How to choose curtains in the bedroom?

How to choose curtains in the bedroom?

The bedroom is considered a special room where you can relax well and relax. Its interior must create an atmosphere of calm and sincere equilibrium, so it is important to pay attention not only to the selection of furniture, decor elements, but also curtains. To date, you can find a huge range of the porter, they differ in color, texture and magazine, so before buying it is necessary to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Under what the curtains pick?

Curtains are an indispensable subject of the interior, thanks to which the window openings acquire a beautiful view. For each room, a certain portion type is suitable, so that they should be correctly choicing to pay attention not only to the size, drawing, but also composition, tissue density. This is especially true of the design of the bedroom, in which the design should turn out to be simultaneously cozy and relaxing to rest. Many hostesses in order to refresh the interior in this room, do not repair, but simply change the curtains, and new curtains on the windows perfectly cope with this task.

Before you buy new products, you need to know how much they will suit the wallpaper, furniture and the general decor of the room. Designers recommend buying curtains for a few tones darker or, on the contrary, lighter from the color of the wallpaper. In addition, the combination of textiles with wall decoration largely depends on the size of the bedroom and the level of lighting.

In a small room, where the rays of the sun look infrequently, light curtains passing light should be selected.

For spacious rooms, you need to buy curtains for a few tones with darker wallpapers and give preference to reflective materials resistant to burnout.

Walls in many bedrooms are covered with two types of two types, in this case, when choosing a curtain, it is important to pay attention to the color, patterns and ornaments that should be harmoniously combined with trim. A huge role is played by a combination of textiles with furniture, for this it is recommended to use the game with color contrast. The use of multi-layer porter of various shades is considered a good option. In addition, you can buy curtains of universal colors (gray, creamy, beige), they are perfectly suitable for any model and coloring of furniture. It is interesting to watch curtains, whose patterns and color have a continuation in the upholstery of furniture.

Additionally, it is also worth paying attention to the combination of textile products with a ceiling and floorpad.

You can diversify the color gamut in the room decoration using such unusual decor elements like brushes and tag.

In addition to the above, the curtains must be completely harmonized with the style and the general design of the bedroom.

How to choose material?

Before you choose and purchase curtains in the bedroom. You need to ask the seller about the material from which they are sewn. It is best to give preference to high-quality fabrics having a dense structure.

Such curtains will provide a healthy and strong sleep, as it reliably protect the space of the room from the bright rays of the sun. As for the design, it is considered minor in choosing and selected, based on personal preferences. At the same time, the curtains should look beautiful at any time of the day, to harmonize with the decoration of the room and other decor items.

To date, you can find curtains from both natural and synthetic tissues. The first option is impractical, since such curtains over time have the property to be pulled out. Products sewn from tissues, which contain synthetic fibers, serve for a long time and retain their shape after washing.

Choose the material of the port is needed depending on the time of year.

So, for example, designers in the summer recommend hanging on the windows of lightweight fabrics (flax, cotton), giving preference to gentle and light tones. In winter, you can design window openings with tight fabric curtains in warm shades.

It is very important that the material of the curtains are well leaving care, as they will have to be periodically erased and stroke. Synthetic fabrics are considered to be synthetic fabrics, they also have resistant to burnout. Curtains made of natural silk look exquisite in any design, but during operation they can cause a lot of inconvenience. They can only be cleaned, washing is not allowed.

Most often for bedrooms buy curtains from the following common and popular fabrics.

  • Polyester. It is a wear-resistant and durable material that can be erased even in a washing machine. After cleaning the product do not sit and do not deform.

  • Viscose. Refers to synthetic materials with excellent performance characteristics. Viscose also has high burnout resistance. Curtains from such a fabric can be hung in the bedroom in winter.

  • Taffeta. Is a translucent artificial fabric that protects well from the bright rays of the sun. Taffeta gives back to washing, does not lose its shape and gives the bedroom presentable.

  • Silk and cotton. These are natural fabrics, with which you can give the interior of the bedroom a cozy view. The only disadvantage of such curtains is that they are sensitive to the Sun and burn out. To continue their operational period, you need to additionally use special linings.

  • Linen. It is made of natural raw materials, characterized by excellent external data, but very demanding on operating conditions and care. Many manufacturers are added to the tissue synthetic fibers, which makes it just perfect.

  • Tulle. Found a wide application when sewing translucent light curtains intended for bedrooms. Badly shades light, but is an original decorative element.

In addition to fabric curtains in the modern interior, bedrooms found the use of a bamboo product. Similar curtains are usually chosen for design design, in which such natural materials, like a tree, metal and glass prevail. In addition, bamboo curtains look good in bedrooms with oriental stylist.

Choose color and drawing

The bedroom is designed for rest, so the screaming and bright colors should not be present in its interior. Designers recommend choosing such shades that contribute to relaxation. For example, in the bedroom with orange or red curtains it will be difficult to sleep, and green curtains, on the contrary, are able to return the sincere equilibrium and help to distract from the everyday fuss.

Color selection is also carried out with the stylistics of the room.

So, for example, the retro style perfectly corresponds to dark tones. Dark blue curtains symbolize calm and depth of feelings, so they are considered an excellent choice for the bedroom, they will help tune in for a long sleep and find peace. Now in fashion also beige tones that fill the room nobility. These include cream, sand, caramel shades and cocoa color, champagne.

The win-win option is brown curtains, their color perfectly harmonizes with other shades and does not focus on. According to psychologists, the brown color is also able to “warm” the interior and create a sense of security in it. In addition, bedrooms with brown curtains look noble and expensive.

If in the bedroom is good lighting, then you can make window openings with curtains in warm shades. An excellent choice will be pink, orange, beige and peach. These colors are able to visually make the room lighter and more.

Gray shades are more cooled, so they are best to choose in summer.

When choosing a curtain in the bedroom, you should pay attention not only to their color, but also the presence of either no drawing. In such a room, it is not allowed to pour various patterns, as they are difficult to combine among themselves in the interior. In the case when the walls of the walls are one-photon, you can buy curtains in bright colors with interesting pictures, they will become a highlight in design.

If the walls are covered with wallpaper with drawings, then it is best to choose a monophonic textile. It concerns both the porter and pillows covered.

When choosing a curtain with a pattern, it is important to consider what they must fit the style of the interior. So, for the classics, strips are suitable, sockets, and for Provence – Small Flowers. The level of lighting in the bedroom plays a huge role, its size. In miniature rooms there will be inappropriate bright fabrics with volumetric patterns, as they visually reduce the room. In this case, the excellent choice will be one-photon curtains of pastel tones or having a horizontal, vertical strip. In the spacious bedrooms, the choice of fabrics for sewing curtains is not limited to make the room harmonious and brighter it is desirable to give preference to saturated dark shades and large drawings.

Despite the huge selection of curtains for the bedroom, Most popularity still uses monophonic curtains. In order for them not “dissolved” in the overall interior, stylists recommend using such additional details like lambrene. They will give the curtains completed, it is advantageous to emphasize their color. The only thing the lambrequins can be used in large bedrooms with high ceilings. If the ceilings are low and in the room there is little light, places, then you need to abandon such decorative elements (the window should turn out the simple).

Style solutions

To date, at the design of bedrooms, such modern stylistic directions, such as minimalism, modern, high-tech and Scandinavian motives received widespread. In this and the next year, designers advise to acquire multi-layer porters with drape and lush folds, they are fashionable and perfectly suitable for spacious premises. Lost their relevance this season pale shades, they went to the background. Now the interior of the bedroom provides for the use of saturated and contrasting colors, first of all it concerns the curtains.

This year, within the framework of modern styles, the following types of curtains will be enjoyed.

  • French. They can be hung in any room, but in the bedroom they will look best because they will become the main emphasis in the interior. Such curtains are distinguished by beautiful drapering and rich folds. They are usually sewn from silk, satin and decorated with bows, fringe. Products are suitable for both bedrooms decorated in the classic style and baroque.

  • Roman. Perfect for small bedrooms, in which there are minimalism notes. They look concisely, sew only from natural fabrics, reach only to the windowsill.

  • English. Such curtains will become an original supplement for bedrooms in the classic style. They are equipped with a special mechanism that allows them to quickly raise up, creating a rich fold in the center and along the edges of the bows.

  • Japanese. These are vertical straight curtains that are attached to the eaves with moving elements. As a rule, they are used in the design of bedrooms in oriental style. They combine both functionality, elegance and simplicity. In addition, such curtains are characterized by simple operation, as they can be controlled by a special console.

Tips for specialists

Despite the huge selection of curtains, the bedroom needs to hang universal products that will not only decorate the room, but also protect it from noise, sunlight and curious eyes. Experts recommend to give preference to the curtains of well-known trademarks, sewn from natural fabrics. If a good noise insulation is installed in the apartment (house), and its owners love to wake up from sunlight, it is best to choose curtains made of light fabrics (organza, silk and chiffon).

In addition, it is important to consider the fact that the curtains with a pattern should emphasize the comfort in the room and not distract attention.

Therefore, for the bedroom it is necessary to choose products with images of geometric shapes, stripes, flower or abstract ornament. It is desirable that the curtains find their continuation in the decoration of the walls and the upholstery of furniture. To obtain the perfect design, select the color of the porter so that it is harmony with the bedspreads and pillows. It is also important to correctly hang textiles, otherwise even the most attractive curtains will not look so effectively.

How to pick up curtains in the bedroom, see the following video.

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