How to disassemble the corner sofa?

How to disassemble the corner sofa?

To transport the sofa in the assembled state is inappropriate and difficult, and put it in an elevator that is not intended to transport cargo of different weight and size, it is not possible at all possible, and in the cargo car sofa will capture most of the free space. However, the exit is available – it is to transport it in an uncomplicated state. And how to do it – read in our publication.

What do you need?

There are 2 varieties of corner design sofas:

  • Products containing 3 or 2-seater block supplemented by sofa located perpendicular+
  • Models containing 3 or 2-seater block connected by an angular element.

Such sofas have differences in the device and connecting mechanisms and, of course, a different assembly scheme. However, regardless of the structure, it is possible to disassemble the angular sofa, adhering to the same principle, only with certain clarifications.

To disassemble a sofa to parts, the following will be required.

  • Screwdriver. It would be nice somewhat, taking into account the form: flat and crucible.
  • Pliers (small and large).
  • Wrench keys (preferably a complete set to dismantle fastening).
  • Furniture stapler. Sometimes the fasteners are hidden under the upholstery, it will be necessary to disconnect and fix it.
  • Screwdriver (with a bit of bit).
  • Packaging material (thick polyethylene, large and small bags under fasteners).
  • Corrugated cardboard.

Schemes of angular sofas

Carefully read the assembly / disassembly scheme, if anyone is available, or look on the Internet.

Corner sofas are much more massive than victims. Among other things, they have a more complex design, therefore, efforts to disassemble such a modification will need more.

What is an angular model? These are 2 full-fledged sleep spaces that are combined by the angular component. For individual sofas one side is less than another. Seats and backs can be made in the form of removable pillows or unite into a whole unit of non-disassembled design. The added component other than the integrated in the side component of bed linen and accessories.

Step-by-step instruction

In our case, the procedure will be the following.

  • First of all free furniture from the cover and remove the cushion as possible, so that in the process of work did not get dirt and dust. Remove all that can be removed without use tools – armrests, pillows.
  • Pull the sofa for the middle of the room either moving it from the wall to permissible comfortable for operation.
  • Explore fastening elements. This is necessary in order to find out the need for additional dismantling tools. Keep in mind: In the case when the mechanisms are hidden under the upholstery and fixed with the mounting brackets, it is necessary to invite a disassembly specialist, because to parse such a design requires a special construction gun. Acquire this toolkit for one-time disassembly unnecessarily.
  • Next, we remove the sidewalls, And in certain modifications, first of all, make a dismantling of a tightening plank located on the back of furniture.
  • After that Disconnect seat elements, either both parts of the corner component.
  • Explore the short part. If the frame with the seat is connected by a special fastener, you must unscrew the nuts and remove the soft part. If there is a back on the short part, we carry out it.
  • The angular component is left unchanged.
  • We are taken for the analysis of the main part. This procedure is depending on the type of transforming device in your furniture. As a rule, in modern sofas, bedding box is usually one detail that can be unmounted. If the back and the seats with the transformation mechanism are a single block, then to disassemble it for the power exclusively to those skilled in the art (by and large, it is considered unsolicited mechanism).
  • Finishing Stage. Furniture is dismantled, it remains only to thoroughly pack all the components to prevent damage when moving and transporting.

Packing recommendations

Sofa package.

  • Bals are used by Parno.
  • The remaining components of the design require separately separately. Thoroughly clutch with polyethylene and put on the corrugated cardboard, after that everything is firmly wrapped with scotch.
  • Inspection seat and back, as far as possible, pressed among themselves.
  • Fold all the fastener elements separately and sign it so that in the assembly process there was no confusion.

Dismantling with my own hands does not take much time, however, removes a significant share of load when moving and transporting furniture items.

An example of an angular sofa assembly scheme is waiting for you further.

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