How to choose the color of the kitchen?

How to choose the color of the kitchen?

Each person is an individual, which is manifested in the style of clothing, speech, behavior, as well as in the interior of his dwelling. Apartment or private house is issued so that it was nice to live, meet guests and relax in any situation. Each room has its own purpose, its design and color gamut depends on it. The kitchen is considered one of the most visited rooms, so its appearance should be flawless, What do not achieve without the selection of the successful color of the walls, interior and decorative elements.

What gamma is the most practical?

The color solution of any room can radically reincarnish it and change. In order to be comfortable in the kitchen, it is easy to work and enjoy eating food, it is important to choose such shades that will taste most of the households and organically fit into a particular room. Each color is beautiful and original, but if you plan to design a kitchen, you should consider the following features.

  • For small kitchens, the most correct option will be the use of white color gamut, which visually increases space. The disadvantage of such a colors is its groin. Wallpaper, headplanes, apron, countertop – all this will need to keep in perfect clean, otherwise the main effect of using white color will be lost.

  • Black color gamma well suited for overall kitchen premises, where you can safely experiment and afford to visually reduce the room. Furnished care in such a shade will be much easier, and therefore the appearance will not be disturbed. However, the dark color scheme can deteriorately affect the person, depriving his mood and appetite, which is unacceptable in the kitchen.

Since the diversity of colors serves to various purposes, it is necessary to determine what options are practical and preferable for the kitchen. To cooking food and its consumption were equally comfortable, recommend using natural colors and shades in design, which look nice, do not irritate the eyes. No less important is the criterion for the convenience of room care and maintaining it clean. The most pleasant for the hostess are those colors:

  • Brown+

  • beige+

  • grey+

  • under marble+

  • with imitation of a tree.

Selection of each functional zone with the desired tint, selection of furniture in a specific color, maintaining the color gamut of the room at the expense of sex, ceiling and walls makes it possible to get a beautiful and functional kitchen.

How to decide on the color of the finish?

So that the kitchen looked stylishly, it is important to be able to choose the right color for its components. In order not to make a mistake, it is necessary to take into account a number of criteria.

  1. Room size. What it is less, the little should be. The more, the wider the possibilities for experiments.
  2. Relationship with the height of the ceilings. Low ceilings visually grind space, because it needs to be expanded by light shades. High ceilings expand space, even if the kitchen quadrature is small, which allows the use of bright colors and their combinations.
  3. Availability or absence of natural lighting. Sunlight gives the room with warmth and brightness, so you can use a calm color gamut in such a room, which will be transformed by new paints. In a not enough illuminated room, there is a need to compensate for living paints, so the use of yellow, orange, lettuce shades will be prioritized.
  4. The purpose of the repair and change of design of the room. If the previous appearance of the kitchen did not suit the owners, then quite natural is the desire to change something. In some cases, overhaul is required, and in some it is enough only to change the color gamut and the room will completely transform.

Evaluating the parameters of the room and the purpose of the alteration, you can decide on the main colors in each of the zones, combining them into a single composition.

Best colors according to the psychology of perception

To choose a good color for the kitchen, you can contact the color and fengsui psychology research. The influence of different shades on behavior and reaction of a person has long been observed, so the choice of one or another design should be clearly planned. It is best to stay on those options that are considered proven and favorable.

  • Yellow – is the color of joy, sunlight and positive. Wallpaper or kitchen facades in such a color will enter the premises sense of satisfaction and happiness. Psychology sees a positive effect of yellow to the mental and creative side of a person.

  • Green – The most recommended shade of the interior for those who crave calm and peace. This color resembles nature, turns calm and pleasant thoughts and sensations.

  • Blue – also refers to a relaxed color scheme and configures on relaxation. But it’s a cold shade that is not suitable for each kitchen. The presence in the interior of blue pushes a person to be more judicious and ordered. The advantages of this colors include its ability to reduce appetite.

  • Brown – very nice color for the kitchen, as it helps make it more comfortable, home and comfortable. This coloring is not bored, does not cut the eyes, so long years can satisfy households.

If you are guided by Fengshui, it is worth noting that the kitchen refers to the elements of fire due to the presence of a furnace for cooking dishes. Therefore, the recommended colors for this room will look like this:

  • Red+

  • Orange+

  • Saturated yellow.

Due to the aggressiveness of these shades, not all experts recommend using them, especially as the main color of the room. The most suitable, from the point of view of Fengshui experts, are:

  • beige+

  • green+

  • light brown.

Selecting the color scheme of wallpaper, furniture, floor, ceiling and accessories, it is necessary to take into account not only the main shades, but also their combinations with each other.

What is in fashion now?

The style of each room should be original and appropriate. Fashionable color solutions The headset must be combined with the color of the walls, the ceiling and floor, and the decorative elements to be a relevant complement of the general image. To modern color solutions that are most often used by designers include the following series of shades.

  • Grey. Despite all the seeming simplicity, in this coloring room it turns out restrained, but very stylish, and with the correct combination with other shades, the effect exceeds all expectations. The advantage of gray is the fact that it can be used both in modern styles and in many others, creating a unique kitchen environment.

  • Black. Popular color, which is increasingly found in various premises, including in the kitchen. The correct use of such a dark color gamut allows you to create a very stylish and interesting room.

  • Red. The most fashionable shade, but it needs to be able to correctly enter into the interior, otherwise the atmosphere of the room will be inhibiting. With a combination of red with light tones, the kitchen acquires its unique style, not affecting negatively on households.

  • Green. Bright and juicy green cuisine tones are becoming increasingly popular, which is explained by the peaceful nature of the shade and its juicy colors. Correctly filling the space with green, you can get a spacious, light, living room, where it will be pleasant to be, it is easy to draw and appetite with the appetite.

  • Yellow. Bright and unique shade, which causes only positive feelings and emotions. Prepare a variety of dishes and use them in such a room will be very nice.

  • White. The most popular color, many years not losing its relevance. Used for kitchen design in different styles. The airiness and lightness of the room will delight anyone, configuring on bright and good thoughts.

Over time, the color gamut of the kitchen can change, so If you wish, you can create a modern room that will meet all requirements of today. And you can also stop your choice on the shade that always.

Color solutions depending on the size of the kitchen

Projects of old and modern apartments are completely different, so the kitchens in them can have a different way, the height of the ceilings and layout. Based on this design and color solution for each specific room may differ. To pick up the optimal shade for a small kitchen, it is worth discarding all the dark options, as they visually reduce the space that is completely undesirable. The color scheme in this case should be:

  • White+

  • beige+

  • Cream+

  • Pitsikova+

  • Olive+

  • gray.

The kitchen can be made in more brighter colors, but you need to use them with mind, because a contrast spot on a light background visually reduces the room.

If there is a need to pick up a shade for a large kitchen, then there is a scope for experiments with color, texture and pattern. The most suitable colors in this case are:

  • White+

  • blue+

  • Red+

  • Violet+

  • black+

  • green+

  • Orange.

With the correct assessment of the size of the room, it is possible to emphasize its advantages and hide the shortcomings, improving the appearance and comfort from staying in it.

Suitable shades for light and dark rooms

The choice of color of the kitchen will depend on the illumination of the room. If the room is on the sunny side, the most favorable will be dark and cold shades:

  • blue+

  • grey+

  • blue.

When a large amount of sunlight gets, the interior will not seem dark, dark and narrowing space.

In the event that the kitchen is on the north side, it is best to make it bright and bright, which compensates for the lack of illumination. Optimal shade in this case:

  • White+

  • beige+

  • yellow+

  • Salad.

In addition to the sun, it is worth considering and artificial lighting, which can be warm or cold, to fully illuminate the room or leave darkened areas. The color gamut of the interior can vary significantly from the location of the lamps and their power. For the kitchen in warm colors, you can use the incandescent lamps, which add comfort and warmth room, and the fluorescent lamps of the cold shade in this case will be inappropriate.

Shadow part of the kitchen will look unprofitable, so It is necessary to light it with fluorescent lamps. When using a glow dump, the color of the room may change. To make the right choice of lighting devices, it is best to use halogen lamps that are universal for each case.

Compliance with shades to certain styles

The ideal choice of color solutions should be combined not only with the size of the room, furniture, illumination, but also the style in which it is made. For classic style, bright shades are considered the most suitable:

  • White+

  • beige+

  • olive.

Bright color gamut allows you to make the kitchen more elegant, as well as visually expanding her borders. For the style of Country, the use of natural materials or their imitation is considered. The most successful color decision is:

  • beige+

  • Brown+

  • grey.

The wall decoration should be combined with furniture, while imitation under the tree is considered the most successful.

For high-tech style, it is characterized by the use of a large amount of metal and glass, so the color gamut of the room must organically fit into such a concept. The most common reception is the contrast of colors: gray and blue, black and red, gray and green. Such combinations look richly, which makes the kitchen stylish, and the presence of modern equipment makes the room as comfortable as possible.

For Provence, it is recommended to use warm and tender shades:

  • beige+

  • pink+

  • burgundy+

  • Brown.

The color of walls, furniture and accessories should be harmonized with each other, creating a cozy room for cooking and consuming food.

How to combine colors?

So that the room looked stylish and interesting, it is desirable to use more than one color range in it. But the presence of too much shades in one room will worsen the visual effect of perception. So that this does not happen, you need to know what proportion is to combine colors. The combination of shades should look like this:

  • 60% Suggested on the main color gamut+
  • thirty% – Additional color, complementing or contrasting with the main+
  • 10% – Accent sites.

If you break these proportions, the room after repair can turn out to be strange and it will be unpleasant in it for a long time.

The best combinations for the kitchen are considered:

  • White with black+
  • green with orange, brown or red+
  • Red with white, black or brown+
  • Orange with green, purple, red or blue+
  • black is combined with any color, and especially good with gold, silver and bronze.

The correct combination of colors and their use in the kitchen allows you to create the perfect style of the room, which will delight for many years.

Beautiful examples

Beautiful room consists of harmony of style and the right choice of furniture. The kitchen refers to frequently visited premises, Therefore, over its design is worth work especially carefully.

The room made in a quiet color scheme will be more practical and convenient, providing easy care and a comfortable stay in one room of all households, as well as guests. The correct combination of the color of the walls and the headset allows you to achieve the desired result.

For a small kitchen, the most acceptable shades will be bright and bright, which visually expand the boundaries of space and distinguish certain zones. The combination of the color of the wallpaper pattern and the headset is a good reception to create a holistic room with an original design.

A variety of colors, the ability to experiment with shades most relevant for kitchens with large dimensions. The game of colors, textures and materials create a single ensemble, the most revealing room potential.

The right choice of colors of the kitchen, headset, floor, ceiling, as well as decorative elements allows you to get the desired result and enjoy the stay in a stylish and cozy room.

About how to choose the color of the kitchen, look next.

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