Height of the top cabinets for the kitchen

Height of the top cabinets for the kitchen

To competently plan the useful area of ​​the kitchen, you need to make the right kitchen headset. Because it is the furniture items that occupy most of the useful area. And the problem of lack of free space is dependent on the chairs or the table, the refrigerator, either the sofa, but on the number and size of the cabinets. An important aspect is the height of cabinets. In the article, we focus on attachments, their dimensions and forms.

From which the location depends?

When choosing the height of the upper cabinets, it is required to take into account a number of conditions affecting their localization.

The main thing is comfortable for someone who is largely disposed of in the kitchen.

Basically, the headset is folded from two levels – the lower and top. The assembly height of the structures recorded at the 2nd level often determines the growth of the one who is mainly engaged in cooking.

It is important that the lower shelves of the upper cabinet are approximately at the eye level. Then free access to especially frequently used products and subjects is provided. Otherwise it will be necessary to apply some support.

Too low to hang cabinets is also undesirable. It is also inconvenience when working on a tabletop (table cover, table stove) and less location capabilities on the wall between the levels of cabinets of all sorts of objects (shelves for seasoning, stoves for kitchen accessories and the other).

It has great importance and the fact that various electrical appliances are installed under mounted cabinets. If the lower plane of the module is located near the working surface, it is able to suffer its appearance from functioning equipment (not to mention the high degree of fire hazard). Couples from a slow cooker or a kettle in a short time spoil facing.

Considerable significance in the selection of placement of modules and their dimensions has the level of ceilings in the kitchen. Big Kitchens allow designer to arrange all furniture items, including hinged, focusing on the concepts of comfort and aesthetics. When the square is small, it is necessary to order less overall cabinets, or place standard on the lowest height from the working surface.

When calculating the altitude of fixing modules, their installation and purpose is also provided. They can be installed not only over the table top, but also on the rest of the sections, for example, above the hood or refrigerator. Therefore It is necessary to navigate with the standards of kitchen cabinets offered by manufacturers.

Standard kitchen headcase parameters

As already mentioned, kitchen furniture modules can be located on the lower and upper levels. Their standard dimensions were installed, taking into account the average values ​​of the physical characteristics of a person, mainly its growth.

GOST regulates indicators for certain sizes of interior items installed in the kitchen:

  1. Module height (including table stove) – 85-90 cm+
  2. Working depth of the table cover – 60 cm+
  3. The inner depth of the bottom cabinet is not less than 46 cm+
  4. The inner depth of the mounted cabinet is not less than 27 cm+
  5. Height from the floor to the upper shelf of the module – no more than 190 cm.

The verification of the size offered by the user of the furniture is often somewhat different from the prescribed parameters.

Dimensions of wall kitchen lockers

Standard dimensions of kitchen suspension cabinets have the following parameters – height can be 36 cm, 72 cm or 92 cm.

Standard depth of kitchen wall lockers reaches 30 centimeters. If you need modules with greater depth, then such a product you need to make to order.

When the cabinet is required with a lesser depth, it will not only need to be made to order, but also take into account the dimensions of those subjects that will be contained in it.

In the height of the kitchen cabinets there are no standard criteria. Manufacturers of furniture for kitchens are not the same look at such characteristics, or rather, if you wish to buy a standard kitchen set in a complete configuration, then In height, mounted cabinets can be from 25 to 100 centimeters.

Changing the size of height, depth or width of the suspended cabinet will certainly affect the price.

The distance between the shelves in the cabinet can be 20 or 30 centimeters. Moreover, existing standards set the maximum mounting height of the upper element in 190 centimeters, however, it is possible to exceed this value. Moreover, striving to the most functionally exploited the entire area of ​​small kitchen, and mounting the design almost to the ceiling, many consciously make up with probable difficulties.

Despite the generally accepted standards of mounted cabinets, taking into account the comfort of their use, if desired, the owner of housing can install better and higher structures. The frequent operation of the upper shelves in them is not very convenient, especially someone who did not leave.

Nevertheless, to place items and products that are not so often used, quite practical.

Designer solutions of the kitchen headset suggest a variety of mounting options for wall structures:

  • on the same level+
  • on different distances from the working surface and the ceiling.

Of course, if it is possible to order furniture with your own parameters, you can take into account all the needs and to the maximum functionally fill the existing area.

At what distance from the floor to fix?

To work in the kitchen comfortably work, and household appliances fit on the table top, you do not need to hang the cabinet below 45 cm from the working surface. If the hostess growth exceeds an average, this indicator can be increased to 60 cm.

There is a dependence of the module mounting height (lower part) from human growth:

  1. With the growth of man 175-178 cm Distance from the lower surface of mounted lockers to the floor 150 centimeters+
  2. with growth 185 cm – from the bottom surface of the mounted lockers to the floor of 160 centimeters+
  3. at 200 cm – The distance to the floor is 175 centimeters.

When installing cabinets in which exhaust structures are integrated, the standards for the location of this technique become predetermining.

In the kitchens equipped with gas stoves, kitchen hoods cannot be mounted below 75 cm above the cookbook. When the conversation is about electric stamps, in which case it is desirable to withstand at least 65 centimeters.

    Top cabinets can be fixed on the wall, where there are no floor cabinets and a working surface. With this option are guided by ergonomics and design of the whole headset. The same approach is applied when mounting furniture over home appliances (microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and so on).

    When calculating the distance from the working surface to the bottom of the enclosed furniture, first of all, it is necessary to rely on the standards, but on your own wishes. Not paying attention to the established standards, some placed cabinets at a height, superior to 70 centimeters, if they are so comfortable.

    Not according to the rules Placed upper cabinets are able to significantly complicate the hostess procedure for making food. This is capable of bringing not only to the quick overwork, but also threatens injuries. Frequent cases when the cook gears the head of the cabinet. And the reason for this is just low its location.

    The height of the suspended cabinets is an important component. It determines to what extent cuisine will be functional. This indicator provides for the creation of a project. When establishing all sizes, it is repelled because they are going to keep in them.

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