How to make a bar counter for the kitchen with your own hands?

How to make a bar counter for the kitchen with your own hands?

At one time, the bar racks were used exclusively for purpose – to divide the space of a peteen establishment for 2 functional zones (zone for customers and a zone for bartender). Subsequently, such structures moved to modern cuisines and there were firmly settled. The rack turned out to be quite comfortable subject, moreover, it has undergone fairing transformations.

    Today’s bar stand can be different, and its modifications may differ in stylistics and structure, and the functionality can also be varied.

    How to choose a design type and sizes?

    The choice of the type of bar rack will be entirely dependent on the conditions that are presented to it. We will analyze the basic options for racks that can be made with their own hands.

    • Wounded structure. Table top (table cover) mounted along the length of the wall, the shelves are arranged under it for all sorts of trifles. This type of rack saves free space and is practiced in the dining table format.

    Warned rack applied in low-arm kitchens.

    • Island version. Fully autonomous racks that are not fixed to the wall. The lid is installed in the center of the kitchen. It can be applied as a working or dining area. The project is constructive exclusively in the kitchens with a large area.

    • Combined (peninsula). This rack is a M-shaped (sometimes P-shaped) table top, one of its sides fit to the wall and is operated as a working surface. The remaining area can be used as a bunting or dining table.

    • Mobile type. It’s rather not a bar counter in the usual view, but an elongated table on wheels, which can be localized anywhere, and later to remove, in order not to interfere. Similar structures are used in small-sized kitchens, replacing the table.

    • Folding, folding, retractable varieties. When the kitchen is very meager, but to use the bar counter, nevertheless I want to think about the manufacture of a swivel, folding, retractable or folding design. In the form of an additional place where you can have a snack, they will be just right, and when you need, they will serve as a working surface.

    The number of legs in the bar rack can be different. Everything is determined by the sizes of table tops along the length and width. For short racks, there will be enough one legs. There are no hard standards in the choice of gabarites. But there are some recommendations, the non-compliance with which adversely affects the final result.

    According to recommendations, the optimal rack height is considered the distance between the tabletop and the floor 110-120 centimeters. The smallest width of the table top – 30 centimeters, the perfect size – 50-60 centimeters. It is necessary to calculate the length, number and configuration of the legs in advance. There are no standards in size.

    Classic bar racks in the kitchen are involved in the installation of tabletops on the bedside tables, but ordinary facilities are most in demand, in which the countertops are fixed to the long tube placed on the floor to the ceiling. In classical form, the rack is almost not practiced. The owners today mainly give preference to multifunctional analogs with various bedside tables and cabinets.

    Materials and tools

    To make a bar rack in your kitchen, you need to decide on the choice of material to create it. For these purposes, it is possible to apply: wood, glass, chipboard, natural or artificial stone, metal and combination of these materials. To finish the table plate in most cases, Corin Oak is used, which is quite durable and available in an extensive color palette. It is possible to easily create the desired configuration suitable for your kitchen.

    Preparing a rack to operate, it is necessary to correctly and attractively use the space above it. Here are the shelves and canopies for glasses, fruit baskets, napanetes. Constructed such a functional “tree”, you use free space and beautifully place the room. So, for work it is required to prepare the following materials and tools:

    • level+
    • Electric worker+
    • Metal profiles+
    • Sheet of plasterboard or other material from which the rack will be constructed+
    • Dowel+
    • Selfless+
    • Screwdriver+
    • spacure+
    • Sloping Top+
    • putty knife+
    • Paint+
    • knife+
    • Belt+
    • sealant+
    • Electric iron (stick edge)+
    • Roller, brushes and tray under paint.

    Instructions for manufacture

    Deciding with the type and by completing the desired measurements, the future structure must be drawn on paper in the form of a sketch or drawing. It must contain the melting of the room (in our case – the kitchen, where the bar rack will be located). The execution of these conditions will give the opportunity to competently make the calculation of the furniture size. Moreover, The drawing visually will show, to what extent the harmonious rack is embedded in the overall design.

    We will analyze several opportunities to create a bar counter from different materials with your own hands.

    Stand from table top

    This method is the most imperious, forces to everyone. To work, you will need a piece of covers from the table, 2 bracket for the console fastener to the wall and iron support for the free end of the cover. Installation work is carried out in stages. On the wall marked the fixation points of fastening components for the table plate. In height, they must coincide with the height of the metal support, otherwise the surface will be released.

    The free end of the covers of the table is cut in the form of an ellipse (or angles are spinning). Self-adhesive furniture edge is glued to the end, edges are processed by fine-grained sandpaper. Iron support mounted to the tabletop. Then the table cover is fixed on the wall, aligned by the construction level or a plunder of the support, is fixed to the floor surface. Ultimately obtained is a console dining table, however, In such a design, there are its advantages – it seems easy, does not climb the kitchen space.

    Design of plasterboard

    This building material has its own set of parts, which gives the opportunity to obtain a carrying structure of almost any level of complexity. Possible soft curved lines or non-orthogonal rack options. In this plan The material is very promising and makes it possible to build ingenious designs at your discretion.

    At the same time, it is possible to use exclusively metal guides, and it is possible to bind the constructed design by other materials, for example, wood-fiber slabs. Such a choice makes it possible to sow curved planes without “steps”.

    The framework is erected in accordance with the project and is collected according to the rules for working with guiding cabreston sheets. To increase the speed of work, all elements of the support structure are cut in advance. Its assembly is carried out on the self-tapping screw. The collected design is placed on the floor and attached to it and to the wall. If the configuration of the rack is complicated, then sometimes more comfortable to see the crate inside, after that put it in place, fix it, and after performing the trim outside.

    On the part of the kitchen, as a rule, the open-type shelf or door closed bedside table. If you do not want to mess with hinges or facing the inside, you can create a closed Deaf cabinet, perfing only the duties of the base for the table cover.

    If necessary, the bundle includes a visor or cornice. Rack with a visor looks more assembled, interesting and is a common decision. Mounted all kinds of accessories for placing glasses, backlight, other attachments.

    The visor is fixed with a console method to the wall, and the free edge is based on the rack from the bar pipe installed on the table top. For mounting the bar pipe applies specialized fasteners, which is bought together with it. The pipe diameter is selected independently, in accordance with the proportions of the rack. Finished core is trimmed by GLC.

    The angles are enhanced by a specialized metal corner with perforation or a grid of kapron fiber, which are further covered under the cover of putty. Cleaning the entire surface is at first coarse-grained, after fine-grained sandpaper, everything is chosen or covered with wallpaper with shades of one color with placing walls. The countertop is mounted at the end of the process (before installing the visor). It is fixed from the inside bedside tables or fastened with self-draws.

    Wooden bar stand

    The manufacture of a bar rack from wood is carried out in several stages.

    1. Collection of calories. To do this, it is necessary to collect according to the existing drawing carrying construction from the bar, after that it is covered with plywood, wood chipboard, boards, clapboard or other materials.
    2. Effectively looks the cabinet, collected from the fillets on the principle of mounted interroom doors, Only for this requires a large amount of wood processing machines, which is not available to everyone.
    3. Facing. The most common way is to finish with a rail, handled boards or clapboard. For fixing, thin carnies are applied, specialized stainless steel brackets for lining, thin self-tapping screws.
    4. Finishing coating of the Tumba. To do this, use lacquer, sulfur and paint or other facing materials. The optimal material is the water-dispersion parquet lacquer. It is durable, without smell, quickly dries and effectively protects the cabinet from the effects of the external environment.

    Stand from laminated wood chipboard (LDSP)

    The use of laminated plate for the manufacture of the support bedside table greatly simplifies the finish and does not need to create a supporting structure, since the entire rack is self-supporting. To build the following.

    1. Cut the laminated slab on assembly elements in accordance with the project.
    2. Glit furniture edge. It is easiest to accomplish it through an iron, with a given temperature a little higher than the average. The edge is necessary with a pre-applied layer of glue. After sticking, everything is superior to cut off with a knife, the angle is slightly polished in a small-grained sandpaper in such a way as not to scratch the outer surface of the LDSP.
    3. Building cabinets are carried out on euro shop, furniture screeds or corners. The selection of fasteners is depending on the availability of tools and experience with laminated wood chipboard. The most infertility connection method – corners, the most difficult – furniture screed.
    4. Installation of the finished tube can be performed without fixing the wall, only to the floor. Because the cabinet itself is quite stable, fix it to the wall is not necessarily, however, it all depends on the dimensions. High, but not having a high rack depth will need a maximum of robust fixation, which allows mounting on the wall.
    5. Installation of the visor is carried out in this order: the bottom (cover) is cut on the lid shape. Further, the side elements are fixed on it, visually adding the thickness of the eaves and the covering electrical wire from the backlight. Holes for lamps. Connect fasteners for mounting on the wall.
    6. Fastening the plate of the table is carried out on the corners inside the bedside table. The visor is fixed to the wall and falls on a support from the bar pipe installed on a specialized fastener. Wiring for backlighting can be stretched along the wall or in the depth of the tube support.

    Recommendations for placement

    Ways to accommodate racks in the kitchen several.

    • It can be practiced for zoning rooms, usually when the conversation is about Studio apartments or a kitchen-living room. High design – good functional and visual separator, performing disarming space of cooking and rest.

    • If the kitchen area is small, then use this technique: place the rack autonomously in the center of the kitchen in the form of “island”. So you will form a bright emphasis in the room, which will attract general attention.

    • Use a very popular way to place a rack in the kitchen – extension headset. So, it can be the original end of the kitchen headset or stay in his center.

    For small kitchens connecting with the dining room or living room, the first method is practiced for separating space.

    • For large kitchens, you can apply an unusual way to place a rack – something like a kitchen island. Put the cooking panel on it or sink.

    About how to make a bar counter for the kitchen with hands, look in the following video.

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