How to choose the best countertop for kitchen?

How to choose the best countertop for kitchen?

In the kitchen everything should be practical, organically and functionally. Drawing up this room, it is important to pay due attention to absolutely all components. An important role in the design of the kitchen headset plays a tabletop. To her selection should be approaching obviously and responsibly, since it is this surface that takes on the main load. Today we will consider in detail how it is worth choosing the best table top.

Basic rules of choice

In the kitchen arrangement, nothing should go to the background. It is necessary to pay attention to even the most insignificant details in the setting. Many people underestimate the importance of the selection of perfect countertops for kitchen headset. In fact, this element takes on impressive loads and is always involved in all processes occurring in the kitchen, so you need to choose it very carefully.

The perfect tabletop in the kitchen must meet a number of basic requirements. In order not to be mistaken in the selection of these components, it is necessary to take into account all their characteristics.

Consider what should be the best countertop for a kitchen headset.

  • It is necessary to choose such options that will be as comfortable as possible in the application and durable.
  • Proper attention should be paid to the material from which countertops produced. He must be waterproof and moisture-resistant, because in the kitchen there always reigns a high level of humidity. Avoid contact table tops with water will not succeed, even if you try to try.
  • The countertop must be resistant to mechanical damage. Otherwise, it will quickly lose its freight look, if accidentally hurts it with acute kitchen utensils.
  • It is important to select such options for tabletops that are not terrible temperature differences and their high values, because in the kitchen, such phenomena are normal.
  • No less important design countertops. They must be harmonized with a kitchen head, and with the entire setting in the room as a whole. Otherwise, the interior will seem unfinished, disharmonious.
  • It is desirable to choose such accommodation options, which will be simple and unpretentious in care.
  • Countertops must be resistant to acids and dyes.
  • It is necessary to give preference to such products that can be subsequently submit to repair if it is necessary.
  • They should not contain in their composition of dangerous and harmful chemicals that have harmful to the health of households.

Choosing work surfaces for the kitchen, it is advisable to be repelled from all listed criteria. If the products you choose meet the specified requirements, you can safely take them.

Pros and disadvantages of different materials

Countertops for kitchen heads produce from various materials. We will get acquainted with the most popular copies closer and learn what their advantages and cons.


Budget options occurring very often. Usually their design template, no noticeable. This material has the following positive qualities.

  • Available – products from it are widespread and cost cheap.
  • Pretty in production.
  • Presented in a huge range of color solutions. In addition, tabletops from LDSP produce many well-known (and not very) brands.
  • Typically, details are installed from LDSP quickly and simply. It can easily cope with even a person who has never been dealing with similar procedures.

At LDSPThere are not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Get acquainted with them.

  • This material is “afraid of” dyes and aggressive liquid compositions. This countertop is not desirable to shed juices, wine, lemonade, coffee. Even tap water on these surfaces should not be included. As a result, characteristic stains may appear.
  • If water is in poorly protected, water falls, then as a result, the material can begin to swell.
  • If you use tabletops from LDSP constantly, over time, they can lose color saturation in places where stains were constantly wiped or various kinds of abrasive compositions were used.
  • LDSP does not boast good heat resistance.
  • In the manufacture of this material, formaldehyde resins are used, negatively affecting human health. They stand out if LDSP is in high temperatures. You can find materials of the E-1 or E-0 classes (there are fewer formaldehydes), but it will be difficult to make it difficult, as will make sure that the seller really offers you products from this raw material.
  • The shelf life of table tops from LDSP is not the biggest – on average about 5 years.


More dense than chipboard. There are no dangerous formaldehydes in this material.

We will analyze the main advantages of this material.

  • MDF is inexpensive.
  • Produced without using formaldehyde resins. Instead, they use lingin and paraffin.
  • Presented in a huge assortment. Colors are very different. MDF imitates more expensive luxury materials.
  • Resistant to fungi and harmful microorganisms.

And now consider which MDF has weaknesses.

  • Weak resistance to acids and dyes. Over time, the MDF can change the color on the plots where the spots were actively wiped.
  • Does not have enough heat resistance.
  • To strong blows of MDF unstable. If a heavy item falls on this countertop, dents will remain on the surface.
  • If the MDF is in contact with water, in the joints, the material may begin to swell.

Fake diamond

Many consumers seeking strong, practical and beautiful work surfaces, stop on artificial stone products. This material is represented in two varieties:

  • acrylic+
  • agglomerate.

Acrylic structures may have absolutely any form. Their production lies in the binding of small mineral crumbs and various color pigments with acrylic resin.

Consider the main advantages of acrylic.

  • This is the perfect solution for intricate designer ideas. Countertops from acrylic look beautiful in modern progressive interiors.
  • Products from this material look stylish and aesthetically.
  • Countertops are monolithic, do not have joints.
  • Color gamut acrylic countertops can hit by their manifold.
  • It is environmentally friendly and safe material.
  • Over time, acrylic does not fade, does not lose color brightness.
  • Has a “warm” effect in the case of tactile contact.
  • Acrylic repair profitable.

Cons of acrylic are as follows:

  • it costs expensive+
  • subject to external mechanical damage+
  • susceptible to acid impact, “afraid of” dyes+
  • It is difficult to install+
  • Differs low heat resistance+
  • Acrylic countertops are made long.

Consider what good agglomerate (quartz):

  • Looks presentable+
  • Resistant to acids and coloring components+
  • His color does not grind, not dull over time+
  • hygienic and environmentally safe+
  • durable – serves at least 10 years.

Agglomerate is very practical material, but not devoid of flaws:

  • Has high cost+
  • Small range of colors+
  • joints on this material are well noticeable+
  • almost unsuitable for repair+
  • Differs in impressive weight.


At the heart of such countertops laid natural granite. This is one of the most wear-resistant and durable options. We will analyze their advantages.

  • Granite countertops look natural and rich.
  • Do not fear moisture, dampness and acids. Thermal loads of all levels for granite countertops do not pose a danger.
  • Loss of color such products is not terrible. They do not fade, are not susceptible to abrasion.
  • This is a durable material that can serve as decades.

As for the shortcomings, the following items can be attributed to them.

  • Stop Tables from Granite Very expensive.
  • Color gamut poor, joints are noticeable.
  • Powerful dyes granite countertops can be absorbed into their structure. They often remain unfulfilled spots.
  • Weigh similar products a lot.
  • Repair granite countertops after severe damage will not be able to.
  • In rare cases, granite is distinguished by a high radiation background.

Natural tree

Many manufacturers make high-quality and environmentally friendly countertops from a wood array. Most often, these products produce from such breeds as oak, nut, ash, bamboo or iroko.

Here are the main advantages of such copies.

  • Massive table tops have a beautiful and natural view. Bring to the interior kitchen comfort and heat. Differ in unique tactile sensations.
  • If it is properly lacquered by wood and ensure proper care for her, it will not be afraid of contact with moisture.
  • The cost of such products is medium.
  • The appearance of wooden models can be updated, resorting to grinding.

We will understand which minuses are from tabletops from the wood massif.

  • Wood is not refractory, it has a very weak thermal resistance.
  • Because of the jumps of humidity rates, wood risks dry or sick.
  • If the moisture falls on poorly protected connections, the tree can start swell.
  • Natural tree is afraid of acids and coloring components. Such countertops will need regular and careful care.
  • If wood countertops often be exposed to damp and moisture, they will soon become the object “attacks” of fungi and different microorganisms.


Chic natural material, ideal for the production of kitchen countertops. It has such advantages.

  • Has a stunning appearance. His texture is deep and unique. With such countertops, the kitchen will be truly luxurious.
  • Holds coolness, which is especially useful in hot seasons.
  • These products are reliable, durable.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • Marble susceptible to coloring compositions+
  • Does not tolerate temperature jumps+
  • On table tops from marble, it is not recommended to put hot objects+
  • At the edges often formed chips+
  • Marble countertops cost in a round sum+
  • their palette is more than limited+
  • need to regularly care for marble.

Consider the design and style of the room

Tabletop must have interior Kitchen in general. The selected shade should not create a disharmony in the setting. If the kitchen cabinets are dark, then the tabletop is better to choose a light or even white. If the headset, on the contrary, light, then the countertops can contrast with it and be dark (black options are allowed). With bright, colored kitchens I wonder simple white or shaded work surfaces.

It is important to consider the color design and the material of the apron. For example, solutions are interesting and harmoniously, in which the countertop, and the kitchen apron is made of the same materials.

Countertops must harmoniously fit into the formed image of the kitchen. In restrained and low stylistic directions, it is allowed to use models from budget materials such as LDSP or plastic. If we are talking about modern currents – high-tech or minimalism, then there will be countertops from glass, artificial stone or metal. It is desirable that work surfaces in progressive interiors were laconic, monophonic. The upper part of the products can be both glossy and matte.

Classic ensembles of successful wood countertops from natural origin will be. In the rustic style of Country, it looks nicely both wooden and stone surfaces. If the kitchen interior is sustained in expensive, frightened directions (Rococo, Baroque), then the best solutions will be expensive stone, marble or high quality granite countertops.

Rating manufacturers

The best in quality are branded table tops. Consider a small rating of the most popular manufacturers producing high-quality products.

  • DUROPAL. Motherland of this brand – Germany. Countertops Duroral are famous for the impeccable quality and presence of a special groove-drip. German products made of safe materials that are not subject to mechanical damage.

  • DuPont Montelli. The next famous firm in our review is from Italy. Products of this production made of artificial stone have one feature – they are flexible, which positively affects their mechanical characteristics.

Italian products have an expensive and presentable design.

  • Dekton. Spanish brand producing high quality countertops. The manufacturer makes models of different colors from durable and wear-resistant materials.

  • “Scythian”. Famous Factory in Russia, extracting high quality kitchen countertops, not susceptible to abrasion, mechanical damage, moisture and sun rays. Attractive and product design “Scyth.

Tips for specialists

In the choice of countertops for the kitchen should adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

  • If you pick up the countertops from a natural or artificial stone, we must take into account that their surfaces are characterized by increased hardness. This should be remembered by putting the dishes on the table top.
  • Matte surfaces countertops are more practical than glossy.
  • Before buying it costs to get acquainted with a showcase option to find out what it is in terms of tactile sensations.
  • If products from MDF or LDSP, then it is better to select them with light, because these materials are fade with time and on a dark background it will be much more noticeable.
  • If you want to choose gorgeous stone countertops, you should consider the quadrature of the kitchen. In a small room, such products will not look. They should be used in spacious kitchens.
  • Selecting the models made from natural wood, you need to choose the segment of the tree.

Otherwise on the product you can see unnecessary knots and stains.

About how to choose the hardware table top for the kitchen, look in the following video.

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