How to choose a shower corner Timo?

How to choose a shower corner Timo?

How satisfied with the furnishings in the bathroom? It is worth thinking about it, because its comfort largely defines your morning mood. Unfortunately, the size of the bathrooms even in new buildings leave much to be desired. The most cardinal and rational option – the choice of a compact shower corner instead of a bulky bathroom. The most running models of this Finnish plumbing Timo have dimensions of 90×90 cm.

The advantages of shower corners

Of course, this is dimensions. Installing a neat shower corner allows you to free the space that you can leave free, and you can use to accommodate racks, other furniture for the bathroom or, for example, washing machine. Using this plumbing makes it possible to reduce water consumption, as well as drainage costs.

Usually, Timo -15 cm pallets height, which is comfortable for input and output. This parameter is especially relevant for the elderly family members. Take a shower in a specially equipped room much more convenient and hygienic than standing in the bath. No puddle on the floor. The nearest competitor of such a corner is a shower cabin. Of course, it can be much functional: various modes of operation, backlight, radio. but and the price of a good high-quality shower cabin is significantly higher.

Shower cabins are there both closed and open type. Open type involves in the design of the presence of some “floor”, there must be walls and doors. In the design of the closed type there is also a roof. Shower corners for the majority open, t. E. No roof.

This type of construction does not interfere with the air exchange indoor and eliminates a bathing person from the “Bath Effect”.

Forms and sizes and shower corners Timo

The most popular models designed for the pallet in the form of a quarter of a circle are. The smoothness of the front line allows for example, Timo TL-1101 fit in almost any interior. Similar form most ergonomic.

Pentagonal models such as Timo BY-839, give the interior of the bathroom big rigor. The design in the form of a square looks most extraordinary and stylish. If this is your choice – pay attention to TIMO TL-9002.

The minimum ratio of the length and width of the shower corner – 80×80 cm. Such parameters has, for example, TIMO TL-8001. However, the choice of the most compact option is not always successful. You should not be closely.

The easiest test for the freedom of movements: Stand in the center of the corner, remove the hands bent in the elbows in the sides and twist. If the walls do not limit the movement, then the dimensions of the corner are suitable for you, if you feel discomfort – You will more suit the shower corner with a pallet 90×90 (TIMO TL-9002) or 100×100 cm.

Shower corners and fences

Another important factor when choosing is to arrange drain. This is usually pallet. Timo pallets are made of high-quality acrylic reinforced with fiberglass.

This material, pleasant to the touch, is well clean, does not shine over time and does not distinguish any toxic substances.

The Finnish manufacturer offers both corners equipped with a pallet and shower fences – walls and doors without pallet. In this case, the drain you are equipping, for example, creating a small podium in a bathroom, lined with tiles. Shower fences Timo (Timo Altti-609 F, Timo Altti-611), like corners with a pallet, can be of different shapes and sizes.

Doors: disclosure type and material

The market shows the models of Timo’s shower corners with both swing and sliding doors. Swing require more free space in the bathroom. Buyers often prefer more ergonomic options, so In the Timo catalog you will find corners equipped with sliding doors with 4 silent metal double rollers.

The walls of the shower corner can be made of polystyrene or glass. Plastic models are cheaper, but they are much faster losing external attractiveness – they are muttered, dim. Glass is much longer and, with proper care, retains an attractive view of decades. When assembling TIMO models, the tempered impact-resistant transparent or matte glass is 6 mm thick.

Video review of the Shower Cabin Timo T-7700 See More.

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