How to choose a shelving in the kitchen?

How to choose a shelving in the kitchen?

From time immemorial, racks were installed in the houses, but in the middle of the last century they lost their relevance. Only quite recently, fashion for these furniture items returned – on racks there are subjects to which constant access in step accessibility is also needed, and the decor items designed to decorate the kitchen interior.


The cuisine racks are important, they can be used not only under the dishes, seasonings, cereals and elements of decor – they often place household appliances, for example, microwave, bread maker, sandwich, or toaster. In fact, it is absolutely all, for example: for example:

  • Baskets with vegetables+
  • Flows of drinks and products+
  • Napkins, towels and all kinds of tape+
  • Spare cutlery, dishes and other kitchen utensils+
  • All sorts of gadgets: scales, food processor, mixer and other+
  • Books on cooking+
  • houseplants+
  • Figurines, Vasons and Other Decorative Elements.

Important! Racks are convenient because you don’t have to get into the closet every time, everything from there, and then fold it back to take the right object.

The advantages of placement of racks in the kitchen are as follows:

  • Storing a large number of free items within walking distance+
  • Maximum ergonomic use of free space+
  • Ability to use kitchenware objects as decorative elements adorning the room+
  • racks, unlike traditional cabinets, occupy much less space, therefore, visually expand the space+
  • Racks are easy to collect and, if necessary, disassemble, in the event of a breakdown, you can replace only one damn item, most often it can be done on your own without contacting specialists+
  • These structures fit harmoniously into any interiors+
  • The cost of racks is much lower than the price of modular lockers.

At the same time, it is impossible not to allocate the lack of such devices – the fact is that they are open, and therefore quickly covered with dust, so they have to wash them more often.


To date, in stores you can find a wide variety of racks of the most original species made from different materials. The choice of a suitable design depends on what functions they will perform from the planned weight load. An important factor in the choice of rack is the material, as well as dimensions, relief of furniture and coloring. For each style there are its own features, according to which the furniture for the kitchen is chosen.

  • Wooden racks Harmoniously look at the kitchens decorated in folk or ecosyl – the forefined wood will emphasize the main features of life. Shelves painted in calm tones will harmoniously look in the village interiors (Country and Provence). If you are artificialize the surface, the design will become a stylish accent of the sebbi-chic interior. In such a restrained decoration, a wooden rack will not look firmly, on the contrary, it will emphasize the general atmosphere of comfort, comfort and family heat. If you are a supporter of a Victorian or classic style, then you should pay attention to modules with plant ornaments, overhead decorative elements and finished colors.

Important! Wood under the action of moisture has a bobbling property and rack, it not only worsens the appearance of the rack, but also creates conditions favorable for reproduction of mold and other pathogenic microflora – if you select this design, you should not use it as a stand for indoor plants.

  • Metal forged stellags never used in folk interiors, this material is harmoniously combined with modern designs. Metal is usually combined with glass and chrome elements, sometimes with plastic – such combinations always look easily and easily.

  • Plastic – This is a budget option, practical and unassuming in care. Such racks are easy to install and operate, they are made in a wide variety of colors, and most importantly – weigh little, so they can be easily moved from place to place during the general cleaning of the room. At the same time, low weight can be a minus – plastic is not stable, so it is not allowed to be placed on such structures of heavy items. In addition, the weight load must be distributed evenly, otherwise the rack, along with its contents, may simply be touched upon.

Important! If you buy furniture for a long time, but at the same time you like to change the appearance of your kitchen, pay attention to the design of metal and wood, this tandem fit harmoniously into any famous architectural styles.


In any store you can find the most diverse models of beautiful kitchen racks: narrow and wide, open and closed, stationary and mobile on wheels. On sale are presented designs with door, roll-out, retractable and built-in products. The most popular are the racks of the following configurations:

  • Steering racks+

  • Perforated boxes+

  • Corner shelf models+

  • Racks in the form of a table-island+

There are also outdoor models of tables-racks and shelves, screwed to walls under pan and other utensils. They can have a variety of functionality and their features of use. So, Fashionable racking tables are distinguished by multifunctionality, they can be used not only as a place storage, But also as a bunting table, and as a work surface for cooking dishes. It is thanks to such a feature that the model has become widely demanded from cooks, restaurants, as well as such competition there is always a place in spacious apartments with large kitchens and combined dining rooms. However, without disadvantages it did not cost – use such a table as the dinner you can hardly succeed.

Floor racks are popularly popular. They found the scope of use in apartments, and in catering facilities, and in industrial production. As a rule, such in the model are the most common rack in the entire height of the wall with a large number of shelves of the same sizes.

Decorative features

When choosing a color furniture color palette It is necessary to take into account the design features and the shade of the whole kitchen room as a whole, namely:

  • Bright chrome colors, original colorful shades and patterns will be appropriate for modern styles+

  • For the interior of Provence, country and classics usually use restrained shades of pastel colors, as well as classic black and color of natural wood+

  • If you are a supporter of the Scandinavian style, then white and dairy monotonic structures will be appropriate, it is allowed to use beige and brown colors.

The shape of the rack is chosen depending on the size of the kitchen and its furniture. For example, for small kitchens a good idea will be lightweight designs, for example, stainless steel. Corner racks and shelves with such shelves will be appropriate so that it is not wider than the dining plates to be placed on them, the built-in racks will be a good solution. For spacious cuisine it makes sense to pick up the furniture massive and wider. For example, here you can give preference to the all-wall racks.

However, keep in mind that in this case you need to be ready for regular cleaning. To wash off all the dust from the shelves, you will have to remove the contents of the shelves, make clean, and then return everything to the original place. Besides, Such racks make special requirements for the decorative side of their design, Therefore, the internal filling of the shelves must be pretty thinking so that the design looks a stylish element of the interior, and an unplanned open cabinet.

When choosing the height of the furniture, it is necessary to take into account the level of ceilings and the size of the kitchen headset. For low rooms, the correct solution will be the installation of the shelving under the ceiling. This option is worth choosing those who intend to use every centimeter as rational as possible. Stylish picture of the kitchen interior will be the rack in the evening with a furniture header. It is very important to adhere to the principle of the same height, even a few extra centimeters will immediately rush into the eyes and cause dissonance. This is especially true if the shelf and the furniture cabinet are located at one wall. Options are possible when the rack is below the headset, in this case you need to try to decorate the design so that the height difference seems smoothly. For example, on the upper shelf, the shelf can be installed indoor plants, figurines or culinary books.

How to make a rack in the kitchen with your own hands, look in the following video.

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