How to choose a color apron for the kitchen?

How to choose a color apron for the kitchen?

It’s no secret that by means of color shades you can change the perception of space. This successfully enjoy interior design professionals, creating their best projects for customers. In the material of this article, we will look at how to choose the color of the apron for the kitchen, indicating which criteria the selection of one or another shade is based.

Basic rules for selecting shades

Color solutions of kitchen apron can not be called random. Their choice is based on the account of various factors. For example, the key is the location of the windows. If they go to the north side, use cold paints categorically unacceptable. This will lead to the fact that the room will become gloomy and cold.

At the same time for the kitchen, the windows of which go to the south, you can not pick up hot paints. From this it will be visually stuffy and uncomfortable. This exit: for cold rooms take warm tones, for warm – cold. This allows you to achieve a visual balance, which is extremely important for the interior of any dwelling room.

The color of the apron for the kitchen can be selected based on the following rules:

  • It can be related primary color design either his contrast companion+
  • He must contrast with the facades of mounted and floor cabinets+
  • It can be a related countertop, accessories, dishes, curtains, flower-colored furniture+
  • It cannot be knocked out on a general background, in which no more than 4 basic tones are allowed to use+
  • Its approximate color should be repeated at least in an insignificant interior accessory+
  • It must be pure, well-visible, devoid of acidity, which cuts the eyes+
  • He should not visually reduce the space and make a negative perception+
  • He must be beautiful and advantageously looked at the article chosen for apron with a certain texture.

How to pick up?

When the choice of choice turns into a problem, I want to resort to ready-made patterns for which you can choose a color, without thinking about the combination of shades. And this opportunity is really there: to select harmonious contrasts you can contact a color circle. Harmoniously located shades in it are opposite each other. At the same time, those that are located on both sides of the opposite of the desired color of the shade are also considered successful for a combination.

Whatever color is chosen for the design of the kitchen, the tone of the apron should not interrupt it. Emphasis, the role of which is assigned to the apron, should stand out on a general background. But this is possible only if it is a bit. At the same time, it is impossible to forget the rule of color contrast: in the interior 1 color is considered to be dominant, the 2nd – its contrast, the 3rd and 4th bind the first two shades.

In this case, the colors of the second pair can be related two first. As for the color of the apron itself, it can be related to each of the 4 tones. However, if there is a chaos in his coloring with the involvement of many shades of the color palette, it will make an imbalance into aesthetic and color perception of the kitchen. Do not need anything superfluous – this is based on the choice of one or another color.

To understand what is suitable in a case, it is enough to look at the colors of the elements of the arrangement. For example, it may even be the upholstery of chairs, the color of their covers, sometimes even any minor item. If the kitchen already passes the wallpaper, the floor is settled, the furniture is chosen, the curtains hang out, you will have to repel exactly from this. Exception from rules can only be allowed when the kitchen is made in neutral tones.

Such colors initially do not carry any emotional color. For this reason, they can be combined with color contrasts. White, gray, silver, metallic and even black combined with all colors of color palette. On their background, each color contrast will bring his notes to the interior. For example, green or pistachio will add lives, the cornflower hints for freshness.

When choosing a color will have to take into account the theme of the apron, namely its drawing. Often it is chosen incorrectly, without thinking the degree of relevance in the kitchen room. Agree, Dolphins and other marine lives are not a place in the kitchen, like three-dimensional images from which the eyes get tired. Even if the color of the background is superclass, it does not mean that the apron will look appropriate and expensive.

For bright kitchen

Color selection Apron for the kitchen in light colors is based on the aesthetic perception of the tones of this group. Unlike other colors of the palette, they are able to give the space high status. Therefore, it will have to pick up the contrast thoroughly, because otherwise the interior can look very simple. We offer contrasts to which interior design professionals are resorted.

  • In white kitchen The color of the kitchen apron can be blue, turquoise, black, wood, steel, gray brown, lavender, purple, pistachio, lemon pink, coffee, mint, peach, chocolate, sandy.

  • For beige and gold The vanilla, white, coffee, peach, green, gray, coffee, peach, green, gray tones, as well as gray-blue, orange-brown, white-chocolate, white-cherry, white and lilac palette.

  • For lilac kitchen You can make a bet on the contrast of white with fuchsia, burgundy-violet, as well as pink color. In addition, for this interior, you can purchase or order apron, made in the contrast of white and beige, gray and pink, white and silver, white and cold purple.

  • In blue cuisine, diluted white, background Apron can be gray-blue, white-blue, turquoise, sandy, beige, creamy, gray-beige.

For kitchens in dark colors

If some dark color is chosen as the basis of the color solution, usually the apron gets the role of softening contrast perception. In this case, it is especially important that he looked well on a general background and was to the place.

  • The most successful contrasts for the kitchen of gray will be white duets. First, white color always softens the perception of other paints, secondly, it gives the opportunity to decorate the apron by any pattern. Often a simple print in the kitchen interior and makes apron not only stylish, but also a spectacular accent. White here can be combined with fuchsia, lemon, green, orange.
  • For brown kitchen, everything will depend on how dark color is used. If the wall is either a kitchen headset, a dark accent of the room can be the apron. If it is light, preference is worth paying white, dairy, wood, gray-beige, golden, orange, transparent blue paints.
  • For blue cuisine, you can choose an apron of white, sand, milk, coffee-colored. In addition, the contrasts of white with sand, gray, silver, blue and sandy-orange are welcome here.

    Purple cuisine can be decorated with a product made in white with a lilac or silver pattern. Also here are appropriate tones that are suitable for lilac kitchens

    For bright

    When the owners want a basic background of the kitchen any dynamic color, You have to select apron in brighter and muted tones.

    • For example, for the kitchen in green colors you can pick up the aprons of woody, white, beige color, as well as products in white contrasts with lemon, saturated green, watermelon, orange tones and black.
    • For red or burgundy cuisine, aprons are suitable, made in white, white-gray, white-black contrasts. Also here is appropriate and white trio with wine and light gray.
    • The kitchen in orange colors is better supplemented by apron, the color combinations of which are presented with white duets with orange and salad, sandy, green, orange with black, white, terracotta. In addition, brown aprons look beautiful in such kitchens.

    Yellow in the kitchen can be combined with gray, Sand and white suitable for Salad.

    As for the aprons themselves, it is here that you can turn to the opinions of experts. For example, option:

    • White color combines with any color contrast, including dosage black+
    • Green color looks best in neutral interior+
    • Red tone perfectly component with white and light gray+
    • Gray Tint Winning Looks In Pink and White Kitchen+
    • Beige is appropriate in a duet with brown, gold, silver+
    • Lilac is perfectly combined with white and silver-gray.


    Picking the color solution for kitchen apron, you can not underestimate the resources of the specific stylistics. It’s no secret that each direction of design has its own priorities, the knowledge of which will allow you to pick up a hint of the apron. For example, For Loft Stylistics Ideal the use of brick and concrete shades. Modern is associated with warm solar paints: beige, sandy-orange, peach.

    To find the best color for a specific headset, you can navigate both on the color of the facades of the top or bottom and the color of the tabletops. In addition, the drawing can cross the color of the fittings and the texture of the material (for example, to combine with stone trim, marble, wood). Select the option to the classic direct or angular kitchen headset is necessary given the degree of illumination of the room. Sometimes beautiful color in the space of a particular room looks not as I would like.

    Choose an option combinations in color headset can be based on ready-made projects that are generously divided by Internet portals. Designers note that the neutral shade of the upper and lower kitchen cabinets need shades that will be darker or lighter for several tones. If they are identical, then they will merge into a single color spot, which will deprive the interior of the multifaceous. At the same time, juicy tones need support.

    If it is decided to decorate the kitchen apron of bright color, it needs to be supported by the accessory of a similar tone. It can be door handles, towels, tea set. It is necessary to remember that the fact that the color of the apron is more dynamic, the concise form of the headset and less decor. Ornaments and complex drawings are also relevant in the finish of the apron if the headsets in the kitchen are designed in strict lines and restrained design.

    Beautiful examples

    We offer 10 examples of a successful selection of the shades of the apron, taking into account the background of the interior.

    • Harmonious selection of apron for bright kitchen.

    • Interior solution in bright colors.

    • Accenting space in neutral design.

    • Using bright color for kitchen arrangement.

    • Choosing apron for Loft Stylistics.

    • Option of the work area in the classic style.

    • Harmonious color combination of apron with facades headset.

    • Selection of shade under the interior accessories.

    • Successful Color Duet Apron with Kitchen Garnitour.

    • An example of stylish coloring apron against the background of a neutral interior.

    How to choose a kitchen apron, look in the video below.

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