How to choose a sofa bed for a teenager?

How to choose a sofa bed for a teenager?

Folding Sofa Bed – Excellent Decision To Arrange Teen Room. On the one hand, such compact furniture is easily transformed into a sleeping place, and on the other, it is always possible to equip the day relaxation zone or reception.


Sofa bed for a teenager can be single and reminded by its appearance ordinary bed, But with additional walls, located on three sides. Often this design is equipped with a drawer used for storing bed linen.

In the daytime, the furniture is covered with a blanket, equipped with several hard pillows, going along the long wall, and is used as a sofa, and at night is released from unnecessary accessories and makes it possible to sleep well.

As a rule, the width of the sofa bed is 80-90 centimeters, and the length varies from 180 to 200 centimeters. The number of boxes is different, but the height of the retractable sections does not go beyond the boundaries 30-45 centimeters.

The advantages of this design include its strength – as there is no need to constantly lay a sofa, no mechanism fails. The presence of drawers provides additional storage space in the room, And the extensive choice of colors and finishes makes it possible to choose a sleeping place for any interior. Built-in sections, by the way, can be both departures and folding.

The combination of the sofa and bed in the children’s room can be represented and An attic design. In this case, the top tier is a place to sleep, and the sofa is located below. However, much more often instead of a sofa at the lower level is organized by the workplace. The width of the bedroom in this case is 80-90 centimeters, and the length does not go beyond the borders of 190-200 centimeters. The gap between the tiers is 130 centimeters.

This design is not necessary to lay out, it saves a place in the room and is often equipped with a large number of storage sections.

Folding sofa bed is also called transformer. This design looks like a sofa, turning into bed. The width of such an element of furniture is 150-160 centimeters, and the length is 180-200 centimeters. Some models are transformed by nominating additional compartments. Width in this case ranges from 130 to 150 centimeters, and the length is 190 – 205 centimeters.

Such a sofa is produced in various sizes, forms and transformational modifications. It is convenient that the unintelligible model extended forward can be installed near the narrow wall. There are several variations of fillers, for example, latex, orthopedic or spring blocks. Standing folding sofa is quite acceptable.

By the way, the transformers can also be attributed to a very unusual model representing a sofa, behind which a bed is fixed in a vertical position.

Folding sofas, as a rule, are equipped with one of the common mechanisms.

  • Model “Eurobook” is the most compact, since it is located close to the wall. Even a child can cope with a simple folding mechanism, and a large number of colors and upholstery materials makes it possible to make a choice for every taste. Models are produced as with armrests, and without them.

  • The “Click-Klyak” model is usually fixed in several positions: sitting, lying and half-sidia. The sofa bed is distinguished by a long service life and the ability to choose any mechanism.

  • Model “Dolphin” able to withstand elevated loads and used for a long time. If you decompose the sofa bed, you will get a comfortable sleeping place. An interesting variation of Dolphin is an angular, as well as equipped with additional storage sites.

  • Model “Accordion” unfolded by nomination, and the bed is formed from the seat and two spinal sections. Width of the sofa bed ranges from 120 to 195 centimeters.


When the sofa is selected for a teenager, his opinion will definitely consider.

However, when placing the room, it is still for children 11-12 years old you can try to choose the model yourself.

For girls

The sofa bed for the girl is necessarily selected in accordance with the color range of the interior. Romantic child will delight such pastel colors as a lavender, powder or olive. Beautiful will look at the model in the style of Provence, decorated with floral upholstery and neat armrests. Optimal fabrics are cotton or flax.

Immediately it is worth abandoning and buying decorative pillows in the relevant covers.

It looks good classic style With a sofa bed made of natural wood. Maximum suitable shades are blue, green, pink or yellow. As a upholstery, you can use tapestry, velor or tight cotton with a pattern corresponding to the main style.

For active girls fit minimalism in calm shades. Required color accents will be able to place with bright decorative pillows.

For boys

Sofa bed for a boy is better to take the most compact, so that the room remains enough free space for games. If the child is interested in sports, then you can choose some kind of laconic model in avant-garde or minimalistic style. Suitable upholstery is performed from flax or cotton and has a simple, but bright color, for example, blue or green colors.

For a creative child, you can choose a sofa bed Loft style With a monophonic textile upholstery of a gray or brown shade. Finally, in the room of an avid game, style will be appropriate high tech. Sofa must be present brilliant metal parts, and the upholstery must be performed in gray or dark blue shades.


As mentioned above, the sofa bed frame can be performed from wood, chipboard or even plastic. However, it is the first option that is preferable – despite the increased price, it has and greater durability. In addition, for the children’s room, it is always better to use environmentally friendly material. It is important not to forget that the furniture in this room should be hypoallergenic.

The best options for creating a frame are ash and beech. Retractable boxes can be made from Chipboard or MDF And thereby saving.

Naturally, the clothing load does not compare with the severity of the human body, so there is nothing terrible to use less durable material for sections.


Although the sofa bed dimensions are definitely dependent on the dimensions of the teenager living in the room, there are a number of standard values ​​to which you can navigate when buying. Width should be from 80 to 90 centimeters, and length – 200 centimeters.

Although, of course, if there is a need for this and allows a room a room, then the width can be changed to a gap of 75-180 centimeters, and zoom to 220 centimeters.

Choice rules

Choosing a sofa bed in a children’s room, need to take into account several important factors.

  • It is better to give preference to a multifunctional model, especially if the placement is not too large. Ideally, a sleeping place must be approached for day rest, receiving guests and storage.
  • The materials used should be high quality and, if possible, natural. For the frame, it is recommended to use wood, chipboard or MDF, and hurt either leather or textile. Particularly welcome the acquisition of a design with an orthopedic mattress.
  • Despite the fact that such sofas beds are purchased for adolescents, it makes sense to pick up the most secure configurations devoid of sharp corners. Before buying, it is necessary to evaluate how reliable fittings and transforming mechanisms. The manufacturer must be verified, and the service life is at least 5 years.
  • Tint and design are selected in such a way as to match the existing interior and respond to the inhabitant requests. As for the sizes, it is better to select them slightly.

Beautiful examples

Being a lot of room design options. For the design of a teenager in Scandinavian style, a single sofa bed with a wooden frame of white color is perfect. The upholstery is made in a neutral gray shade, echoing with decorative elements in the room – textile garland and floor rug. White frame itself looks perfectly on the background of the same white walls and light parquet. The design of furniture is such that during the daytime it is used as a sofa, and in the night just covers and applies to sleep.

Below are spacious boxes that can be used for storage of bed linen. Despite the fact that the sofa has a calm neutral painting, the necessary color accents are set up with decorative pillows.

In the maiden bedroom perfectly fit the sofa of a bright purple shade, also present in the bedroom on the curtains and wallpaper. The model is installed tightly to the wall and does not take much space. The decor uses several patterned pillows of harmoniously combined colors. The disadvantage of such a sofa can be called the lack of sections for storing bed linen.

Interesting looks and the solution to place in the room is an attic bed, and under it at the lowest level to install a sofa. The frame frame is made of wood painted in white, and a staircase is located nearby, simultaneously performing the role of the storage system. Since the bed itself, as well as the table present in the room and the cabinet are made in the neutral white shade, the existing sofa is purchased in a bright pink shade and decorated with multi-colored pillows.

He, by the way, can also be used as a bed, as it is folding.

Pretty stylishly looks like another bedroom, decorated in Scandinavian style, but intended for a teenage boy. On the snow-white background of walls and concise black and white posters a bright spot highlights a dark blue sofa transformer. Soft upholstery provides comfortable use of furniture and for sleep, and for day relaxation in friends. Multiple pillows are placed as decor on the sofa.

Overview of folding sofas See further.

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