High pallet shower corners: varieties, brands, choice

High pallet shower corners: varieties, brands, choice

Recently, people in their bathrooms instead of ordinary baths install showers. They are comfortable, easy to operate, easy to maintain their appearance. But among the cabin there is a special place for showers, about which today and will be discussed.

Pros and cons

Shower corner has both advantages and disadvantages compared to classic shower cabins.

Let’s start with the plus.

  1. Simple installation. Since the main function of “corner” is only the adoption of the soul, then the installation involves a simple device that will allow you to take water procedures. All you need to do is install the design and adjust the mixer.
  2. Price. Since the shower corner is not so many additional functions, the cost of such a design will be explicitly lower. Designer interiors for the corner are not so much, so you will pay for the device itself, and not for decorative sizes.
  3. Compactity. First of all, when choosing a “corner” or cabin, buyers are focused on dimensions, because if the bathroom is small, then it is necessary to purchase a compact device for it. Among the corners you can find models with dimensions of 70×70 or 80×80 cm, which will have a quarter of a circle.
  4. Diversity. This item cannot be attributed to the obvious advantages as a difference from the cabin, but it is precisely a large number of options for the installation helps people pick up the design that will make the most. You can find shower corners with a high pallet of various materials and forms, or even without lower structures.
  5. Reliability. Due to the fact that the corner has no special functions and modes, then the probability of breakage is much less. The main faults from the cabs owners arise due to electronics, which ensures the operation of special regimes. The smaller the “filling”, the less likely the breakdown. This and good shower corners.
  6. Economy. Due to the presence of only one function, the angular models spend much less electricity.

But there are some minuses.

  1. Unattractive appearance. Cabins Starting with a medium price segment are distinguished by their design. Can not boast of this, so decide before purchase whether you need a simple device. If you want, in addition to functionality, have a design with a special kind, then the cab will be better in this.
  2. Monotony. As mentioned earlier, the angle was created only to wash. He has no other functions. For some, this is a significant minus, and for someone – the only function is the main.
  3. Interior. Corners are best set after recent repairs, as problems may arise with the location of the siphon. Of course, the shape and installation of this part depends individually from the model and manufacturer, but it is better to keep in mind that this unpleasant item can harm the general bathroom interior.


First, consider the materials of both the design itself and pallets.

Construction, as a rule, is performed from aluminum or plastic.

  1. Aluminum. This metal is the main material for most corners. It is good because it is easy, it has resistance to rust, quite durable. Aluminum is most often found in the models of the middle and high price segment.
  2. Plastic. This raw material is used for low price models. As a rule, plastic is treated with special materials. These can be different chromium alloys or ordinary paint. This material is bad because less durable and has a leakage. If you buy such a corner, and it will not leak, it means you have a good model or a great manufacturer.

The material of the pallet is highly varied.

  • Acrylic. Basic material of any type of plumbing and furniture for the bathroom. Acrylic resistant to scratches, rust, dirt and other formations. Such pallets can be different both in form and thickness. Installation of acrylic bases is carried out using fixtures. Thick pallets from this material in strength can be compared with steel, but they are much longer held heat, do not make an unpleasant sound when water gets into water and do not need to ground.

  • Cast iron / Steel. Metals, which are known for their reliability and durability. The main minus cast iron is a lot of weight, whereas for steel the main disadvantage is considered to be a loud issued noise and a grounding requirement. And it is also worth saying about the fact that both metal is poorly held warm.

  • Kvaril. One of the best materials due to the fact that it is durable, light and at the same time unpretentious. And also from the advantages can be called greater thermal conductivity and excellent sound insulation. For all these advantages, naturally, you need to pay well. Of the minuses you can note a special operation, because the conifer is desirable not to heat up to high temperatures and not to use aggressive cleaning products to clean it. The price is naturally high due to a large number of advantages in front of other materials.

  • Ceramics. Very popular material for plumbing. It is inexpensive, has excellent noise insulation and thermal conductivity. As well as among the advantages, you can mark a large number of design options and easy operation. There are disadvantages, among which are high weight and fragility. Since the design of hard, it will be stable, but the installation of such a pallet is complex, if we take into account the fact that for the installation of such platforms you need a smooth surface. Fragility allows the material to be easily splitted even with non-serious damage.

  • Stone (natural / artificial). Very beautiful material for which designers create a variety of appearance options. Since the stone has a natural structure, it does not make out unpleasant sounds. The design of this material is strong, reliable, but also hard. The main minus is the price, as it is very high.

  • Tree. Pretty reliable material that requires special care. It needs to be processed by antiseptics, varnishes and moisture protection impregnations. Plus is ease, a huge number of design options and good thermal conductivity. And the tree does not make out sound when water gets. The disadvantage can be called service life, as the tree will in any case begin to wet after a while. Price average.

Forms and sizes

As mentioned earlier, the angles are better than the cabs that they have more diverse sizes.

  • Small: 90×90 cm, 80×80 cm, 70×80 cm, 70×90 cm, 80×90 cm and others.
  • Middle: 100×100 cm, 100×80 cm, 70×100 cm, 80×100 cm and 110×80 cm.
  • Big: reaches at least one indicator 120 cm. For example, 120×80 cm, 120×90 cm, 80×120 cm and others.

In addition to the dimensions, the angular souls are diverse in the form of doors that are three species.

  1. Sliding. The most popular type of doors for shower corners. The main advantage of this species is compact. The basis of the structure is the rollers that are attached from above and below the frame. Mechanism can be compared with a wardrobe. Opening the sash is made to the side. Thus, the door hits an additional layer on the frame. At the same time, the buyer may not worry because of the place that will occupy the corner with an open door. Minus is not easy installation.
  2. Swing. This type of door opening is accustomed to most people. The wall of the door opens outside, like the simplest entrance door. Installing a swing type is simple, because for mounting you will need only loops. Minus you can call the open door occupied by the door. Since they will be as if outside the corner, before buying, make sure that the area of ​​the bathroom allows you to use such mechanisms without any problems.
  3. Sliding. Work on the same principle as the sliding, but the entire door will not be outside, and inside. And it can be removed in order to open the door to the other side. That is, if your sliding door opens to the left, then after the advantage it will slide to the right. The design also holds on the rollers.

Review manufacturers

The best companies are manufacturers from Germany, Italy and Finland. It is brands from these countries who have extensive experience in creating plumbing and bathroom devices.

Timo – Finnish manufacturer who is known worldwide. The main line of shower corners is called Fabric Glass. Main dimensions 100×100 and 80×80 cm.

In addition to the corners, Timo produces shower cabins, accessories, shower furniture and mixers.

As a product of this company should not be doubted, because it is a carrier of European quality. And also the range of Timo is always involved in many global exhibitions.

AM. PM – Brand from Germany, which in a fairly short term was able to become popular among buyers. The history of the company began since 2010. For a fairly short period of time AM. PM has become one of the samples of European quality. Products of this company participate in many exhibitions and presentations. As well as am. RM tries to expand the consumer network, opening more and more shops and representative offices.

Another manufacturer creates toilet bowls, mixers and other plumbers. The main line of shower systems are named Twin Slide and Square SLIDE.

Cezares is an Italian firm that creates premium quality products. Among the range of this brand you can find shower systems, faucets, dressers, sinks, toilets and much more. The feature of Cezares is that all products are created only in Italy, while some European brands make plumbing in other countries, only coordinating sales processes in Europe.

If some component has failed, you will have the opportunity to replace it. For example, there are pallets, fences, racks, watering cans, hoses and doors.

How to choose?

When buying, you must be guided by the area of ​​your bathroom. As it was stated earlier, even parts such as doors can affect the choice.

Another important element is the platform. With a deep base there will be less likely that the corner will leak. But behind the high pallet you need to carefully care.

It is worth saying about the shape of the pallet – it can be semicircular, in the form of a quarter of a circle, rectangular or square.

Knowing the angles of the foundation, you can assume how the corner will look in your bathroom.

While buying also Pay attention to the package. Although the corners it is not as rich, like Cabin, but still this aspect is very important.

In addition to picking and sizes, there is an important factor in the form of a price. If you want to buy, really, high-quality goods, then do not regret money. Still, the corner is not a cabin, where you need to overpay for additional modes of operation, hydromassage and much more.

How to care?

Considering the types of pallets, we learned that I need special care for some materials. Since the entire design of the corner must be wiped so that water drops remain on it, use non-aggressive detergents. The poorly selected tool can destroy the protective surface of the material, thereby reducing its service life and breaking.

Wipe the corner of the wind with the means so that inside the construction was clean.

And also do not forget to check the quality of fixtures, rollers and other components.

Examples in interior design

Some models of the corners have Matte doors. They are well suited for those rooms where a certain color is observed. Devices with two walls are better to have at those walls that are covered with tiles. Thus, the design will not lose aesthetic. Transparent doors and walls will be able to visually expand the space. A good solution will pick up the pallet of the same color as the tile in the bathroom so that the corner looks harmoniously in the interior of the room.

            There are glasses on sale With a large number of patterns and colors, Therefore, with the design of the color scheme you should not have any problems.

            And you can also purchase a corner with the same pattern on the doors, like the tile. It will look beautiful and interesting.

            Corner selection tips See further.

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