Green tile in bathroom interior

Green tile in bathroom interior

Almost 90% of bathrooms use tile. But the decisions of the usual white color are unnecessarily templates and do not allow to stand out. This feature is guaranteed to provide a modern green tile for the bathroom.


This color is good because it allows you to create a favorable attitude and improve the perception of the room. Green color looks exquisitely, at the same time creates associations with natural landscapes. But it is necessary to apply such a tone thoughtfully, in every way leaving monotonous, monotonous solutions. It is advisable to ensure the diversity of the tones and organic weave.

If a green tile is used, then the rule should be Eating traditional white plumbing. For bathroom, tiled coverage of various tones allow not only to set a definite mood. They are also designed to facilitate the fitting in certain stylistics. At the same time undoubted advantages of the tile are His durability and sustainability to most cleaning products.

Important: Green can not be used in a minimalist interior for which neutrality is important.

High-quality tile has the following features:

  • Practical+
  • Aesthetic+
  • serviced without problems+
  • is a traditional solution in the interior of the bathroom+
  • Looks laconic.

Selection and styles

To not be mistaken when selecting a suitable version, you need to follow the following recommendations:

  • clearly and unambiguously define your budget+
  • Select Type Type Type+
  • Decide with the desired style.

If the room is decorated in a classic spirit, you can use ceramic tiles olive, light mint or jade colors. The following elements are considered logical additions:

  • Plumbing marble color+
  • White lepnel+
  • Golden accessories.

If the tile is used with linomic color, you can create an excellent room Modernist Plan. But in the green tones of natural species, they make a room that should express the concept Environmental style. Sea style can be expressed not only in the appropriate dark green color tiles. It is quite acceptable to use other options for this color, if a wave-like ornament is made around the perimeter.

It is worth saying about the place of green tiles in the interior Eastern bathroom. In this option, the emerald olive and yellow-green colors are welcome. But the selection of shades should be determined not only by the style of the room. The lighter color, the more it seems the room. This circumstance is very important in the bathrooms, where spaces are almost always lacking.

Important! The larger the individual items, the justifying the choice of darker tones. But the fine mosaic tile can be used – it is mainly used to revitalize old decorative compositions and improving the appearance.

Design specialists do not get tired to remind that There should be no more than 3 tones in the bathroom. Basic color should take from 50 to 70% of the space. And if it is the green tile that plays the main role in the design of the room, then you need to select its color as strict as possible. It is better to spend time acquaintance with various collections, to draw up a clear investigation concept, than to risk when choosing an ill-conceived solution.

Traditional way to expand the room visually – the use of light green tiles in combination with white interior elements. More complex and original options can correctly pick up only professional designers.

When the bathroom area is quite large in itself, you can give preference to the Mediterranean style, in which gas and bright yellow inclusions can be used along with green. Wanting to show originality, the floor is put on the floor, for example, the tile of a marsh rod color, and the walls are decorated in light brown tones. If a white-green combination is used, accents are usually specified using black tiles using black tiles.

A good option is and Combination of non-lack of green paint with purple and thick orange colors. If for some reason this decision does not like, it will always be possible to dilute a monochon green room with the inclusions of the Golden Finish. However, you can “play” and with texture, using light green tiles with olive pattern. In the bathroom, it is always better to use the tile of muted green shades, unless another option is not dictated by the logic of the selected designer approach. To avoid felting felting, use more rich accessories and borders.

To create a more luxurious interior, those shades of green, which are characteristic of precious and semi-precious stones are used. But anyway This color must be used thoughtfully and carefully. If there is too many green tones in the bathroom, it will be overlooking, create predominantly unpleasant associations. Bright and expressive strokes are easy to create using pistachio and lime shades. But the share of such inclusions should have Approximately 20% of the total area.

In the Mediterranean style, the green tile is quite relevant. It can even use a little more than usual. However, for a more complete disclosure of the stylistry, this material is advised to combine with natural wood. As for the “precious” colors, they are suitable for bathrooms decorated In the spirit of Glamor, Art Deco and modern classics. Instead of a traditional tile, a mosaic calculation is often used or “Cabanchik”.

Green tile applies in the Scandinavian bathroom. There are necessarily a few tones immediately use to form a gradient feeling. In the descriptions it is noted that such a tile has a “smoky” or “dirty” color.

Important: When the walls are painted in green tone, it is advisable to place the floor in a different color, which will allow achieving comfort.

White and green combination is not the only option. Herbal color is perfectly combined with gray paint. As for chromatic tones, you can consider options with such additives as:

  • Persic+
  • Yellow+
  • Light violet+
  • Turquoise or blue.

Taking the shades of the green for the bathroom, it is necessary to take into account the difference between “warm” and “cold” colors. Make a room warmer help not only pistachio and olive, but also khaki, and “bottle” color. To achieve visual coolness will allow such tones as Emerald, Mint, Turquoise and Aquamarine. For the design of large sections of the room, it is impractical to apply lime, saturated with herbal, apple green and similar colors.

Practical examples

The photo below shows how perfectly the combination of white and green tiles in the interior of the bathroom. The reflection in the mirror only adds to the charm. But the green tile is applied in other color combinations. One of them implies the use of also brown floor tiles.

Thanks to the contrasting elements (countertop with a shelf and sink) the species turns out even more interesting.

But on this opportunity to make a bathroom with green tiles, of course, do not end. The photo below shows another option – a mosaic with a shallow texture on the walls. Together with the dark floor it creates a very interesting composition. It is quite permissible to look at the options with a combination of different tones. It looks very attractively a combination of several shades of green color, differing in saturation and the drawing used.

There is such a scheme: a combination of white and green tiles separated by a small figure barrier. The colors of this barrier is reproduced in drawings placed on a white tier. Thanks to this approach, the usual white plumbing will also look attractive. But sometimes come and otherwise: use mosaic from green pieces of various saturation. Together they immediately attach attention, cause admiration.

About how to comprehensively repair green tiles bathroom, see the following video.

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