Hansgrohe hygienic souls: characteristics and review of models

Hansgrohe hygienic souls: characteristics and review of models

If you do water procedures more than once a day, you can harm skin. In this regard, the sanitary appliance was invented to comply with hygiene – bidet in the form of a small bath. Housing in new buildings is quite spacious, and there will be a place to such a device. And people living in homes built in Soviet times can help install hygienic soul. Such products produces many companies, among which the German brand Hansgrohe stands out.

Advantages and disadvantages

Plumbing Hansgrohe is distinguished by high German quality, as well as a variety of modern sought-after products. In particular, the company’s large proportion of the company is occupied by hygiene.

Pluses at Hansgrohe hygienic souls quite a lot.

  • Miniaturity. The device will not take a lot of space. The hygienic wage can be located on a wall or any other surface.
  • Acceptable value. To equip a hygienic shower, you need to buy only a mixer, and bring water.
  • Universality. Like small size can be used when washing a paw of an animal after a walk, to wash the pet tray or street shoes.
  • Diverse design. Hansgrohe hygienic shower has a large coloring palette and a variety of design options.

Despite the positive characteristics, the product has disadvantages:

  • The need to dismantle finishes when installing an embedded model+
  • If the bathroom is undefended, then the need to purchase a thermostat appears+
  • Requires constant water pressure in pipes.

Varieties of equipment

From the variety of devices for compliance with hygiene, several species can be distinguished.

Wall souls

The most popular type of mini-bidet. The package includes: mixer, hose, watering can, wall mount. The mixer is installed on a pipeline that does not have branch for the bath – the liquid immediately falls into the hygienic watering can. Two types of installation differ:

  • open, in which the set of parts is located in the visibility zone+
  • closed, When only the water control knob and the removal remains on the wall, where the hose, mixer and watering can be attached.

Before using the shower, a mixer must be translated into an open position.

Water can be used in any way, you only need to press the button located on the hygienic watering can.

Embedded souls

When it is installed, all parts are set unnoticed to the eye into a special niche, or using the structural elements of the finish. Such devices go with an internal mixer. In sight there will be a hygienic watering can and control panel.

Bidet for Toiletza

This plumbing device is installed on the toilet, while the mixer is similar to the construct used for the sink. Differences only in plum.

Shower for sinks

In the combined bathroom, if there is a sink in the toilet, the hygienic souls joins it. You need a special mixer, which varies from the standard fact that it has a hygiene shower hose. The available switch makes it possible to adjust the water, feeding it on the watering can. With a combined bathroom, this mechanism is the most acceptable. Lake is fixed on the mixer, which makes it possible to enter the water in the sink, and not drip on the floor.

 The lineup

Hansgrohe has a wealth of model range, including in the line of hygienic shower. Consider the most popular models.

  • Logis. The set consists of a shower mixer, a hidden part of the mixer, a hose 125 cm long, hose connections.

  • Team Compact 32127000. Equipped with a plastic wage diameter of 0.25 cm. In stock Hose 1.2 m. The smallest fluid flow rate is 6 l per minute. Service life up to 15 years.

  • Team Compact 32122000. For this model, a plastic watering can with a diameter of 0.25 mm. Length of the hose 1.6 m. Chrome coating. Service life 15 years.

  • Hansgrohe Logis 71666000 Sandy Shower Mixer. Embedded model for shower. No thermostat has no thermostat. Chrome coating.

How to choose?

When choosing HansGrohe products, it is necessary to pay attention to which mechanism carries out water supply, which will further facilitate the use of the product. Designs of the hygienic shower are classified for valve, single-art and thermostat mechanisms.


In this system, the feed and distribution of the flow of water is carried out using two valves. One of them opens cold water, the other is hot. Turning them, you can adjust the water temperature to a comfortable state. The mechanism of this type has disadvantages:

  • To set up the desired water temperature with two valves, it is necessary to produce many movements+
  • Two-dense mechanisms are very often leaked, quickly wear out and have a low service life.

But if you choose a rather high quality product, then this problem can be avoided.


In such a mechanism, the flow and adjustment of the water temperature is carried out using a lever, which to solve these tasks opens in any direction. Plus the mechanism is that for its configuration you need a minimum of movements. But there are also disadvantages that depend on where this system is planned to be installed. If in a private house, then there will be no problems. In the multi-storey – some difficulties arising due to the fact that the mechanism is sensitive to the properties of water in it.

The single-art mechanism is two types:

  • ball, represented by polished ball+
  • Cartridge, with two tightly combined plates.

All these elements have holes that, as a result of alignment and discrepancies, regulate the supply of hot and cold water.

So that the work of the mechanism was carried out without interruptions, It should be clean, which is impossible due to poor water quality in the central water supply system. Water contains many chemical impurities that negatively affect sanitation equipment. In addition to them, the system of water supply is present in the system of sand and rust, which, having occurred to the closed mechanism, give a precipitate on its internal elements.

Repair the cartridge is impossible, it can only be changed. It’s not too expensive at cost, but requires high time. At the same time, this lack of single-art mechanisms can be easily eliminated if you put a filter on the water supply system.

With thermostat

Represent a popular hygienic soul popular in our days. It differs from the rest of the fact that it is possible to install the desired temperature indicator on it. Subsequently, you do not need to make any settings – it will be enough to just click on a special button.

Tips for choosing a gigicker soul Look in the video below.

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