How to choose an outdoor, separate kitchen cabinet?

How to choose an outdoor, separate kitchen cabinet?

Any hostess dreams of buying comfortable and spacious furniture. The choice of outdoor, separately standing cabinet for dishes and small items can be due to its functionality. Sometimes even no additional lockers and mounted shelves.


Choosing an outdoor, separate kitchen cabinet, the consumer must necessarily take into account its physical parameters: depth, width, height and length of the product. Many prefer to combine individual lockers in a single complex. There are different types of modules for combining outdoor products.

  • Linear classic The option involves the location of cabinets with drawers and shelves along the wall in one row.
  • To accommodate kitchen furniture In the form of g Two walls required. In the corner usually houses the cabinet under the sink. For maximum use of the corner locker, retractable, roll-out and rotating storage systems are often used. Modern corner outdoor cabinet is often supplied with radiped doors.
  • Model products in the form of consist of conventional and angular modules. This furniture is suitable for spacious premises.

The standard height of each individual floor cabinet is 80 cm. To order can make higher or lower than the adopted standard. If it is not provided for the closure of the legs panel, it is recommended to leave the gaps of at least 10 cm for the convenience of cleaning under furniture.

Depending on the specific model, the product width may vary from 35 to 75 cm. Narrow furniture is intended for storing small objects. The depth of the product depends on the width of the table top. It is capable of reaching 60-70 cm, and constructed by individual order – 100-120 cm.


Before purchasing a separate locker, buyers must familiarize themselves with the types of products, advantages and disadvantages of various designs and forms.

The cabinet with drawers is recognized as most convenient to use. Such furniture looks great in the kitchen. The product takes up little space, has a lot of functionality, so it is recommended for small rooms. Corner models help save additional space. The main advantages of lockers with drawers:

  • Most models provide a countertop+
  • Drawers of different sizes are designed for storing a saucepan, pan, mugs, plates, cutlery+
  • There are products with a dryer for cups and saucers, with special drawers for products: croup, pasta, tea, coffee, spices, tin cans.

Designs with open shelves fit perfectly in the design of any kitchen. Large section sections include storage of saucepan, pancakes, household appliances and other large kitchen items. Small shelves are designed for cutlery, knives for opening cans, press for garlic and other little things.

Some design such furniture made of wood independently.

Open lockers have explicit advantages:

  • Stylish models give the kitchen modern look and successfully complement the existing interior+
  • The large inner space allows you to place a huge amount of kitchen utensils+
  • There is a large selection of products of a wide variety of forms: trapezoidal, angular, radius lockers+
  • Models with table tops provide a convenient work surface for cooking.

There are combined models. Part of the shelves is open, the other is covered with doors. Along with the shelves there are drawers. When buying such a closet, you should consider the interior of the kitchen. Combined products have the following advantages:

  • Furniture is functional: a large number of kitchen utensils are placed+
  • As provided in most models, the tabletop is used as desktop+
  • Beautiful jars and items can be located on open shelves, the rest of the utensils – hide from prying eyes for closed doors.

For small cuisine are provided Special sink vehicles. They don’t have the back wall. A small outdoor cabinet is a frame with shelves. Inside the cabinets, engineering communications are hidden: connected with the sewage of the corrugation of the sinks of the sink, filters for cleaning contamination. On the shelves usually placed dishes that are rarely used. The trash can be installed in the cabinet. Furniture is closed by doors, which provides a decent view of the room. Corner outdoor cabinet perfectly fits into a small room.

To give the kitchen of additional space, it is customary to use Retractable tables. Built in the outdoor locker table push in front of the meal and rushing after receiving food. Often placed in floor furniture Household appliances: washing machine, stove, oven, microwave oven, refrigerator. In this case, the overall design of the kitchen is not disturbed. Created a holistic picture of the interior. For embedded equipment, especially convenient to use high kitchen cabinets.

The disadvantage of any design of furniture can serve pointed angles, which often become the cause of injuries to children and elderly people. The solution to the problem can be rounding the edges of the tabletop.

Materials and color palette

When choosing any model, it is recommended to pay attention to the material from which furniture is made. Usually, the kitchen cabinet is made of durable and durable chipboard (wood-chip), occasionally use Phane. Materials are easy to care. Doors can be made of MDF, light metal or glass.

It is best to acquire products from MDF. This material protects the cabinet from high humidity and sharp temperature jumps. Most often, MDF is used in combination with glass and metal elements.

You should pay attention to the reliability of fasteners.

The color of the product is chosen to taste consumers. He must harmonize with the kitchen interior. The dark tone of the floor furniture is perfectly combined with bright and light shades of mounted lockers. The right choice of the color spectrum satuates the flavor of the air and the light, gives the feeling of freedom, space.

Light cabinet creates an apparel of additional space. Thus, You can visually increase the room. Dark color is able to visually reduce the kitchen. In the cabinets with glass doors, they advise to use the backlight, which gives the design a special originality and provides dark cuisine with additional lighting.

In the trend, cabinets with built-in fluorescent lamps and LED ribbons. They make it possible to save electricity and provide the kitchen with additional comfort, giving her comfort.

LED lighting luminous lighting in factory lighting. Luminescent lamps provide rich light kitchen.

About the assembly of floor kitchen cabinet See next video.

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