How to choose a room for a room in a private house?

How to choose a room for a room in a private house?

Common material for decorating walls is quite a long time. When repairing repair, there are a lot of controversy related to their selection, because the outlets present a wide range of this kind of canvases. The right selected wallpapers for the hall in a private house are able to transform the room well.

Methods of registration

If you follow the advice of designers, it is recently recommended not to be afraid to experiment, but to make the interior brighter and bolder. So, now it is fashionable to avoid monotony and create contrast interiors.

  • Combination of dark wallpapers and light furniture. Used quite often in modern interiors. It is based on the rules of combining opposites, which allows you to create, for example, in the living room saturated, active atmosphere, but not to such an extent so that it is hard to be in it. Here you should not have all the walls of dark wallpaper – it is enough to notice one and transform it using a dark shade material. A good option – to arrange a vertical section by imitation of saturated gray bricks and arrange furniture in this wall in creamy shades.

In this case, extraneous colors, except gray, white and black. For such a room, a lack of light is perfect, perhaps the spot.

  • Combination of bright wallpapers and dark furniture. Typically, the products of dark colors are chosen due to their aristocratic appearance, which will be even more emphasized when combining with a diametrically opposite tone with wallpaper, and the white color is not appropriated for them. This year, green and bright yellow are relevant colors in the current colors, which will be able to highlight all the advantages of Dark Coloring Furniture.

  • Combination of restrained wallpaper and bright furniture. Nowadays, not only pastel shades are used for the design of the premises, but also saturated colors. When I want to transform my home that way, then the walls of a neutral flaker should be blocked on the walls, and choose a white rack, a red countertop and salad chairs from the furniture. It turns out very lively and interesting.


There are wallpapers for every taste and wallet. To choose the most suitable material for a particular room, it is necessary to study the features, advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Paper. They are quite budgetary, it is easy to work with them, distinguished by a large variety. The disadvantage is that they have low wear resistance that does not allow to hide the wall defect.

  • Fliselinovye. They are characterized by such advantages as acceptable cost, environmental friendliness, external beauty. In addition, they smooth down small flaws of walls. Cons of such material in low heat and sound insulation, not too extensive choice.

  • Vinyl. Resistant moisture, embossed, reliable, beautiful externally. But they are very hard to glue. They have a high cost, after two days after the salary, there remains an unpleasant smell.

  • Photo wallpaper. Characterized by the diversity of choice, acceptable cost. The lack of them is that they do not smooth out the irregularities of the walls.

  • Textile. Natural, breathable, without junctions. There are disadvantages: they absorb smells and accumulate dirt.

The above species refer to the most common, separately can be distinguished by liquid wallpapers at the peak of popularity.

Such wallpapers are a kind of decorative plaster. Walls with them look pretty unusual. They contain polymers and silk inclusions. Due to them, it turns out the composition for which people and loved products of this type.

For the salary of the hall they are used quite often. The positive characteristics of liquid wallpapers are considered:

  • Repair with their use is easy to make with your own hands (without attracting specialists from the side)+
  • They dry quickly (it is very good when repair work must be carried out in a short time).

    But despite the advantages, such products have cons:

    • badly absorb moisture (for the hall they are suitable, and for premises with high levels of humidity – no)+
    • They are very easy to damage+
    • They are unacceptable wash.

    What to choose for a small living room?

      Applying uncomplicated optical techniques, you can visually increase the hall of small sizes. In the setting, the main place should occupy light colors, visually expanding the room. Receiving combination of two types of wallpaper can also visually make a room more.

      There are several types of similar combinations.

      • Vertical strips. Here, some wallpapers act as a background, and the second serve as an additional element (in this case – it is the vertical stripes).
      • Zoning Wall. Here you do not need to place a strip, border or other wallpaper in the middle of the wall, because it will look inappropriate. It is better to highlight a third walls below. This technique will give sophistication to the whole room.
      • Walking inserts. They give the dynamic space. Here you do not need a lot of inserts – there will be enough two wide strips along the zone where there is a TV.

        The size of the room does not limit the style of the ornament of wallpaper. In the room of small sizes, any kind of patterns is acceptable, except that the large drawing is inappropriate.

        Interior options

        In order not to bother from a monotonous situation in the hall, during the design of the walls it is worth using various combinations. Well-chosen combination of wallpaper of one tone and material with an ornament will give the opportunity to beautifully zonate the room, visually increase the ceilings, push out or reduce some areas, make lighter darkened places.

        When combining, you should be able to combine colors. It will be good to look at a flat wall of light tone with changing the image. Glossy ornaments create glare on the light and emphasize the look, straight lines make the room more, and the ceilings above, increased motives fill the empties of large-scale halls.

        Wallpaper in the hall is well combined with staining, decor elements, tiles, panels.


        For the hall they will fit well White walls. They will serve as an excellent basis for the color of the furniture items. Such a coating helps to visually expand the space, gives the room a soft glow.

        Gamma shades from light gray to dark Well suits both to create a one-color design, and for muffling too bright accents. The hall, designed using similar colors, at all times will look fashionable.

        Wallpapers of discreet tones that seemed to be fused under the rays of the sun, help create a very calm atmosphere. Light blue, sandy, beige, lilac shades are well combined with each other. The room, placed by such wallpaper, will seem more.

        All gamma Brown colors perfectly suitable for creating comfort. Dark tones are well harmonized with pale yellow shades, snow-white, green, turquoise.

        Product Yellow flowers Appropriate indoors with windows overlooking south. They will complement the room with warmth and light, and family members will give a wonderful mood.

        Design Hall with wallpaper 2019

        How is one of the main rooms in an apartment or house, talks about tastes and prosperity of those who live in her / her. therefore To the arrangement and decoration of the hall must be approached with full responsibility. And new-fashioned ideas can be spacked by designers.

            During repair, every detail is important. Wallpaper is quite serious. It is necessary to choose such shades that would be soothingly influenced by a person or, on the contrary, helped him cheer up, pleased. But you do not need to choose too exciting colors: the surrounding design should not be tired to act on a person – he must create a feeling of comfort and cause a sense of security.

            About how to choose the right wallpaper, look next.

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