How to choose a kitchen hinged corner cabinet?

How to choose a kitchen hinged corner cabinet?

For comfortable and rational use of space in the kitchen, cabinets are installed. They make it possible to properly store food, kitchen inventory, large and small household appliances. In the modern market, a wide selection and an assortment of similar furniture for the kitchen can be chosen for every taste and color.

In this article, we will describe in more detail about hinged corner cabinets, which technical characteristics they possess how to choose the right structure.


In the appearance of the suspended top cabinet is a low tube, which is placed in the corner of the room. and is part of an angular kitchen headset. It can be bought separately or in a set.

In almost every kitchen, an angular cabinet is established and is due to a number of design features and advantages to which can be attributed to:

  • Capacity+
  • Compact sizes – in such furniture can be stored both food and dishes and household appliances+
  • Wide selection and assortment of design solutions+
  • Combined with all kinds of kitchen planning and interior design+
  • makes it possible to competently use and arrange the corners of the room.


It is safe to say that furniture manufacturers tried to fame and managed to come up with and implement a wide variety of forms of this attachment module. He can be:

  • junction+
  • trapezoidal+
  • Mr.

Butt module

    This type of cabinet is often called direct. He has a classic rectangular shape. Usually set to the front of another element headset.

    The butt wardrobe can be mounted near the corner sink, the sinks are its great advantage. As for the shortcomings, it is worth noting the fact that its deaf wall is inaccessible.

    Trapezoid module

    This type of angular cabinet is characterized by the presence of a beveled corner. Its functionality is unlimited:

    • Other elements of furniture can be attached to the closet+
    • If the module is located near the washing and sink, it can be stored both useful little things and household chemicals, dishes and brushes.

    The dimensions of this module are quite large, and if the area of ​​the kitchen is limited, it is irrational to use it – it will only climb space.

    M-shaped module

    This is a locker, which exactly repeats the angle of the wall. Such furniture has a number of advantages:

    • Even the incomplete opening door of the design provides full access to the space inside+
    • The presence of a fairly wide and varied choice of fittings, which makes it possible to implement any designer solution and make the module of the kitchen.

    Such a mounted corner tube is the most popular among consumers. But if we talk about disadvantages, it is worth mentioning that The module has a limited useful inner space.

    Functional features

    The angular module is in demand from the consumer due to its widespread intended purpose. Based on the functional, it can be:

    • Universal – In such a closet, stored products, kitchenware, household chemicals and other elements that usually want to hide+
    • dishwasher – In such a module stored and dried dishes, the place of its installation is a wall above the washing+
    • For built-in technology – You can set the extractor, compact dishwasher.

    In the modern market you can find such models whose functionality is not wide, and they are more often used for decorating. In such a closet, you can store decor elements, spices, vases, floral compositions.

    Systems opening

    Corner kitchen hinged cabinets may differ not only by appearance, design, functionality, but also the door opening system. There are a variety of opening system options.

    • Swing / folding – The advantages of such a system include simplicity of installation, ease of operation and the available cost. Among the shortcomings it is worth noting that it is not suitable for small cuisine.
    • Sliding – This is a coupe, which are characterized by compactness. But for such an opening system, additional guide elements are needed, and the door does not close enough tight.
    • Folding – This system provides that the doors will open and close as a book or harmonica, they are very stylish and compact. But, despite the modern and fashion design design, such a door will not last long.

      Experts argue that when choosing a opening system, it is better to give preference to a more expensive option. The lifting door on the spring or gas elevator is the perfect option. This design is characterized by smooth movement, silent and ensuring the most convenient access to the contents of the module.

      Material of manufacture

      Assortment of materials from which today make hinged corner cabinets are quite diverse. These may be the following options:

      • Natural tree – In most cases, use oak wood and ash+
      • Chipboard and mdf+
      • TSP – Thermo-structured surface, which is made from chipboard and MDF+
      • Multiplex – The most modern material for the manufacture of kitchen furniture, which is a thin layer of wood and has a number of advantages over its counterparts, but he is quite expensive.

      How to mount design?

      In practice, use several methods for fastening the hinged corner cabinet.

      Installation can be carried out with the help of a hitch – it is necessary to work dowels, nails and screws. On the rear wall of the module there are special loops to which it hangs.

      Install such furniture and mounting rail. To do this, you must purchase a mounting bus on which the module will eventually be fixed. This fastener method is possible only if the walls in the kitchen are made of drywall. It is necessary so that the load is distributed evenly.

      How to choose?

            Each hostess is important that the wardrobe served for a long time, and besides, it was functional and beautiful.

            To decide on the choice of a hinged corner module, you need to take into account the following nuances:

            • Kitchen dimensions+
            • Dimensions of the design itself+
            • Type of construction+
            • Functionality and size of the useful area of ​​the cabinet+
            • Door opening system+
            • Material of manufacture+
            • Installation Method+
            • Designer decoration of the cabinet – so that he fit well and fit into the interior and the general mood of the room+
            • The manufacturer is better to give preference to a well-known brand, which guarantees the quality, reliability and safety of its product.

            With a big desire, you can use the services of specialists to make a kitchen hinged corner cabinet under the order.

            The video presents the technology of assembling angle cabinet.

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