Hansgrohe shower systems: features and types

Hansgrohe shower systems: features and types

Selecting the shower systems, you need to pay attention primarily to the products of leading firms. In their number confidently enters HansGrohe. But still consumers need to know that they are characteristic, and how to choose the right devices, what are their key features and types.

Information about brand

Brand Hansgrohe founded in 1901. He is based in Germany. The name of the brand comes from the full name of its creator. Then he went to a radical experiment that did not appreciate the. Moreover, even the family and ancestors of Hans Grode were extremely bad to his departure from the usual tailoring craft. And yet, their expectations were not justified – in just 5 years, the enterprise came to full design capacity, and orders came already from Prague.

But after the death of the founder and even his sons, Hansgrohe continued to successfully develop. She applied all the more advanced developments in their products. Suffice it to say that in the mid-1930s, the company introduced a siphon with remote control on the market. To make it more clear, the same level of innovation today would be to increase the capacity of the batteries of 50-100 times. In 1968, another original development was presented – watering can with the option of adjusting the pressure.

In 1989, a cabin comes to the market, combining the function of the soul and sauna + it was also managed by a remote control, allowed listening to music and enjoy the aromatherapy option. In 2003, a huge “waterfall” can appear, which delivers the present pleasure when taking a soul. The system in addition is very economical.

It would be possible to continue to continue the listing of various developments for a long time, but already said enough to understand – HansGrohe products really deserve attention.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the Plumbing of the German brand are associated with 3 promising technologies:

  • Airpower (water enrichment with oxygen, exactly reproducing optimal natural proportions)+
  • EcoSmart (Reducing water consumption by 60% when maintaining consistently powerful pressure)+
  • SELECT (Using a special button directly on the canal to switch modes).

It is also necessary to mention about:

  • A variety of model range+
  • External attractiveness+
  • Reliability of created structures+
  • The only explicit deficiency is the likelihood of leakage after a few years (only with inaccurate circulation).

Device and principle of operation

Description of hansgrohe shower mixers, despite all their innovations, differs little from the description of similar devices of other manufacturers. Just because something completely new in this regard is almost impossible to come up. The most modern design – with a photocell. Special sensor recognizes the situation when it is necessary to turn on the water, and if necessary, it will turn off it. Rather, give the command to the mechanical components that are responsible for overlapping the crane.

Otherwise the valve mixer works. The set of delivery includes:

  • External body+
  • Spin (the same hose)+
  • Valve or several valves (allowing you to open and close the water manually)+
  • Crane-trays designed to adjust the stream power.

Limiting type of mixer becomes an increasing option. There is such a set of components:

  • frame+
  • Split (he is a hussak)+
  • Ball cartridge or based on ceramic plates+
  • Handle controlling water pressure and its temperature+
  • Nut that helps hold the cartridge inside the outer case+
  • Cover of this case fixing all components to once and helps improve the appearance of the mixer.

But the variety of products Hansgrohe is not exhausted by various types of mixers. This company is actively promoting sowing systems, among which allocate:

  • Classic hand souls+
  • Apparatus with the upper stationary watering can+
  • Complexes with lateral water supply+
  • Sets of individual shower components+
  • Modern shower panels.

Varieties and functions

Quite often use Shower racks. They put on the wall, or in the center, depending on specific requirements. Fasten the shower racks also on the floor, on the wall, inside the wall either in the ceiling. Lakes are stationary or not. Corner souls Apply mainly for small bathrooms.

Central type of racks in demand predominantly for large premises. They can be put both exactly in the center of the wall and with a small shift to the left (right). Shower blocks are placed separately and not equipped with pallets.

Central racks can be used for the bath, and not just for the compact shower. But for obvious reasons, in a typical apartment, they are unsuitable.

In the overwhelming majority of cases use the used shower systems. They can be applied:

  • In the shower+
  • in shower boxing+
  • Open soul.

Embedded shower systems are very popular. They are even suitable in small rooms, where to place a full-scale plumber fails. In some descriptions, another name is mentioned – the hidden installation system. Such systems are in demand for about 50 years. Typical embedded shower system contains:

  • hose+
  • mixer+
  • Luck.

The device of the nozzles of the watering can determine whether a large or scattered jet will be poured out of it. All components except the three above are hidden inside. Masking of plumbing wiring and other parts allows you to significantly improve the appearance of the room. Besides, Hidden parts are better protected from damage. Yes, and space saving is very important.

Hidden shower system can be used regardless of specific design. However, it is greatly difficult:

  • Adjustment+
  • repair+
  • Even a banal cleaning of disguised parts.

Models of shower systems with expulsion are used most often in the baths. But in the shower cabins is simply not required. Moreover, it is extremely inconvenient and impracticious. Most often use systems with upper emissions. Such an option is highly appreciated by residents of cities, and owners of elite suburban housing.

The advantages of such a choice are:

  • Small size+
  • practicality+
  • Easy to switch modes+
  • Wide variety of design options+
  • Abundance of complete sets.

Almost all of any worthy shower systems Completed thermostat. Thanks to him you can prevent the situation when it suddenly pours very cold or too hot water. Thermostats can be integrated into mixers either be on the surface. In any case, the device is able to respond to a change in water jet pressure and compensate for it before people notice something.

Pay for a shower system with a thermostat will have to. However, for bathing of small children of another option is simply no. After all, the temperature difference that adults will deliver only irritation, can harm the health of kids.

Almost all thermostats, even mechanical, allow you to install the necessary layer of temperature. It is worth considering that some models of such devices do not allow you to use the shower when there is no water in the “cold” or “hot” circuit.

The lineup

Shower system Raindance E SHOWERPIPE 360 1JET has a special thermostat and perfectly adapted for a regular bath. The surface of this model is painted “under chrome”. The equipment includes:

  • top and hand shower+
  • Shtan+
  • holder.

Maximum permissible minute water consumption – 20 liters. The water supply angle from the top shower is adjustable. Dimensions of the shower disk – 0.36×0.19 m.

For the manufacture of shelves, a safe glass applied. According to the manufacturer’s application, the jet as much as possible imitates rain.

Other indicators are:

  • Rainair Standard Stop can spend 17 liters of water per minute+
  • Length of the shower holder 0.38 m+
  • Limit 40 degrees+
  • Connecting thread ½+
  • Managing a system by twisting handles.

Alternative – Croma Select S SHOWERPIPE 280 1JET ECOSMART. This shower system is equipped with a thermostat and can spend 9 liters of water per minute. Gasparite shower disk is 9.28 m. Holder Length – 0.4 m. This holder has a swivel performance.

Crometta E 240 1Jet SHOWERPIPE Shower System with Single-Term Mixer. The angle of inclination can be changed to 45 degrees. Gabriton shower disk – 0.24×0.24 m. With a pressure of 3 bar, water consumption reaches 13 l, and when the RAIN jet is selected, it increases to 15 liters per minute. Other parameters:

  • Operating pressure from 0.18 to 1 MPa+
  • External mounting+
  • Ceramic mixer+
  • Holder Length 0.35 m+
  • DN15 $ compound+
  • Inter-axle connection from 0.138 to 0.162 m+
  • Ability to shorten the lifting pipe in height.

Raindance E SHOWERPIPE 300 1JET ECOSMART has a showerTablet 350. The surface of this product is painted in chromium color. Adjusting the holder of the manual soul is carried out within 90 degrees. It can be rotated to the right and left, twist up and down. When pressure, 3 bar water consumption is 9 liters.

Technical specifications:

  • Inability to use at the same time in two people+
  • Gabric shower disk 0.3х0.3 m+
  • Anodized aluminum shelf coating+
  • Length of the shower holder 0.405 m+
  • Covering the flow of water at 40 degrees+
  • Shower rod 1 m+
  • Inter-axle connection from 0.138 to 0.162 m.

Options in the interior

This photo shows a shower system Hansgrohe Rainmaker SELECT 460 with shelf. On the background of light wall design looks very good. Green herbal decor only adds attraction. Eating strictly bright colored in the interior looks quite justified. Specively used and several decorative elements.

Hansgrohe Select 1576800 Mixer with a crane is perceived perfectly on a dark gray wall background. Chrome metal immediately attracts attention. This built-in shower system with the upper spill is because it becomes a formulation center. Laconic and thoughtful design perfectly performs all its functions.

Hansgrohe Raindance SELECT S 27648400 – Chic shower headset. Its strict, laconic lines fit perfectly into any simple design. Shelf, scolding, hose nice looks on the background of light gray wall. Even the mirror in this composition has its rightful place. Due to the spectacular fall of light, the water jet seems much more interesting than usual.

Hansgrohe Rainmaker SELECT 460 3JET SHOWERPIPE shower system is presented in the video further.

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