How to choose the best kitchen faucet?

How to choose the best kitchen faucet?

If you choose such a place in the apartment, where the most cold and hot water is used in the day – then it will definitely be a kitchen. Mixers installed in the kitchen open and closed by households at 100, or even more than a day. It is for this reason that they are presented with quite stringent requirements, they are selected much more carefully than many other elements of modern plumbing. Before buying a mixer to the kitchen, you should carefully examine the full range of products offered by various manufacturers, in the affordable financial segment.

What kind of preferred is preferred?

High-quality kitchen plumbing fittings must be 100% compliant with the following important criteria.

  • High wear resistance. The crane you have chosen must have guaranteed strength. Eminent brands give this indicator a great importance, so most of the mixers will serve as long as possible.
  • Economy. For many ordinary people, it is extremely important that water in their home is spent more economical. Mixers are complemented by special aerators – they feed the jet slightly foam, filling it with small air bubbles. In this case, water consumption is really significantly reduced, while the hygienic properties of water are not lost. Today, the market has become popular models of mixers, which can serve a stream of liquids with small spirals, as if drawing around the circle a mesh of water. Such a pressure looks not quite usually, but at the same time reduces financial spending for using water.
  • Easy to operate. The most successful are the cranes that can quickly open and install the required water temperature at the output. Just an excellent model can be considered a touch of a sensory species, as in it the degree of heated water can always be installed in advance, so there is no need to regulate it from time to time. It is worth only to bring the hand to the hand to such a device, how the water itself will make the crane immediately.
  • Strength. A really well made product will not be afraid of serious mechanical impacts, for example, constant pressure or friction.
  • Stylish design. The newly acquired crane should not spoil its original appearance already available interior in the kitchen. Ideally, the device must harmoniously fit into the design of washing and kitchen. Therefore, you will have to search for a crane made of similar material and in appearance suitable for the surrounding environment.

Any mixer that is being offered today by the Plumbing Products Market will be their pros and cons.

If you choose a crane according to water supply methods, then you should know that Any modern mixer can be attributed to one of the three types:

  • Two-handed mixers having two valves (cold and hot water)+
  • Single-art, who have only one locking lever+
  • Contactless models.

Double-click devices are the most simple and familiar. To get heated or cool water, you should only open the necessary valves at a certain angle. The main advantages of this type of product:

  • Low price, if compared with other named types of cranes+
  • Easy to repair – any faulty crane elements can be easily changed.

Cons – Such cranes look too simple, habitual and do not fit into modern design of the kitchen interior, and also require a long adjustment to obtain water of the desired temperature.

Instruments with one lever are quite comfortable during operation. Many people stop their final choice on these devices for their kitchen. Using a single handle, you can adjust the appropriate fluid temperature, and the power of the pressure itself. For this, just need to turn the handle into the left or right side, and the pressure of the pressure is adjustable when it is up.

The advantages of this type of devices:

  • Some of the most economical+
  • Easy to use even for children+
  • have stylish decoration.

As deficiencies, you can mention the rapid wear of certain elements and the price, which is not always available to the ordinary average. The disadvantage of such a crane can also be considered the fact that due to the complexity of the design during its breakdown, the same expensive repair will be required.

Contactless type sensory devices appeared in the sanitary ware market not so long ago and significantly differ from their mechanical analogues. The main function that such a crane will perform – supply fluid with a predetermined temperature. Today you can find both energy-dependent and autonomous devices. The first – through a special adapter in 12 V will function from the usual network, the autonomous models are powered by batteries.

With the final choice, it is best to stop on such a device that can duplicate manually in the control of the aggregate.

The main advantage of contactless cranes is a huge economy of fluid, as well as the absence of traces from fingers on it (there are no need to concerns). Weighing drawback – they are too expensive.

You can also pay attention to the original nozzles, which will enhance the usual mixer. This kind of device should be fixed on the spout spout, and it will be functioning from the batteries. If you believe manufacturers companies, the contactless mixer will save your liquid consumption by 20-25%.

In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the classification of kitchen cranes according to the methods of their final installation. Location and method of mounting the crane will affect what model you should pick up for your kitchen.

Install the unit can be three popular ways. List them.

  • Installing the crane in a separate hole washing – the most common way of installation, which can easily be done without a call to a specialist. For this method, any crane devices will be suitable.
  • In the tabletop – Here you can place the models of valve, lever type or sensory – but they must have a swivel. In the table it will be necessary to drill a hole that will correspond to the diameter of the device you purchased.
  • Installation in the wall – For this, wall-mounted mixers are purchased. The case for this type of installation should be as massive as possible, and the connection with all pipes hidden in the wall must be hard.

What material is better?

According to its design, the plumbing mixer is considered a rather complex device consisting of details of the most different manufacturing material. The body is most often done from alloys, most often occurring from them – steel and brass. These Metals Famous Metals provide good reliability for this kind of products. Beautifully looks like bronze and copper, but also the price will be much higher.

Devices with a case of resistant metal and elements inside high-quality ceramics are most in demand. And also in the salon plumbing you can find a lot of mixers, which are made of ceramics or plastic with heat resistance effect.

They differ in strength, although inferior in this metal products.

When choosing it is important than the metal mixer is covered. The most durable are chrome parts, but they will not be able to give you the opportunity to choose the necessary color, as well as too fast on them there are noticeable stains of dirt and fat.

Enamel coatings have no problems with the choice of colors, but enamel is not the most durable material, as it starts peeling after a short period of time or loses its original color. Excellent solution is a surface that was covered with bronze. It will not see different stains on it, and everyday care does not cause much effort.

If you dream choose the best product, check it on weight. Really high-quality mixer that will last the maximum number of years, will not be easy.

How to choose?

Forms and parameters of the poles differ in variety, and it is worth considering when purchasing a product to make your choice as correct as possible.

Regardless of the flash form, the nozzles of the aggregates can be rounded, slightly dropped or even in the shape of the square – the type of water flow will be directly dependent.

Sulfyped by type of layout location are classified for such:

  • Low – from 15.5 to 18.4 cm long+
  • Average type is 23.5, 21.6 and 20 cm+
  • High – 28 cm.

    Products with high bending and nozzles are best to choose for deep sills. If the flow falls from a high height into a shallow sink, it will be required to spray liquid in the kitchen. The choice of a low-type unit is also associated with certain difficulties, If the hostess need to fill a high saucepan or vase.

    In this case, the problem can be easily solved by the acquisition of a spout with operational geometry, which can be changed (for example, telescopic vulgar). Retractable types of mixers are much better and very comfortable with active use. Inside the crane is a flexible hose, it is through it and the flow of water will go. Most often, this hose is completely recessed in the mixer, for this reason, it looks like a regular crane.

    Spill product with a height of 25 cm will be the best choice if you want to use the sink and for other procedures, in addition to wash your hands or ordinary dishes.

    It is necessary to take into account that the spill, located high, is suitable only for the sink, which will have the most in-depth bowl, otherwise splashing the liquid from the crane around the room you cannot avoid.

    Faucets with expulsion, which has a height of 12-15 cm or 15-25 cm, fully arrange the owners, If they are used to the sink to use it only in direct appointment – for washing and cleaning dishes, a set of water in the dishes for cooking dinner.

    Rating of domestic producers

    When choosing a good mixer, you need to watch not so much on the price, but also on the brand so that I never regret your acquisition.

    Famous domestic companies produce both inexpensive, so luxury models of various types of mixers. At the same time, an existing reputation for these companies today means much more than some small economy. For this reason, mixers of eminent brands always differ from the analogues by excellent performance.

    From the brand of the manufacturer’s company depends on the fact as comfortable when using your new plumbing will be and how long will it last you. Among the many domestic companies, which produce good plumbing, high-quality kitchen faucets produce the following range of companies.


    The main feature of this manufacturer from Russia is a huge selection of parameters of various cranes, which allows you to purchase them for any kind of kitchens – large, small, stylish and not very.


    Mixers of this brand have reliable ergonomic characteristics and stylish functionality, what to buyers like, since they are not inferior to famous foreign models in quality.


    This company guarantees the highest quality kitchen devices, long-term operation while maintaining appearance and functionality.


    This Russian company has long been popular among Russian consumers who prefer to support their manufacturers. More than 100 most popular chromium and nickel coating devices are presented in the modern market.

    Top overseas brands


    Production is located in Germany. In the production of mixers of this brand, the latest technologies are used that allow you to produce the most functional and maximum ergonomic excellent quality devices.


    Cezares Mixer – Product of the famous Italian manufacturer manufacturing equipment for the kitchens of the average price segment and premium class. Cezares Production Bases are located in Northern Italy – region, known production of high-quality ceramics.

    Fully automated European equipment, the use of brass alloys with high copper content, monogating quality control, collaboration with designers guarantee the manufacture of excellent quality and design products.


    Imprese mixers from the Czech Republic have always differed in high reliability and excellent quality of their mixers, as they are produced from high-quality brass alloy.


    This is a Czech brand that specializes in the release of stylish color devices, which is painted in the tone of modern granite miles. These are usually aggregates with a rather high type of spinning and one lever, which is responsible for the power of the jet and the temperature of the liquid used.


    As part of the Chinese Kitchen Mixers Zegor contains an extremely low level of lead, which is why such a kind of mixers are completely safe for active operation. Spill of these products can easily unfold around its axis. Unusual design made these valves and levers are pretty simple and very convenient in home everyday, and thanks to the presence of a special aerator, these cranes allow you to save significant funds when paying for consumption of consumed water.


    Omoikiri is a famous Japanese manufacturer who offers its permanent and new car wash customers, as well as mixers and various kitchen devices. The special style of Japan is seen in any offered unit of products. Warranty for 5 years of operation and the present Japanese quality of devices have long won love and recognition of consumers in most countries of the world.


    Vidima can produce brass itself, so keeps the quality of the available casting under control, reducing almost zero the possibility of the appearance of various hidden defects in devices. The development of the most complex mechanisms of sanitary products are engaged in leading German engineers, which makes it possible to provide the best quality and increased reliability of designs.


    The products of the ORAS brand are produced at the enterprises that are located in Finland and Poland, as well as Norway. Products are distinguished by an attractive design, they save liquid consumption through the use of modern electronics inside the unit, which is as time as the highest standards of world quality.

    How to choose a kitchen mixer, look in the following video.

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