How to assemble kitchen corner?

How to assemble kitchen corner?

The kitchen corner is part of the design of the room that meets modern interior design trends. This kind of furniture is a functional addition to the standard furniture kit kitchen. It is installed in the corner of the room, serves as a certain number of seats and executes the role of an additional place for storing items. Corner comes in disassembled form, which assumes its subsequent assembly in place. In the absence of a qualified specialist, you can collect a kitchenette with your own hands.


Corners for the kitchen can be made in various variations. The differences of their models from each other are identified by the following features:

  • Constructive+
  • Functional+
  • Dimension+
  • Stylistic.

The design of a separate kitchen corner may differ from the designs of other models and depend on the characteristics of the room in which it is installed.

Construction parameters determine the methods for connecting composite parts with each other, the presence / absence of certain components of the elements, a set of components.

The functionality of the corner is a characteristic that allows you to use it with maximum return. High levels of functionality involves the presence of additional compartments for storage, shelves, armrests and other elements. The component of this parameter can be attributed to the wear resistance of the body surface and the soft part used for the seats. The higher the degree of sustainability of such furniture to the operational loads, the higher its coefficient of functionality.

Dimensions of kitchen corners are determined by the individual parameters of the room. The more free space, the larger the sized the corner can be placed on it. Size criteria are taken into account and when calculating the number of seats sufficient for everyday use.

Comply with the best compliance with the declared needs allows the manufacture of angle to order.

The stylistics of the angular furniture is determined by the designer signs of the entire room. When choosing an area, it is taken into account: its shape, the presence / absence of direct or curves of lines, the color of the housing coating, shades of the soft layer and other characteristics.

A corner made in the style of High-Tech will not be combined with the interior, the finish of which is made on the basis of the basic principles of Modern style. A similar combination scheme is valid for all stylistic directions.

Tool for assembly

To build a corner into the kitchen, you need a minimum list of tools:

  • Screwdrivers (flat, cruciform)+
  • Hex furniture key+
  • Scotch malaria+
  • a hammer+
  • pliers+
  • Other concomitant tools.

Screwdrivers need to screw the screws and other screw fasteners.

The design of the model of the corner may assume the presence of fasteners with a different slot configuration.

The hex key is needed to screw the Eurobolt. These bolts are widely used when designing furniture. They have the inner slot of hexagon. In most cases, the desired key is supplied with the components of the corner. To speed up the assembly process, you can use a screwdriver and a bit-nozzle having a hex profile, the size of which corresponds to the similar parameters of the stock hexagon key. The use of the power tool allows to reduce the degree of effort applied during manual oxidation of Eurobolts.

Painting ribbon allows you to fasten the components of each other and hold them in the right position before the various threaded fasteners will be twisted.

It protects the surface of furniture from damage, which may result from contact with a decorative coating tool.

Hammer and pliers are used for mounting elements made of chipboard. It can be part of the bottom of the hull or rear wall. In most cases, DVP when assembling furniture is attached with small nails. To score them, it is better to use a hammer with a slight weight, which will help reduce the load on the forearm muscles and tendons. Pliers help in removing spoiled nails and other assembly and dismantling work.

Features of a particular kitchen corner model can determine the need to apply additional tools.


Before starting assembly, it is necessary to inspect and unpack boxes in which the corner is supplied. On one of the lateral surfaces of each package should be the designation of its number. Boxes having the same numbers contain the details of the same type.

Inside one of the boxes there should be a diagram on which the assembly order is displayed. Also, this paper contains a description of the list of composite design details. It is necessary to make sure that the parts available in stock correspond to the identical names indicated in the scheme. In the absence of any spare parts worth contacting the furniture supplier or purchase them in a specialized store.

To facilitate the assembly process will help group components of the corner. Details related to the same part of the design, it is worthwhile.

Next, the assembly of the main elements is made. In their quality, side walls, front and back wall. In comparison with other details, these parts are the most dimensional. Thus, a bunch of parts constituting the main supporting structure.

Connecting parts to each other With the help of Euroboltov. When they are screwed, it is worth abiding care and control the power of tightening. Hand of a response bolt can damage the exterior decorative coating.

Important is the combination of bolted holes in the details of each other. It is necessary for the proper assembly of construction.

Displacement of holes relative to each other can lead to a violation of the symmetry of the product and negatively affect the quality of the assembly at the final stages.

After the main overall parts, additional components are mounted. The elements of the upholstery, armrests, shelves, drawers and others can be in their capacity.

On the surface of the parts should be the technological marks that determine the locations of those or other mounting elements. It is important to adhere to the compliance of bolts and screws by their landing points. To ensure the best quality in this regard, it is necessary to periodically verify the instructions.

A stroke, completing the assembly, is broach all compounds to eliminate the occurrence of the backlash.

After that, all Eurobolt caps are closed with special plastic plugs, the color of which corresponds to the shade of the coating of the furniture block.


By virtue of their oversized sizes, the corner is going directly in the kitchen. This will simplify its further installation and preparation for operation.

Kitchen corner should be installed in the angle of the room with the most profitable location. At the same time, it should not touch the wall covering, which will save them from wear in places of contact.

About how to collect kitchen corner, look next.

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