How to arrange a kitchen in the style of neoclassic?

How to arrange a kitchen in the style of neoclassic?

Neoclassica – Unique Style. This is a harmonious tandem of the elegance of traditions and modern achievements. The kitchen decorated in this way becomes not just a place of cooking and meals, and the area of ​​rest and aesthetic pleasure. About the nuances of the design of the kitchen space in a luxurious neoclassical style Talk in this article.

Description of style

Neoclassicism combines the features of classics and modern interior design directions. The basis are classic features, but there is no massiveness, stripping. The setting is obtained elegant and easy. This style can also be applied when decorating a country mansion, and when designing an urban apartment. He is ideal for those who appreciate the restrained luxury of the past years, but at the same time he wants to keep up with the times.

The main features of the neoclassical style:

  • Feeling of space in the premises (the crowned furniture should not be)+
  • Abundance of light (natural and artificial)+
  • Organization and symmetry in the arrangement of objects+
  • Clear distribution of zones+
  • Site of rectangular facades of cabinets, Tumb+
  • Noble color gamut setting (pastel tones and calm deep shades)+
  • Using natural materials (or imitation of them)+
  • Vintage motifs in decoration and furniture+
  • sophisticated decor in small quantities.

It is best to create a neoclassicism atmosphere fit large rooms with high ceilings. Exposure is assumed, a lot of light. In addition, it is impossible to arrange in the spirit of modern reading the classics only one room, the whole house should be harmonious. So often the kitchen is combined with the living room. This allows you to “unfold”, dividing the space on the zone and get close as possible to the mood.

Nevertheless, if desired and a small kitchen, you can go to a solemn neoclassical situation. Here the problem of lack of space is solved by the correct placement of furniture and the predominance of light shades, visually expanding the room.

Materials in the paper are used both traditional and innovative. Style allows introduction to the composition of modern equipment, some fashionable design solutions. The unchanged remains only clear geometry of the planning and sophistication of forms.

Subtleties planning

As already mentioned, this style requires a lot of free space. If you have a spacious kitchen, you can furnish it without changing the layout. If the kitchen is small, its union with the room will become an excellent solution. This will give freedom to implement various design ideas. Improved natural lighting due to additional windows. It will be possible to choose a large model of kitchen headset. Of course, such a union is appropriate if there is a separate bedroom in the apartment. Kitchen space should flow smoothly into a dining room, designed for dinners and dinners, a relaxation for a cup of tea, guests receiving.

Any hint of a sleeping place is unacceptable here.

Studio is, in fact, already ready kitchen-living room. Here it remains only to consider the organization of space for sleep, which should be fenced or carefully disguised. For example, it can be an unfolding sofa, which fits the appearance of the selected stylistics. Next to it, you can put a small coffee table, which will easily retain in the direction at night. Bedding hide in cabinets or inside the sofa.

When redeveloping a standard apartment, the wall between the kitchen and the room can not be removed completely. If you leave a small vertical partition, you can hover over her sink or refrigerator. Another interesting move – to leave a low horizontal partition. It can be used as a bar rack or shelves for vases with flowers.

Also here can be placed open rack.

If the union is not planned, and the room does not boast of large dimensions, you can get out of the position by installing a compact headset. Traditional dining table can be replaced by bar. Another option – alteration of the window sill under the tabletop. Household appliances in this case should make the built-in.

The right decorative decoration is played here. For example, wall panels can be made glossy or mirror. This will allow visually to push the space. Large elements of the interior (headset, table) better choose in bright colors. Small details (stools, chairs and t. D.) You can make a little darker.

Combining the kitchen and dining room in one big room, it is important not to forget about zoning. Cooking areas, recreation, recreation areas should be clearly highlighted. Split the room on the section can be different methods.

  • Furniture. You can distinguish between the territory using a bar rack, dining table, sofa or racks.

  • Decorative designs. As a separator, you can use columns, arches.

  • Light. In the cooking zone, it can be made more intense: the creation of culinary masterpieces require good lighting. Dining area, on the contrary, you can light soft and scattered. So you will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Different levels of the floor. You can put on a small podium table with chairs, and you can exalt the kitchen zone. The difference in height should be only a few centimeters. This is enough.

  • Paul material. As an outdoor coating for the working area (next to the sink and stove), you can choose a tile, ceramic tile or natural stone. Food reception area can be issued with parquet or laminate.

  • Wall decoration. An apron can be performed in one color range with finishing other walls. This technique is appropriate in a small room. In the spacious hall you can spectacularly allocate the working area with different color of the wall material.

  • Furniture color. The headsets must be completed in calm colors. Dining area can stand out brighter chairs. Juicy tones will raise mood, cheer in the morning and awake appetite. If there is a separate area of ​​rest (with sofa, armchairs), it is better to choose relaxing muffled shades for it.

Finishing options


The walls of the room can be issued in different ways. Staining, use of plaster, wooden panels. Sparely used moldings, stucco. You can choose the wallpaper. They must be either monophonic, or with a low-speed print (monogram, vegetable or geometric patterns).

Figure can be repeated in textiles, decoration headset.

The apron is drawn up in moisture-proof, easily washed material. This is usually a ceramic tile, although other options are also possible, for example, a panel imitating brickwork. Suppose and glass apron with appropriate stylization.

Tints for walls usually choose calm: gray, beige. Popular option – snow-white room decoration. Sometimes for zoning use a brighter tone, for example, turquoise, pistachio or purple. However, this is a rather brave reception that requires careful thinking. In this case, the color is not chosen bright, but muffled.

This allows not to be knocked out of the selected style.


Parquet, laminate, natural stone or ceramic tiles with a non-lamb pattern can be used as an outdoor coating. Preferred brown-beige or black and white gamma. In the recreation zone, it is permissible to lay a premium carpet, although this solution is rarely used.

It is important to remember that regardless of the selected material, narrow plinths are not used here. The sophistication of the style well emphasizes wide plinths, made in the classic style.

Often they are decorated with stucco or nonsense ornament.


To finish the ceiling often use paint, plaster, decorative panels. It is interesting to watch plasterboard structures from two or even three levels. In this case, a niche in the center of the room is usually provided. Its form can be both rounded and rectangular.

If the height of the room is small, artificially lower the ceilings are not worth. In this case, the niche can be imitate using a decorative element (molding or baguette).

Stretch designs are also allowed. However, glossy and color options are not suitable. It is better to choose white matte material.

Choice of furniture

Elegant furniture made in traditional traditions is relevant for this style. It should not be too massive. On the contrary, ease and grace are welcomed.

The headsets are often decorated with cornices, moldings, patina. Fittings are usually performed in a vintage style, more often imitates bronze or gold. Glazing also corresponds to the spirit of past years. The design of the headcases is different, but the forms of lockers are always rectangular. Straight and clear lines – a characteristic feature line (modern bent facades are inappropriate here). Countertops usually imitate a stone or are made of natural material.

The location of the furniture should be thought out so that the atmosphere of the ideal order, symmetry and harmony. Based on this and choose the form headset. It can be located linearly or be angular. In spacious rooms permissible P-shaped location. The island option is also relevant. The latter’s latter’s nuances are thought out at the kitchen design project.

Dining table can be round, oval or rectangular. For a small room it is better to choose a product on elegant thin legs or one support. The spacious hall can harmoniously fit and more solid design. Wood, and durable opaque glass (more often than white), and stone can act as material. Sometimes a bar counter is used as a table.

Chairs, as a rule, have a soft tissue upholstery. Design variations are diverse. The main thing is the correspondence of the overall interior composition.

Often it is the chairs that perform the function of the color accent.

Neoclassic does not require masking of modern household appliances. They harmoniously fit into the concept of style. However, it is important that all devices are withstanding in a single color scheme. Special attention should be paid to a powerful high-quality hood. It will not allow the oily pair and smells to settle on furniture items. As a rule, the extractor is purchased with a headcard. In this case, it is a whole furniture. Also possible embedding the device into the top row of lockers.

Often people drawn up a home in neoclassical style, choose Furniture in Italy. Many manufacturers of this country offer luxurious models, ideally fitted in the concept of classical luxury and modern comfort. However, today and some Russian firms work in this direction, representing quite decent products.

Terms of color combination

Color gamut – Important moment. This style is based on restrained tones. They emphasize the purity of the lines and the total harmony of the situation. As a base, warm light shades are usually chosen (ivory, creamy, beige). Permissible cold snow-white space. Beautiful looks white with pearl pinkish or grayish sampling.

Often the room remains light, only in places “diluted” caramel or ash notes. This option is relevant with a small area. Sometimes more contrasting “partner” or color accent is chosen. It can be black, color of bitter chocolate, dark gray, smoky tones of purple, turquoise, blue, green. Colors are selected saturated, deep, but not “screaming”. Sometimes the color emphasis is on the wall fragment (apron, in the area of ​​the dining area). Frequently elegant shade stand out chairs, sofa, curtains. In any case, a quiet background remains the predominant, and a brighter shade only makes a highlight of interesting strokes.

Universal and very aesthetic combination – Milk shade and cocoa color. Brighter combinations are always formed fashionable color Tiffany, fresh mint or gentle lavender paired with clean white color. The interior is more calm, where the listed tones are combined with beige. Strict options are obtained by combining white with black or gray.

Organization of lighting

Lighting in Neoclassic is worth paying special attention. In the center of the room usually have a luxurious chandelier. Vintage models with gilding and imitation of candlesticks, modern crystal “waterfalls”, products with tissue lampshairs and other designs made of glass and metal, which harmoniously fit into the situation.

Often, multi-level lighting options, additional built-in lamps. It is especially important to organize the abundance of light in the working area. You can decorate with tape LED backlight upper kitchen cabinets. In the dining area and a recreation corner (if available) you can hang intimate sconce. By the way, wall models buy in pairs.

Remember the importance of symmetry for the selected style.

Curtains and other textiles

Textiles attaches to the premises of the comfort, makes it “home” despite the elegance of the situation. Curtains on neoclassical kitchen are always fabric. Usually they are easily falling to the floor, forming soft folds. At the same time, the curtains should not overload the interior. Fabrics for window design choose solid and expensive but not heavy.

Excellent satin, dense silk, flax, jacquard.

These are usually simple two-layer structures fixed on a hidden cornice. However, decorative elements (fringe, brushes, lambrene) are allowed. In any case, the luxury of design is emphasized by the luxurious texture of the material itself. Shades are preferred calm, but not merging with the color of the walls. You can choose both a one-window option and a fabric with a large careless print (Damascus patterns, royal lilies).

Tablecloths today are not very popular, but elegant wipes for the table are used often. Textiles is also present on the upholstery of upholstered furniture (Flock, Velor, Shenil). In the large hall it will be relevant to a chic carpet.

Remember that all fabric elements in the room must elaborate with each other, creating a harmonious ensemble.

Decor elements

Exquisite accessories can be advantageous to emphasize the refinement of the interior. You can decorate the room can be vases with fruit or lively flowers, porcelain statuette, clock “under ancient”, dear dishes, small paintings in the dining area. In this case, the decor should be a few.

He should not overload the space.

Successful Examples of Interior Design

Brown-beige gamma – a win-win option for a small room.

Bright chairs become an expressive accent against the background of soft warm tones.

Fans of cold color gamut can create a spectacular design with a dazzling white and gray-blue shade.

You can competently combine in one room several colors. Milk, Beige, Gray and Deep Blue – Perfect Combination.

Neoclassic kitchen overview in video below.

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