Hansgrohe kitchen faucets: pros and cons, species, selection

Hansgrohe kitchen faucets: pros and cons, species, selection

Kitchen sink is one of the key places of the working area, so it is important to furnish with high-quality elements. Cranes of the German company Hansgrohe are popular in Europe not the first decade. They are in demand in Russia. In the article we will look at the pros and cons of Hansgrohe kitchen faucets and make an overview of the most popular models.


Hansgrohe has appeared on the plumbing market around half a century ago and during its existence managed to establish itself as a manufacturer of quality products that could conquer the trust of a huge number of people. The brand carefully monitors the produced goods at every stage of manufacture, only high quality raw materials are used, the design of the models is thought out to the smallest in the best specialists in Germany. All this makes it possible to ensure the long operational period of cranes.

The appearance of Cranes Hansgrohe has not yet received award-winning and diplomas. Interesting designers decisions make mixers welcome element in any kitchen interior. The brand offers a variety of mixers who perfectly fit both into a classic-style room and in minimalism. Control levers have many location options and an interesting form. Crane coating can be made of chromium, steel either granite – all options have increased damage resistance and easy to maintain. Ergonomic shape handles are convenient in control.

Each crane is equipped with understandable installation and use instructions. In the model range you can find products with additional features that will make it easier to work in the kitchen. For example, an excellent acquisition will be a mixer with a retractable watering can, which is attached to an expulsion of a magnet. Mixers are equipped with a high-quality aerator, overwhelming noise with a strong water pressure. QuickClean technology prevents the appearance of lime taxes on the case and provides ease of care.

Important! Among the minuses of Cranes Hansgrohe should be highlighted with a high price for products. The cost of some devices can reach 35,000 rubles.

Brand Hansgrohe offers a wide range of kitchen faucets.

Logis 220

This model is made of stainless steel and has a chrome plated. Futuristic design of the crane perfectly fit into the kitchen in a modern style. Two valves of comfortable ergonomic shape are marked with red and blue stripes at the base for the designation of hot and cold water. The swivel is allowed to use the device on two sinks, and the length of the housing provides a comfortable wash of large containers. The price of the product is 11,600 rubles.

Logis 71220000

This is a one-dimensional model that is made of brass and covered with chrome. It is simple and unpretentious in care. The device is equipped with a fixed crane and a regulator that can be placed with the right or on the left side at will. The feature of the product is that it is attached not to the crane, but is mounted in the wall. In the kit there is a ceramics cartridge that prevents the appearance of a wave on the exhaust. ECO SMART embedded technology saves water. Cost of crane – 10 500 rubles.

Focus E 31806000

Stainless steel faucet looks stylish and modern. Adjusting the temperature and pressure of water occurs using one lever located on top of the spout. The high body rotating 360 degrees allows you to easily wash the dishes at any angle. Ceramic Corridge Comfort Zone 160 improves device reliability. BOLTIC fixation system increases the resistance of the mixer and does not give the body to fall out. Crane price – 9500 rubles.

Talis S2 Variarc 260

This kitchen faucet with one control lever is made of brass and has a chrome coating, which is easy to care for. AIR POWER technology allows you to mix water with air, due to which the flow is obtained more voluminous. Retractable infrared increases the ease of use of the crane, as it facilitates the process of washing the sink and large containers. Ceramic cartridge prevents the appearance of lime. The price of the model is 11990 rubles.

Metris 320

This kitchen mixer is optimal for placing minimalism or loft. Futuristic design of the device is thought out to the smallest detail. A convenient ergonomic form regulator is located on the right side of the case. High evidence allows you to wash a large dishes with comfort, and the extendable watering can look more carefully rinse fruits and vegetables and clean the sink. Flexible silicone inserts on the aerator allow you to instantly get rid of limescale. Chrome coating is unpretentious in care. The cost of this product is 11,200 rubles.

How to choose?

When buying a mixer, it is recommended to consider the model parameters to make a competent selection.


First of all, it is necessary to determine the type of water temperature control and pressure regulator. It is important to assess the convenience of your chosen option and learn all the pros and cons. Hansgrohe offers faucets with levers of all kinds. One of the most popular is a tap with two valves, intended for supplying cold and hot liquids. Standard products with turntables look pretty rich and beautiful, especially in classic interiors. As a rule, they are covered with bronze to give a more luxurious type.

Unfortunately, Similar options are more comfortable in the bathroom, rather than in the kitchen. Hostesses have to often use the crane for washing dishes, and every time you configure a comfortable degree inconvenient. But the single-art models in this regard are significantly better and more modern. It is for this reason that products with one control lever are now more popular for kitchen sink.

After setting the temperature, the regulator can be lowered and the next time you will not have to spend time and water, everything will be ready.

Pretty interesting and Hansgrohe model with original crane-bridge. This is one of the varieties of savings with two turntables, but in this case the valves are attached not to the body. They are connected to each other pipe resembling the bridge, in the middle is the spool itself. The use of such devices is due to the same scheme as with a standard analogue. They are optimal for premises in the style of Provence or Retro.

Innovation in the world of plumbing steel mixers with sensory or push-button control. There are models where the screen is located next to the twist of the lever or the valve, on other buttons are installed directly on the body of the crane. Such devices are very comfortable, and most importantly – save water. You can adjust the temperature and pressure strength in advance, and the liquid is polnered only after bringing hands to a twist. Of course, the cost of such mixers is quite high, but the quality and usability of the appropriate.


Competently select the crane case. The form and design of the device are selected individually, depending on the kitchen interior. However, there are some nuances belonging to the functional side. It is advisable to choose a device with a swivel twist, so you will be able to wash the tanks at any angle. Such a crane is obligatory for two sinks. The height of the device is selected depending on the depths of the sink.

It is recommended to give preference to high options, it will be more convenient to wash large saucepans and gain water in a vase. However, too much length is not always good, as water can sprinkle on the parties.

Additional functions

Pay attention to convenient additions, which are equipped more and more models.

  • An excellent feature is a retractable watering can with a hose, which is attached to the foul by magnet. It is convenient to wash large containers, thoroughly clean fruits and vegetables and rinse the sink.
  • For families with young children, a wonderful option will be mixers with a built-in filter for drinking water supply. This contains a separate hole.
  • In stores you can find a device with two poles: upper and lower. The first makes it possible to rinse well, the second is comfortable for washing cutlery or products.

In the next video, you will find the installation of hansgrohe focus mixer for kitchen sink.

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