How to choose a white kitchen wallpaper?

How to choose a white kitchen wallpaper?

The light headset in the kitchen looks very sophisticated and stylish. Consider how to choose the right wallpapers for white kitchen to emphasize the dignity of furniture.


Guests invited to the house where white headsets are banging in the kitchen, always stay in full delight. Bright furniture characterizes the hostess as neat and hardworking, emphasizes her impeccable taste.

The kitchen solved in the white gamma looks light and solemnly. It seems that there is much more space and light. A huge role in this is played by correctly selected wallpapers that support the pleasant feeling of space and purity in the interior.

Choosing a decor for walls in the kitchen, some subtleties should be taken into account.

Kitchen Designed for cooking. During the creation of culinary masterpieces, the wallpaper can absorb smells, exposed to steam and get dirty. For this reason, it is better to abandon cheap paper wallpapers that will quickly come into disrepair. Expensive textile and acrylic wallpaper here is also not a place.

The surfaces of the walls and the furniture itself should wash well and be moisture-resistant, otherwise the snow-white interior will quickly become blurred and unsightly. Choose wallpapers that can be washed without risk to spoil them:

  • Fliselinovye – Durable, dense and fireproof+

  • vinyl – plastic, wear-resistant+

  • Wall mural on vinyl or flieslinic basis – non-absorbing smells resistant to sunlight and mold+

  • Glass equipment – Durable, fireproof, environmentally friendly, are suitable for painting.

The texture and drawing of the wallpaper should fit into the overall design, harmonize with furniture and textiles, emphasize the beauty of light furniture.

Harmonious combinations

White kitchen headset will be perfectly matching wallpaper of any color. Designers believe that white tone opens up opportunities for the embodiment of even the most daring fantasies and ideas.

Give preference to your favorite colors, By choosing the most calm shades of them so that they do not touch the eyes and created a favorable atmosphere in the kitchen – the beloved place for collecting the whole family.

Experts recommend several possible color combination options.

Black and white

This is a win-win option for people relaxed and purposeful. Two opposites will make it possible to create clear and strict lines and accents characteristic of the directions of High-tech, avant-garde and minimalism.

Light tones will lead, and black – emphasize the necessary details and make the necessary color spots. The main thing is to keep the necessary balance so as not to make the room with dark and boring.

Red and white

Brightly looks kitchen, made in a red and white combination. Love such variations People confident in themselves and their power, powerful, shuffle. Saturated berry scarlet and pink shades are pleased, make up and create a combat mood, but can and tire.

The muffled raspberry and terracotta tone for wallpaper is the best option. Not bored, I do not excite, creates a feeling of home comfort.

Green and white

Mix of these colors can make your room more voluminous and cool with a cold saturated gamut of Malachite and Dark Emerald. Wallpaper warm shade of spring bright greenery will create a cozy corner where a sunny warmth and cheerful mood is felt. Green color symbolizes life, hope and harmony, and white furniture will fit perfectly here.

Yellow and white

Yellow and orange colors as the main background – a successful solution. These are shades of the Sun and Soft Evening Sunset. They symbolize peace and warmth of home the hearth, bliss, love and wealth, so For light furniture is a wonderful find. Especially luxurious such an entourage for glossy headset.

White and its shades

You can choose and bright decoration for the kitchen. White design looks in a special solemn and rich. The white tint palette is actually great, and this does not mean that the room will look like the kingdom of the snow queen.

Harmony with white furniture will be the following classic options:

  • linen+
  • beige+
  • cream+
  • white antique.

To emphasize the furniture of the ivory and golden champagne, variations from bright snow-white shades will help:

  • biscuit+
  • magnolia+
  • almond.

Make focus on boiled whiteness headset:

  • Smokato-white+
  • Ivory+
  • baked milk.

Blue and Siren

Wallpaper of blue, purple, purple and lilac shades, combined with white furniture, will give calm and pacification. Cold palette will allow you to make space air and easy. Warm colors of the color gamut will reduce the space by making it a homemade, comfortable and positive.

The combination of these colors in the souls of creative and romantic, for whom the surrounding items play an important role. Lavender or lilac color solutions of the walls will look great with a salad green touch of accessories that give the premises of the spring atmosphere, along with white furnishing.


Wallpaper can be both monophonic and pattern. You can combine several types of materials, different in shades and texture. White headset allows you to choose any variations.

Large images

It can be a photo wallpaper with nature species and floral motifs:

  • Falcocks leaving in a luxurious flowering garden+
  • cute urban streets with flower beds+
  • cozy green terraces+
  • Mountain and forest landscapes+
  • Large flower compositions.

Popular images of delicious juicy fruits, compositions with kitchen utensils. All that is consistent with the design plan and emphasizes the advantages of white furniture, is welcome. The main thing is to remember that a large figure significantly reduces space.

Small pattern

With the help of a small pattern on the bright wallpaper, the kitchen space with a bright header will increase visually. It will seem lighter and spacious. This is a gorgeous version for design in rustic and olive styles, is perfect for the direction of Shebbi-Chic.

You can choose small floral patterns, resembling a rustic sitherium, variations of plant or national patterns close to your soul.

Popular Wallpaper with a printed drawing “Coffee” or “cereals” can also be fine.


Striped wallpapers in combination with monophonic furniture will help to correct the disadvantages of the room. The ideal is considered a kitchen in the form of a square. Allows to expand the walls wallpaper horizontal strip. Make the ceilings high visually help vertical stripes.

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