How to choose the distance between the bidet and the toilet?

How to choose the distance between the bidet and the toilet?

Recently, such a plumbing device is extremely popular like a bidet. It allows you to carry out hygienic procedures without leaving the restroom. However, when planning the location and installation, problems may arise, one of which is associated with the definition of the distance to the toilet. This will be discussed in this article.


Very often people tend to think that the arrangement of the bathroom and even more so the toilet is a fairly simple task, but in most cases it is, unfortunately, not quite so. The plumbing under consideration should be located next to the sewage drain, while The optimal distance to other essential components should be observed.

Construction rates will be their own for specific houses and apartments, it all depends on the square of the bathroom or toilet room, on the form of the room.

Therefore, if you need to equip a restroom competently and organically, it is necessary to repel from specific guidelines related to health and hygiene.

Toilet bowls and bidets are usually located next to each other, But it is important that they are not installed too close or too far. During use, there should be enough space for the movement of one person a small physique. Just like the toilet, the bidet should not be placed in close proximity to the door or wall, otherwise they will be inconvenient to use.

SPACE planning experts offer minimal remoteness of 40 cm between the central toilet line and the central bidet line (on the axes).

The central line of the toilet or bidet is an imaginary line that divides plumbing into two equal parts in the middle. As a rule, the reduced parameter corresponds to the length of the elbow elbow and allows users to comfortably operate the described plumbing devices.

note that The specified distance of 40 cm (in some cases 50 cm) should be not only between installations, But even to other products from them in the bathroom or toilet: Bath, outdoor lockers, washing machine and other.

Room size

It is clear that Large bidet in a small-size toilet room will look too cumbersome. Therefore, it is necessary to initially choose the model correctly, and for this you need to measure the room and delete the plan for this bathroom or toilet room. The drawing will allow to understand where it is best to place a bidet. In this regard, it will be easier and pick up its size.

During the development of the project, it is important to provide sufficient space in front of the plumbing so that it is convenient to use the toilet and bidet.

From each plumbing device to the wall before him, the minimum distance of 60 cm should remain, meanwhile Optimal value is called 70 cm. You can always combine plumbing so that the most remote device is located away from the sewer pipe at a distance of 3 m.

When planning, you should also consider how to jointly look like a toilet and bidet. These plumbing devices are very similar, so for more harmonious visual perception, approximately similar options should be selected: style, color and size. In the case of the use of a wallile toilet, the bidet must also be purchased in the suspension.

If the bathroom is joint, then the equipment should be placed so that the room is divided into separate zones, that is, the sanitary, where the toilet with the bidet will be placed, and hygienic – bath or shower and sink.

In addition, you can designate these zones, that is, split by them by partitions or by different color of the floor covering. You should also not forget about the place for the washing machine, if, of course, you decided to install it in the bathroom.

Minimum distance

If we talk about the minimum distance, then this value varies from 25 to 30 cm.

It is important with significant sizes of the room “Do not scatter” devices at different angles – the remoteness between the toilet and the bidet should remain comfortable, regardless of the quadrature of the room.

It should not be forgotten that Both of these plumbing equipment form a solid functional complex, That is why it is necessary to have them near. It will be more difficult for those who have a bathroom too small, and the desire to put the bidet is. Incorrect is considered in this situation the placement of the bidet too next to the toilet.

If you do not comply with the minimum distance, the devices will be quite uncomfortable and hard to use. Therefore, with any situations, it is worth it to withstand the recommended distance, better pick more compact plumbing equipment.

If the conditions do not allow the installation of the bidet, pay attention to the following devices:

  • Hygienic souls+
  • Cover-bidet+
  • Shower Bidet.

All these devices will allow to equip toilet and make it more functional without loss of free space and space.

Installation and Connection

You can independently make a bidet, because some special skills will not need for this. It is enough to carefully examine the installation guide and follow clear and simple instructions.

Bidet connects to an existing cold water source next to the toilet or bathroom toilet.

There are models with a water heater installed inside, therefore A separate hot water line in this case will not need. In a separate drainage, there is also no need because the washing is flushed into the stock pipe. However, this model will require electricity, so make sure there is a power outlet nearby.

If we talk about the installation of an ordinary bidet, to which the cold and hot water needs to be cut, then the actions will be the following:

  • The bottom of the bidet must be placed on a sheet of rubber and circle along the edges with a chalk or marker, besides this, you will need to mark places for mounting holes+
  • Cuts the gasket, special holes are performed for fasteners+
  • bidets put on the floor and rub the sole to the marker, it will also be necessary to mark the position of fasteners+
  • Using the perforator, make holes in the floor on the markup under a special fastener+
  • In each hole with a hammer, sleeves are driven by a dowel+
  • Previously cut rubber lining should be pasted on silicone sealant to the floor in the outlined limits (marker)+
  • The lining is lubricated with a sealant from above and install the bidet+
  • It remains to attach the device to the floor using a threaded fastener (if a faience or porcelain plumbing is installed, the fasteners need to be tightened very carefully, because excessive efforts can lead to a sparrel of a product that can simply burst).

    It remains to attach a special siphon with a mixer to the bowl, and then connect the Communications.

    Make sure all connections are reliable.

    Open the water supply by turning the handle counterclockwise, and check the connections to leak.

    The following video presents an overview of an inexpensive bidet that can be installed on any toilet.

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