How to choose a shower panel with a radio receiver?

How to choose a shower panel with a radio receiver?

About how much water is important for humans, you can speak infinitely. For yarn lovers of water procedures today, all conditions have been created, allowing to transform the adoption of the soul into the present enchanting show: with music, light music and not only. Manufacturers of plumbing and designers did not regret this forces, time and fantasy, creating unusual shower panels with a radio receiver.


Shower panel – “Last word” in the world of plumbing, it is minimalism with maximum functionality.

From the inside the shower panel is equipped with a mixer, on the surface you can only see the regulating heat and water pressure of the valves and shower. More advanced models are equipped with a thermostat that automatically controls the temperature of the water, the models of solid manufacturers involve sensory control. Cast panel case keeps manual shower with hose, upper shower, mixer and hydromassage nozzles.

Shower panels have a number of additional features that create comfort in use. These include seats or chairs, lowered watering can be ray, compartment for storing various bathing accessories, radio, backlight, etc.

Depending on the set of functions and their application, shower panels are divided into mechanical (more budget), electronic and sensory.

Based on the manufacturer’s material:

  • Plastics+
  • Aluminum+
  • Glass.

Features of radio options

Such samples relate to electronic and sensory species, so it is much more expensive. The shower panels with the radio are a combination of pleasant with useful, because the music is healing and inspiring, and the water itself is already healing, which is already there talking about modern shower functions, which may well replace hiking to doctors.

The acoustic column is attached to the soul rack – this is a specially designed design of the corresponding design, functioning through bluetooth. She is usually portable and waterproof. The charging platform also stands up with the impact of moisture, you can charge directly in the bathroom, and charging is decent enough. Portable speaker can be used not only in the bathroom. Session of relaxing water procedures embezzle the diode illumination.

When choosing such devices, you should pay attention not only to design design and built-in functions, but also on the material of the manufacture, convenience of control.

Despite the fact that the installation of the panel is a pretty simple procedure, Mounting is still worth entrusting the professional, because it is available with electricity. Also, when placed, the features of the water supply system should be taken into account.

Pros and cons

Advantages of shower panels with a radio receiver:

  • Easy to install+
  • modern design+
  • functionality+
  • Rich equipment+
  • warranty+
  • big choice+
  • Hydromassage functions+
  • Wellness functions+
  • Waterproof+
  • Easy cleans+
  • high quality+
  • not takes a lot of space.


  • high price+
  • Not so easy to find in the city stores.

Overview of the shower cabin Timo T-7702 with a radio receiver awaits you further.

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