How to choose the color of the walls in the kitchen?

How to choose the color of the walls in the kitchen?

The choice of color solving for the design of the kitchen is extremely important, since the main thing is the comfortable atmosphere, which is created by a combination of several tones and attached to them.

In addition, certain colors help create an optimally appropriate style of the room, without which the interior will look ridiculous and tasteless.

The right approach to color chooser

To competently pick up the color of the walls in the kitchen, It is necessary to take into account the 3 main parameters:

  • Dimensions of the room+
  • Type and Intensity Lighting+
  • The use of tones that do not cause psychological stress, but, on the contrary, contributing to.

Modern designers follow several rules to create impeccable decor:

  • On the large kitchen area, it is not necessary to use cold and black shades that enhance the visual sensation of emptiness+

  • If the main tone of the walls is neutral – gray or beige – in the colors of furniture and decorative accessories, bright accents that create contrast should be traced+

  • The color of the small kitchen walls must be light, since dark visually narrows and reduces room space+

  • Juicy bright paints are allowed in the decor only if there is a small room most of the day there is a shadow, but they, in any case, should be blond+

  • Dark shades are relevant only for kitchens located on the sunny side of the apartment or at home+

  • To create a cozy setting, it is necessary to use warm shades and lighting with yellow lamps, the light of which is the most soft and comfortable for perception+

  • It is undesirable to cover olive paint walls, which can create a boring and even dying image – this color requires a mandatory dilution+

  • In the kitchen of any size, you should not use a large amount of dark, rich and cold shades that can make a gloomy room+

  • visually space strongly narrows brown color, so it must be applied dosed.

When choosing a color palette, professionals are also recommended to be guided by some provisions from Fengshui – the practice of symbolic knowledge and space development.

For the inner and external harmonicity of the room, the kitchen walls should be painted both in cold and warm light shades, for example, in dairy, coffee, salad, blue or champagne.

Influence of shades for mood and well-being

Incorrectly selected color can have a negative psychological impact on a person, causing growing irritation and negative emotions. And considering that in the kitchen, people spend quite a long time, especially the owners, it is gradually different problems may occur due to bad mood, including energy loss and appetite.

So that this does not happen, it is worth understanding which emotional sending is carrying every particular color.

  • Red, scarlet and shades close to it – bright colors. This is Yan, necessary to feed people with insufficient life force. However, with constant contact with him, a person may feel oppressed. Red is good when it comes to the decor of individual parts in the interior.

With his help, it is best to place accents, but as the background it is not enough for any residential room, if only this is not a french monarch or his throne room.

On the kitchen space, this color is remarkably combined with white, gray and black tones, in a limited amount can be combined with other shades.

  • Sunny orange – This is a combination of positive and energy, contributing to improving the mood and generation of creative ideas. However, bright orange notes should be strictly balanced with other colors colors: with brown, white, gray and green, a few notes are allowed in a purple and blue clearing, but not too much.

The color is more relevant for large spacious rooms.

  • Yellow In its influence close to orange, he revitalizes the situation and fills the room with warm light. Particularly suitable for shadow rooms, in which the sun can not penetrate because of the northern side or abundance of vegetation.

However, the yellow facades of the headset preferably dilute the ornament combining brown, white and coffee tones, or apply color with warm cream, light gray and chocolate tone.

Beautifully lemon litter or yellow pencils in combination with tabletops under light marble.

  • Natural green tone, First of all, equilibrium contributes to the atmosphere, this color is able to affect soothing. It provides the kitchen the necessary relax after a working day.

And since the color of life has many shades, it can be combined with many other palette paints.

From additional tones you can choose light purple, yellow and white. And the green is combined with beige, cream and orange accents, but in a small space it must be diluted with furniture and white accessories.

  • Blue – Color of romantics and dreamers, and they can boldly choose it to make her kitchen. Associations that cause blueness, this is a sea, mysterious underwater world, the immensity of the heavenly arch.

Such an image is easy to create if you salary the walls with blue wallpaper or use plaster, paint.

If there is no fear of this luxurious cold shade, then it will help in expanding the small space and will give the feeling of lightness.

You can use the tone, combining it with matte and glossy surfaces, a headset of beige, creamy and light yellow color, softening its characteristic coolness. Suitable blue walls and bright blue curtains and for gray furniture.

  • Pink and purple tone Miscellaneous saturation can be applied to the walls. And also they look beautifully as the color of the working panels and facades, if the ceiling of the kitchen is white, the apron is made in the form of a gray background with a light mosaic, and the light gray floor and elements of the dining area are complemented by black details. It is allowed to be one wall of another color, but from the same 3 main shades.

  • Perfectly look at the kitchen area any neutral shades: Starting with white and ending beige. These warm pastel colors make a room with spacious, create comfort and a feeling of rest. They are combined with all imaginable colors, both cold and warming, perfectly combined with white and black surfaces.

Such studies are based on chromotherapy scientific methods proving that the color can both heal and treat a person, in some situations, leading to stress and other health issues.

It will be unreasonable to abandon such important information, especially with respect to its own dwelling.

Best options and perfect combinations

Choosing certain colors, you need to know that In one room, you can combine no more than 3 tones, Adding to them bright accents in the form of paintings, decorative planks, accessories for decorating a table and shelves.

Cool and warm shades should be diluted with achromatic colors: Black, white or various gray collers. Faceless and overwhelming themselves, in combination with bright stains, they give the room a specific sophistication. An excellent example can serve a bright kitchen furniture on the background of monochrome tones of walls. Wonderful will look at the SIZY, Emerald, Orange or Dark Coffee Background with a White Garnitour.

Another option is to create a bright apron contrasting the color with the furniture of the working and dining area. The shades selected for its design can also be traced in the trimming of chairs, tablecloths, decorative kitchen attributes.

Protecting impeccable organicity will help and selected for the premises, providing for the use of specific tones. Most Popular:

  • Classic, intended for a large area – as a decor, as a rule, white, brown, cream tones and gilding are selected,+

  • Modern – involves the use of light palette and interstitations of black, pastel and bright shades, relevant for small and small kitchens+

  • Provence – design is performed using neutral shades: these are light green, lilac, blue and cream tones in combination with white panels headset and curtains of light or moderately bright color+

  • Minimalistic Scandinavian style, relevant for the room of any parameters using white, gray, brown, black and metal shades.

Similar stylistics providing for a variety of color design options, never comes out of fashion. In addition to it, there are other directions that can successfully optimize the kitchen space.


Excess, as well as disadvantage, natural light can be compensated with the help of optimally selected color combinations.

  • If the room leaves the windows to the southern sunshine, it is important to use the color absorbing lights: for example, shades of brown, orange, blue and even black tone in the form of individual elements.

In addition, smooth, metal and glossy facades The headset will win look and glitter in the rays of the Sun.

  • The location on the north side is always the shading of the room, especially it is undesirable for a little time. Expand the visually space and make it more cheerful will help shades of light palette: yellow, orange, white, gentle pink and blue. These and other colors have reflective ability and help to fill the space of light energy.

  • And it is also worth thinking about “warm” the concealed premises with warm shades, and add coolness in solaries, using purple, blue and green cold paints.

It remains to add that it is not necessary to make the design of such a cozy room as a kitchen, in dark or even more black colors.

    They will not only reduce the space, but will suppress the associative sensation of the presence of dirt and a gloomy medieval view.

    With the colors of the selection of color for walls in the kitchen, you can get acquainted in the following video.

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