High-quality corner sofas: the best models and tips on the choice

High-quality corner sofas: the best models and tips on the choice

The modern range of high-quality angular sofas is presented in a wide variety. Sofas may differ in size, transformation mechanism, upholstery, the specifics of the frame, the presence of additional functions. Consider the features of the choice of angular sofas.

Rating models

Choosing an angular sofa, Pay attention to the following popular models from different manufacturers.

  • Lira with sidewalls (Borovichi-Furniture Company). This sofa is more suitable for a spacious living room. Convenience Add armrests, which are included in velcro pillow, 2 roomy linen box. Transformation mechanism Simple – Eurobook. Buyers like the choice of upholstery fabric. There are also cons of the product, for example, according to buyers, the junction between the back and the seat is clearly felt when the sofa is disassembled. In addition, the inconvenience deliver wooden legs, impeding transportation and moving furniture on the floor.

  • HOFF (Malibu). Such an angular model is declined using TIK-so technology. The mattress is based on a block of dependent springs and polyurethane foam. Very easy to leav due to the presence of upholstery from the cargo and eco-tree. It looks stylish, but, judging by customer reviews, can scratch the floor. However, this disadvantage is compensated by the withdrawal puff, armrests, comfortable low back, bulk lounge.

  • “Atlantis” (Firm “Furniture”). This spacious copy is sacrificed by the type of Eurobook and has a durable pine frame. From above armrest there is a comfortable storage box for smaller, bottom – linen section. Upholstery made of venels and artificial leather. The kit includes shaped and decorative volumetric or compact pillows. Healthy comfortable sleep is achieved by the presence of a block of the dependent springs in a lean with felt and polyurethane foam.

Selection criteria

Choosing an angular sofa, you should pay attention to its frame and filler. Wooden designs are considered the most reliable. High strength is characterized by metal frames, but in this case it is recommended to choose high-quality steel.

As for the filler, it is necessary to give preference to the following options.

  • Syntheton. Easy elastic moisture resistant material that does not cause allergy users and resistant to damage to fungi of different origin.
  • Hollofiber. This option is characterized by softness, ease, antistaticity, hypoallergenicity. In addition, the material is well passed air.
  • Polyurene Foolder. Refers to hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials. He does not accumulate dust.

Separate attention when choosing an angular sofa deserve spring blocks. They can be represented by such types:

  • bonnel+
  • “Snakes”+
  • Independent springs.

For a sofa in which spring blocks are used as a filler, durability, comfort, orthopedic effect, smooth comfortable surface are characterized.

Another important criterion – the upholstery of the corner sofa. Choose natural materials, as they differ in environmental cleaning and durability. However, artificial fabrics also have their advantages, for example, the material with the addition of synthetic fibers has higher technical specifications.

It is better to choose a model with a mobile angle.

Even if the location of the sofa is stipulated in advance, then there is no guarantee that in a few years it will not be transferred to the apartment of another planning, where it will be difficult to place an instance with a static angle.

Beautiful examples

See how interesting can be placed a corner sofa in various design design.

Spacious angular sofa will be aesthetically looked in the center of the light living room. Dark pillows are perfectly harmonized with decorative elements in tone.

And this sofa is made in the style of the French country. He perfectly fit into the interior of the type Provence. As a rule, large M-shaped models with bulk parts are characterized for this style.

Simple design and modest bright monochrome sofa upholstery – a characteristic sign of a minimalism living room.

Convenient functional corner sofa in Loft style should have impressive dimensions. In the photo – a bright example.

How to choose an angular sofa, look in the video.

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