bright Salad, Olive, White, Cream, Peach+
  • Bright herbal and pink, crimson+
  • Acid lime and orange+
  • yellow, red, salad, lime+
  • Herbal and luxurious “dusty rose”.

Bright warm tones of fabric combined with classic white, beige make room more and lighter. Mix of fruit notes (orange, red, peach and yellow in kitchen textile) will give energy and vigor.

This palette is possible adding and cold shade: a bright pink or orange ball with a cold dark olive and saturated warm salad.

The resulting contrast will create an interesting accent, and the curtain will become an accessory that will not remain unnoticed by your households and guests.


Curtains should be Not only beautiful, but also practical:

  • Do not absorb odors+
  • ease+
  • don’t burn in the sun+
  • Be fireproof+
  • not attract dust+
  • Have a solid texture.

Matter for curtains is synthetic and natural.

If your task is to purchase a tight fabric for the porter, pay attention to the materials discussed below.

  • Jacquard. Durable and dense fabric from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. Reminds tapestry.

  • Rogozhka. Natural weave, rather rude, having a special decorative weaving. Dense, durable, but collects dust, absorbs odors. Perfectly suitable for the interior in the style of country.

  • Taffeta. Glossy cloth with shiny surface. Looks very festively, perfectly erased and easily strokes, but quickly sues.

  • Brocade. Fabric of blended fibers and silk based on jacquard weaving with lurex threads. Their glitter gives a special chic product.

  • Atlas. It is found natural, more complicated in care, and artificial, cheap and practical. Kitchen with such curtains will look expensive.

  • Cite and Biaze. The simplest natural material. Inexpensive, perfectly fits into the interior, it looks very cozy on the windows, but collects dust and smells, quickly burns.

Atlas, Taffeta and Parce – an impractical, but acceptable option for large rooms, kitchen-living rooms and studios, where this accessory will serve precisely for beauty.

Light day curtains are made from other types of fabrics.

  • Organza. Very subtle matter, beautifully iridescent in the rays of the sun. Happens artificial and natural. Misses daylight, slightly priest. Well draped.

  • Chiffon. Air and transparent, suitable for any model of curtains, but demanding in care.

  • Veil. The material is created from silk and cotton threads, very beautiful and expensive. Perfectly passes air, approach to decorate any interior.

  • Tulle. The most practical and widely used rod from polyester or natural fibers. Based on weaving – lace grid. Tyule curtains pass air, beautiful and comfortable in care.

  • Kiese. Threaded curtains created from cotton or synthetic fibers. It looks easily and air, often used to divide the kitchen on the zones, are combined with other types of curtains.


Textiles with a print immediately revives interior. Curtains with drawings will never remain unnoticed and create the right focus in the selected style.

  • Floral motifs. Flowers will decorate any kitchen, big and small. Small pattern is suitable for a small room, and large – for spacious. Floral ornament is not only from real colors, but also fantasy.

The choice of options here is just huge.

  • Abstraction. Abstract pictures are always at the peak of fashion. Unusual images look interesting and attract the attention of the viewer. Place the curtains better indoors with monophonic walls of neutral color, otherwise the kitchen will become too motley and will look short.

  • Fruit topics. Juicy greens and fresh bright fruits cause appetite and raise mood. Curtains for a kitchen with such a print – just right. Fruits look perfectly even on short curtains in the kitchen, very modest in size.

  • Classic.

Old good classic prints are:

  1. Polkah Deta+
  2. strip+
  3. cell.

Such motifs will perfectly complement the interiors in the country style, Provence, suitable for a classic solution. The atmosphere is created with them very cozy and warm.

  • With photo printing. High resolution photo printing is not only patterns, but also the whole plot canvas. You can choose the curtains with the image of the sea landscape, if you have conceived sea style. The view of the cozy green street will create a cafe kitchen. You can order the product in any colors and any subject.

Style solution


Pastel natural tones and shades, a classic curtain model (two long linen leaf or cotton fabric having soft folds and fully closing the window) – the simplest solution, ideally transmitting the atmosphere of the French village: modesty and elegant simplicity.


These are cozy curtains in a green cell or curtain in a small flower. It looks great to curtains from the Boszya or a stuffed color Citz, assembled on a thin string or fishing line, in a fine fold in the middle of the window. Reinforcing colored curtains is better than additional accessories from the same fabric:

  • Sleeps+
  • bedspreads+
  • Gipping+
  • tablecloths.

Walls look good in monophonic.


Natural palette without screaming and coupling accents and drawings – sign of classic style. Variants of styles can be different: from straight pits to simple soft drapery, picked up with elegant brushes and fringe.

For kitchen-living room or dining room, light graceful lambrene is appropriate. Here will be good tapestry, flax, polyester, air veil and tulle.

You can use multi-layer curtains of different textures, which is very impressive.


Organize kitchen space According to the most fashionable trends, rolled and roman curtains, functional, practical and beautiful. If their shade will correspond to the color of the walls, it will be a win-win solution, it doesn’t matter whether you choose a high-tech style, loft or modern.

You can follow tradition using the drapery and pleate of fabrics, Come up with original design and cut: combine a grid with smooth shiny matter, make asymmetric curtains, ideal for balcony openings.


Ethnic stylization dictates its own characteristics. It is important to the presence of national prints and colors, as well as the fabric texture itself. Somewhere in the lead role will perform color, and somewhere – drawings with symbols, customs and, of course, national plants.

How to choose?

High-quality and beautiful curtains – comfort of your home. Select the curtains correctly help you advice and recommendations of specialists.

  • Consider the area of ​​the room. If the Metage is small, do not buy curtains from heavy tissue with a lot of drapery folds – the space will look even less. Low lighter and light curtains of lightweight will be preparing the window. Large curtains and magnificently stuffed pork gamut leaves for more spacious places.
  • Location. Think in advance whether the place is safe where the curtains will hang. Next to the stove you can not hang flammable fabrics, and away from the sources of fire can be placed the decor from any material you like.
  • Quality and price. Curtains preferred for kitchens that are less dirty and do not require much care. Too expensive materials for kitchen entourage are unfavorable.
  • Style.

When choosing a model, focus on the overall interior design, the color of furniture and walls – your window must match them.

  • Rolled curtains, compact, practical, comfortable even in a small kitchen.
  • Straight classic look perfectly everywhere, especially in combination with various shades of greenery.
  • Curtains until the middle of the window looks always “home-style”. Cute curtains with Lambrequin “Koshkin House” or “Babushkina” – the most winning for small kitchens with unusual in shape or small windows.
  • Arched or semicircular models – Beautiful and practical.

Much less dirty and less erased.

Beautiful examples

  • Salad Roman curtains on a white kitchen – stylish and relevant.

  • Modern and practical and rollers.

  • For a large blue kitchen-living room in ethnic style curtains of saturated herbal color with small malachite floral ornaments – bright and brave accent.

  • A special option is a colonial style where light walls are present, accessories in malachite color, and white matery curtains with a large print of malachite and herbal shades are harmonized with the Roman curtain from Rogodh.

  • Easy asymmetric curtain from a salad veil combined with photo wallpapers on the wall.

  • Very lightweight salad filaments and tower curtains – and the atmosphere becomes air.

  • Acid shades of green and yellow against the white interior background create a vigorous atmosphere.

  • The kitchen in peach and orange warm colors with a light salad asymmetric curtain looks warm and spectacular.

On how to independently sew curtains in the kitchen, see the following video.

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