How to choose a carousel in a kitchen wardrobe?

How to choose a carousel in a kitchen wardrobe?

Most modern apartments kitchen has a small area, and it complicates the task on the planning and placement of kitchen furniture. To correct this situation, you can use a number of interesting designer ideas using angular kitchen modules.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are usually used for storing a saucepan, pan, household appliances. To anyone (even the most remote) place has become easily accessible, You can use the carousel regiment system, which with the help of the rotating mechanism will make access to everything convenient and functional. This is the perfect solution that will free the hostess from the need to squine or lean to get the items in depth.


For convenient location of dishes, household appliances and other necessary items, it is very important to consider how to use the existing furniture as efficiently. If you have a small kitchen, then it is advisable to apply angular cabinets with retractable shelves. This design solution allows you to save available space and reasonably dispose of each square meter. The main secret order in the kitchen is a reasonable selection of cabinets and their rational filling.

To facilitate cooking processes, you should take advantage of several useful recommendations that will help fill out any wardrobe as it should.

The most necessary things in the kitchen must be within direct reach from the place where the hostess is most often located – this is a triangle “Plate, washing, refrigerator”.

They are located so that you can get to them not straightening. Usually for this purpose shelves are used in hinged lockers and outdoor modules.

Bottom boxes in cabinets must be spacious in volume and fully extended for good lighting and searching objects there. There is a large selection of devices and devices that will help to use the kitchenware space with maximum use: various retractable and attached baskets, pencils, bottles, carousel shelves.

For the upper corner locker, a filling in the form of a shelves that should not be too deep to facilitate the path to the desired things.

Also in these modules you can use a reliable angular carousel regiment, which is able to withstand weight from 7 to 15 kg. Doors should be equipped with reliable lifting mechanisms, locks and closers.

Specificity of kitchen mechanisms

Today, there is a huge selection of furniture fittings, which allows you to choose convenient and practical mechanisms for drawers in the kitchen. Thanks to the emergence of modern retractable systems, access to the most secluded corners is not difficult. Particularly helps in this special device – carousel, which happens with a rotating (rotating) or retractable mechanism. With their choice it is worth paying close attention to the thickness of the metal, quality of the product and manufacturer.

The duration of the operation of these devices depends on.

Modern retractable mechanisms are divided into two types: ball and roller. In order to make the right choice, you need to study the pros and cons of these systems.

The advantages of the roller system:

  • High degree of reliability+
  • affordable price.


  • Noise rollers+
  • Incomplete drawers (approximately 30%).

    For long-term operation of roller guides, the loads on the drawers should not be more than 25 kg.

    The following type of kitchen mechanisms for extending boxes is ball guides. Currently this is the most efficient and frequently used type of furniture accessories.


    • Boxes are extended from the cabinet 100%, providing full access to subjects there+
    • Adjustment is performed in two directions+
    • Low noise and smoothness+
    • Long service life+
    • Ability to withstand large loads (up to 45 kg).

    Minus – high price, which is about 4 times higher than the cost of roller systems.

    In the kitchen headsets, both systems are used, but at the ratio of price-quality selection of the ball mechanism more justified.

    Rotating kitchen mechanisms (carousel) – this is another type of storage systems in angular cabinets.

    Such structures are most often made of stainless metal, much less often – from durable plastic. They are mounted in cabinets or fasten from inside to facades.

    Carousel is two types: stationary and retractable.

    The fixed consists of a vertical axis on which shelves are attached, some of them for better access to subjects can rotate around the axis. Optimal diameter 550 mm.

    On the retractable carousel, all shelves are attached independently of each other on special brackets. When opening the door, this system can rotate around its axis, as well as travel from the couch.

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